Last updated: June 26, 2019
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Advantages of Cartoon
Cartoon is type of media. We can found it in the books or animations. Now, cartoon is great medium for the intelligible of present. Although many parents are not support children to watch animation or read cartoon book but cartoon has many advantages than they think. In my opinion, I agree that watching animations and reading cartoon books are better more than you expected because it give knowledge, moral idea and entertainment. Provide knowledge

Nowadays, many ppublishers in Thai have done cartoon books for educate your children. In the same way, Japanese comic book or “manga” and others animations provide tips & knowledge in daily life because writers will research the real data before they write story. For example, “Detective Conan” provides knowledge about science and technical of psychology. Sometime, you can learn technical of cooking from cartoon cooking. When you watch anime from Japan you can learn art and culture from there and if you watch anime from Europe, you can learn the others culture too. Moreover, Cartoon can teach language because some people don’t like anime in Thai voices because they disappointed with Thai voices. They usually watch anime on sub Thai or English of Japanese voice. It is a good way to learn any language. Support moral and Change your attitude

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Cartoon is support moral and changes your attitude. Some story shows you that there isn’t permanent friend and enemy. Your competitor may become your friend in the future. Many people change themselves and have goal of life after they watch cartoon. If you do not have goals, it would be no different from living indefinitely. The efforts of those cartoon character may seem ridiculous but if you have goals in your life, it just makes your life more valuable as same as cartoon character aims to get rid of the demons or wants to change the world. In addition, main character from many cartoons doesn’t have ability but he has a good teamwork. It shows you too appreciative of the dissenters and mutual aid. For example, “Fullmetal Alchemist” presents law of equal exchange. “Gundam” inserts a political philosophy, social psychology and human in the form that is easy to understand. Entertainment and Social

Cartoon is the best entertainer. It makes you fun and relaxes. In the fact, not only children but also everybody can watch cartoon because cartoon has various for all age range. Cartoon strengthens family relationships. For example, you can talk with your parents about storys and attitudes from cartoon or some family like to watch anime together. Moreover cartoon society is large, you can meet a new social group that you can talk about it with them. Cartoon is a good media to use to teach children. They give knowledge, moral idea, entertainment and social. In the other hand, Cartoons are not for children only. They are intermediate that are appropriate for everybody. In Thailand cartoon has to role at the moment and I believe that cartoon will be the most popular media around the world in the future.