1.0 Introduction:-Malaysia AirlinesBerhad gives air carrier benefits in Malaysia and all over the world. Theorganization offers air transportation services to guest’s day by day to, from,and around Malaysia, and in addition different places in Asia, Australasia,Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

It likewise gives businessadministrations, which incorporate corporate travel, government travel, pilot testprogram, and contract administrations. The organization was fused in 2014 andis headquartered in Sepang, Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines Berhad works as anauxiliary of Malaysia Aviation Group Bhd.·        2.0 Job Summary:-Our high-developmentmultinational firm is looking for an accomplished and expert Finance Manager tojoin our group. This position will assume a key part in the association’ssubsidizing methodology and long-haul money related security. The FinanceManager will work together with the official administration group to dissectoffice funds and create spending plans that will stay with the expenses down.This position will furnish the correct individual with promotion potentialinside 2 to 3 years of joining the group.

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3.0 JobSpecification for finance manager in MAS:- Degree Level ·         Master’s Degree Degree Field ·         Finance and Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, Business, ACCA Experience ·         More than 5-year experience in finance field Skills ·         Analysing skills, good communication skills, excellent math skill, ability to manage employee, reporting and problem-solving skills, business awareness, IT skills      4.0 Job Description for Finance Manager in MAS Responsibilities                               ·         Keep up a documented arrangement of accounting approaches and methodology Oversee outsourced capacities   ·         Administer the operations of the treasury division, including the plan of a hierarchical structure sufficient for accomplishing the office’s objectives and destinations   ·         Forecast income positions, related obtaining needs, and accessible assets for investments.   ·         Guarantee that adequate assets are accessible to meet progressing operational and capital speculation necessities ·         Utilize supporting to moderate money related dangers identified with the interest costs on the organization’s borrowings, and in addition on its foreign trade positions ·         Keep up banking connections   ·         Help with deciding the organization’s appropriate capital structure   ·         Organize value and obligation financing   ·         Contribute reserves   ·         Suggest appropriate profit issuances, in view of recorded profit designs and expected money streams   ·         Deal with the planning of the organization’s financial plan.

  ·         Answer to administration on changes from the built-up spending plan, and the explanations behind those differences.   ·         Help administration in the detailing of its general key direction.   ·         Participate in progressing cost reduction examinations in every aspect of the organization   ·         Audit the execution of contenders and cover key issues to administration   ·         Participate in benchmarking concentrates to build up territories of potential operational change   ·         Translate the organization’s money related outcomes to administration and suggest change exercises   ·         Survey organization bottlenecks and suggest changes to enhance the general level of organization throughput   ·         Take part in target costing exercises to make items that gathering foreordained value objectives   ·         Aid the assurance of item evaluating in connection to highlights offered and contender estimating   ·         Gather key business measurements and give an account of them to administration   ·         Deal with the capital planning process, considering limitation examination and reduced income investigation   ·         Make extra examinations and reports as asked for by administration   ·         Salary 3500rm   5.0 Recruitment Method for Finance Manager: -Recruitment strategiesare methods gone for pulling in appropriate contender for positions and someare extremely attempted and tried methods for drawing in the covetedpossibility for the job. 5.1 Advertisement in Newspaper: -MAS need to giveadvertisement in newspaper for finance manager job recruitment and need toexplain very clear the job and recruitment process in newspaper advertisement,and provide information about Malaysian airline, and including location. The daily papers are yet a capable source ofdata. Many individuals begin the day with espresso and daily papers.

Theyperuse the news from the world or neighbourhood. They see the notice. Manyindividuals look hurry at the openings for job publicized on the applicablepages. The daily papers have specific areas for the job adverts. The promotersvie for the visibility.

The testing errand for the organization is to cross thegap between perusing the job adverts and sending the job application. Thegeneral population have a tendency to overlook. They don’t respond. The dailypaper promotion must be sufficiently alluring to influence them to send the jobresume.

   5.2 OnlineJob Advertisement: -Malaysian Airline alsoneeds to use online job advertisement for select finance manager because now atechnology growing very fast and most of the people use internet for searchingonline jobs.  Web based recruitmentachieves a significantly bigger or more focused on gathering of people thandifferent strategies do. Alongside achieving job searchers anyplace, you candraw in competitors with aptitudes. Some Internet job boards are focused forspecialty enterprises.

