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Department of Veteran Affairs in Maryland has a
data breach in 2006 due to the data theft. The agency has announced that, since
the employee has taken computer to work from home and the computer was stolen
by the theft. The stolen laptop contains veteran’s names, SSN number, date of
birth and disability ratings. Unencrypted data in laptop and unprotected
security measures resulted in data breach.;

Possible mitigation Remedies to prevent loss of

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1.     Having
Encrypted data in laptops prevents data theft. Encryption can be used preparing
an key with code that can only be understand by authorized user and writing an
algorithm to secure the data. Using strong passwords can also help in securing
the data. 

2.     Following
the google authentication and security steps helps in preventing data theft.

3.     Conducting
privacy protection tips to make awareness on importance of securing data.

4.     Restricting
downloads and reducing the transfer of data to external device.

5.     Periodical
tracking of the data helps in protecting the information.

Identifying data threats immediately and
reporting to supervisors. Using protected access wireless network helps in
securing the data. Proper training should be allocated to each employee and
extra security policies should be taken to secure the data. Installing fire
wall security on laptops and providing strong passwords helps in enforcing the
secured data.  

Department of Veteran affairs focused on
individual regional centers in fixing problems. A
Privacy Security Event Tracking System was established to report actual or
suspected data breaches. Following Cyber security policies helps in
securing data. Security tips must be taken while working remotely. Remote
working of employee was banned due to the security theft occurred in veterans. Department of Veterans Affairs may provide free credit
monitoring to the veterans whose data is more secured.






Top 15 ways to prevent data and security breaches

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