1.1)Career Counselling: Career formation is a nonstop method.
Everybody is anxious about their career, especially in the primary stage of life.
In this present situation where there are so many career options current
students find it very labored to select the right career option and at the same
times which prefer the safer option to their won interest. Career counselling environs
scientifically promoted aptitude and personality tests. Human receptivity is endless
and can never be measured. Every person has different characteristics and has
their own strengths and weaknesses. The key is to identify these unique
qualities through career counselling.    
of Public Libraries in Career Guidance in Digital Era:

Public libraries are providing
essential career support services for job seekers. Public Libraries are offering
career services (i.e., career advice, career programming, career author
presentations, hosting community events, etc.) to teen or adult patrons. Public
Libraries are working as a laboratory for patrons seeking guidance materials.

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1.1)The status of Career Guidance
in Public Libraries of India: Many public libraries in India are
adding new career books and resources to their existing collection. In
different state of India are introducing career counselling programs for their
users with the collaboration of different partners.


5.1.1) From the year 1999-2000 the State Government of West Bengal has introduce career Guidance
service in a new form in State Central Library, Kolkata Metropolitan Library,
Uttarpara Joykrishna Public Library and in all of the Government and Government
Sponsored District Libraries. From 2000-2001 financial Year Career Guidance
Service has been extended upto the level of Town/ Subdivisional Libraries.
Government has also provided fund for establishment of career guidance services
to some of the Rural/Primary Unit Libraries on the basis of their performance.
Students, jobseekers, people from different category of life who are in search
of different careers can have their desirable books/document in these sections.