Additionally, numerous expert affiliations enableemployees to post employment opportunities on their sites. This not justenables employee to discover applicants with aptitudes, it can likewise draw inattract employee who may not search for employee.5.

3 RecruitmentAgencies: -Malaysian Airline also usesrecruitment agencies for hiring a finance manager. Recruitment agencies aregood source of select best candidate for finance manager position.Malaysian Airline willenlist a recruitment agency with the goal that they don’t need to deal with,conceivably, several applications for a job. Nowadays, there are an ever-increasingnumber of individuals applying for a similar position and organizations don’thave time schedule-wise to filter through that numerous applications. They willalong these lines procure a recruitment agency to deal with this piece of theprocedure and to whittle the quantity of applicants down to a reasonable level.

Owners and administrators don’t have time schedule-wise and, as a rule, don’thave what it takes to locate the ideal applicants, so outsourcing to anenlistment office might be the best arrangement.6.0 SelectionProcess: -Selectionprocess is the process to select the right man on right position.it is aprocess of reflecting company requirements with the ability and experiences ofcandidates.by choosing best applicant for the given position, the company willachieve best performance of employee.

    6.1 PreliminaryInterview: -Malaysian Airline needto conduct preliminary interview during selection process because it isutilized to use with those applicants who don’t meet the base eligibilitycriteria set around the association. The aptitudes, scholarly and familyfoundation, capabilities and interests of the applicant are analysed amidpreliminary interview. Preliminary interview is less formalized and arrangedthan the last interview.

The applicants are surrendered a brief about theorganization and the job profile; and it is additionally inspected how much theapplicant thinks about the organization. Preliminary interview is likewisecalled screening interviews.6.2 Review of Applicant and Review of Resumes/Short ListA far-reachingemployment application and a productive candidate following, and resume administrationdepartment are key instruments that empower an employer to distinguishqualified contender for finance manager position.6.3 Interviews:-Themain purpose of the section interview is to foresee the applicant’s behaviourconduct in a specific employment circumstance. The main way this should bepossible with any precision is by getting an example of his conduct adequatelyrun of the mill to go about as a reason for gauging what he/she will do infuture.

 7.0 SelectionTest: -Selection tests thatassistance surveys an applicant’s capacity to perform errands are frequentlycalled ‘work sample’ tests. These sorts of tests expect to recreate real jobtask or circumstances to evaluate if the applicant has the ability,understanding or capabilities to complete the work. Certain kinds of aptitudes,(for example, accounting and mathematics) abilities) can be more promptlyestimated by tests than by meet. Work tests can likewise give applicant athought of what they might be required to do in the activity.7.1 PersonalityTest: -These tests areadditionally characterized based on personality inventories. These tests arecreated for estimating the measurements of personality, for example,personality characteristics which incorporate relational capability,inner-directed thoughts, self believe, capacity to lead and aspiration.

Theidentity tests are likewise called as the Minnesota Multiphase and CaliforniaPersonality Inventory.7.2 AptitudeTest: -Aptitude test isutilized for estimating the capacity and aptitudes of the chose applicants.These tests help in estimating and showing the execution of Employee in thewake of preparing and yet not their activity. Along these lines, Aptitude testshelp in foreseeing the up and coming capacity/execution of an employee. 8.0 StructuredInterview: -A structured jobinterview is an institutionalized method for looking at work applicants.

Theemployer makes inquiries questions concentrated on the aptitudes and capacitiesthe organization is looking for.8.1 UnstructuredInterview: -Unstructured interviewis suggested when the analyst has sufficiently grown of a comprehension of asetting and his or her subject important to have a reasonable motivation forthe dialog with the source, yet at the same time stays open to having his orher comprehension of the zone of request open to update by respondents. Since these interviewsare not exceptionally organized and in light of the fact that the analystunderstands is as yet developing, it is useful to foresee the need to talk withwitnesses on different events. 8.2 StructureInterview more reliable: -Structured interview isfor the most part viewed as the best practice.

The reason been that here,questions are set up ahead of time and are identified with the jobinvestigation and individual determination as far as the things applicants willbe required to do and/or the conduct they will be relied upon to exhibit whencontrasted with that of the unstructured type of interview. 9.0 Conclusion:-In this assignment Isearched best method of recruitment for hiring finance manager. MalaysianAirline needs to use this recruitment process for hiring finance manager.Malaysian Airline also need to use best advertisement method for publish hisjob position for finance manager.