00:49, 1/24/2018 Teo: The most common definition is that Renewable energy is from an energy resource that is replaced rapidly by a natural process such as power generated from the sun or from the wind.”(1)For me, renewable energy means reducing the pollution of the entire planet by transforming naturally generated energy, such as that of the sun or the wind, into a usable resource, such as electricity.The two companies I have chosen in the field of renewable energy are Tesla and Enel Green Power. These companies are very different in terms of production, but they still have a common mode of operation, being driven by the wish to offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil energy or nuclear power.Founded in 2003, Tesla’s goal is to prove that electric cars are just as suited for our contemporary society as those using fossil energy, with the added bonus of being much more environmentally friendly. This company strives to upgrade our world’s means of transport entirely to sustainable energy.

The Tesla vehicles production headquarters is Fremont, California which is at the same time home to the production line of various vehicle parts. The line of products the company offers is in continuous expansion, with a production plan estimated to reach 500,000 automobiles by this year. Tesla is not only concerned with issues related strictly to the ecosystem, but also aims to attract potential clients with its range of customizable products.

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Thus, they leave the management of key features of their products, such as Powerpack, Powerwall and the solar roof in the client’s hands, enabling him to decide on which source of sustainable energy to employ according to driving conditions. (2)The second company I will talk about is Enel Green Power, one of the leaders in the domain of sustainable energy. This company was founded in 2008 and focuses on the use of natural sources such as wind, solar power, water and the earth’s own core heat to generate useable energy.. Our development strategy considers sustainability in all its aspects to be able to work in an innovative way, aiming at identifying opportunities to create common value for the company and the territory.In most cases, renewable sources are an important tool both for promoting the competitiveness of systems and for ensuring the security of supply with energy sources. Large-scale production of electricity from water, sun, wind and heat from the ground supports the protection of the environment.