·        The theme of The Monkey’s Paw is Greed.

For example, having the abilityto wish for any three things but your final desire comes with parlous consequencesis counterproductive or a paradox. In the words of Jacobs “The first manhad his three wishes. …but the third was for death”. “…suddenly threw it uponthe fire. White, with a slight cry, stooped down and snatched it off. “If youdon’t want it, Morris,” said theother, “give it to me” (Page 4). This showed me that regardless ofconsequences, humans will still partake in things that benefit them even at their own or others expense. ·        Plot:  The story opens with Mr.

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White and his tykeHerbert playing a session of chess. Mrs. White is sewing by the fire. Mr. Whiteloses the preoccupation and winds up detectably bothered and exasperated. Aftera short time, there is a pound at the passage and the Sergeant-Major enters.They share two or three refreshments and the Sergeant-Major uncovers to them acouple of stories about his trips to India, where he gained a monkey’s paw. Thepaw is supernatural, allowing three men three wishes each.

One man has kickedthe container and the Sergeant-Major has spent his three wishes. He heaves thepaw into the fire, however, Mr. Whitegets it out and keeps it for himself. The Sergeant-Major uncovers to them thata fakir has put a spell on the paw to show that predetermination controlledpeople’s lives. Those who upset fate did all things considered to their pain.But Herbert wheedles his father to wish for something subtle, as 200 pounds.His father does thusly, while Herbert plays breathtaking harmonies on the pianoin reinforcement.

They all go to bed for the night. At the start of the day,Herbert leaves for work and prompts his people not to break into the moneybefore he gets back home that night. Mr. additionally, Mrs. White make brightcomments about Herbert’s entry and his reactions to an arrival of the money. Awhile later, a more surprising goes to the door and, resulting to coming intothe house, tells the gatekeepers that Herbert has been killed at work thatmorning when he was gotten in some device. The oddman then gives them 200 pounds. Herbert is shrouded in a contiguouscemetery.

Around seven days sometime later, Mr. White is blended by theindications of Mrs. White crying over their tyke. Out of the blue, she recallsthe paw and the two wishes that remain.

She contends for Mr. White to get itand to make a want that Herbert would be alive yet again. He tries to reveal toher that since he was ravaged by theequipment and had been secured for seven days, it would not be a canny wish.Regardless, she requests.

Regardless of doubts about conjuring the charm of thepaw yet again, Mr. White wishes for Herbert to be alive afresh. They stop. Theywatch out the window, however, nothing happens,and no one arrives. They start to bed again when suddenly a slight pound isheard at the passage. Mr. White tries to keep her from opening the door.

Shehangs on and climbs on a seat to open the best for the most part jar. Thus asshe opens the gateway, Mr. White asks his third wish. The gateway opens; thestreet is still and cleanse. Only a lessen streetlight sparkles on the roadway.·        Point of View: The story was told in 3rd person.·        Applicationfor Future Studies I write music and create videos. Editing, Sequencing, Color correction, beat production and recording vocals.

 Analyzing,revising, and editing is a key componentto my work. Like analyzing a piece of literature, it helps appreciate andunderstand it a lot more. For example, adding in small details such as a chessgame or how the paw reacted added to the realism and I the detail of the monkeyarm twisting gave me a vivid. This has helped me understand that even thesmallest detail or a vivid description can have the biggest impact. Another thingthat I can apply to my work is symbolism. Things like human greed symbolized bya Money’s Hand or the son’s death. Having a person allude to another idea or thoughtbecause of an object can be something I use for my videos or music writing.

  ·        Alliteration: “… sighing softly, shook…”(138)·        Personification: When the paw moved like a snake when he made a wish.·        simile: “as I wished, it twistedmy hand like a snake”·        metaphor: “But her husband was on his hands andknees.

..” (142)- surrender position ·        allusion:  When Mrs.White heard the story of the Monek Paw shecorrelates it with a similar story called the Arabian Nights.

The Arabian Nightsis a famous collection of Persian, Indian, and Arabian folktales. The story saysthat a lady named Scheherazade told herhusband a different tale every night for 1,001 days. This is often called TheThousand and One night. ·        Irony: The irony was beingtold that they could have anything they wanted but the wish came with parlous consequences. When Mr.

White wished upon thePaw, he expected the wish to be granted instantlyand conveniently. It was later granted but at the expense of their beloved son.