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Astera, believes in data integration to be simple and seamless
making decision makers more focused on data. It is user-friendly, provides
YouTube tutorial videos to understand how to implement. It provides various product Centerprise
Data Integrator, Report Miner, DWAccelerator, Electronic Data Interchanger(EDI)
Connect. Centerprise offers a
cutting edge data integration stage that avoids coding into basic intuitive
operations like drag and drop that can be performed by business clients with
practically zero supervision. Astera’s DWAccelerator gives a coordinated
solution for data warehouse building and maintenance that gives customer
flexibility of a custom-built solution, build and maintain your own solutions code-free
environment that effectively lowers both the learning curve and the ownership
costs associated with data warehousing. EDI gives trade of business reports
specifically from one business framework to the next, without human intercession.
Report Miner , which Turn multi line pdf into an Excel file, Allows user to
choose only the information  required.


Hortonworks is a high
speed, fast and user-centric platform to initialize the wholesome process of
gaining knowledge, troubleshooting for various variations from the norm, abnormalities
and scenarios for implementation of data warehouse. It provides tutorial about Apache hive, Apache Spark,
real world examples, data analysis with Hadoop to get hands on experience and practice. Tools
are available for detailed in depth analysis, each tool provides the end user
interaction that delivers
robust big data analytics that accelerate decision making and innovation. It tackled the business issues of maintaining open
source Hadoop environment. It also solves for Disaster Recovery
and Security. Security with Ranger, that provides Cell level security and Integration
with Kerberos and LDAP. UI and API that allows complete management of the
platform. It compromises of community, blogs, that exchange ideas and support
to solve issues faced.

Treasure Data’s Customer Data
Platform (CDP) gives all the usefulness of a data warehouse and makes another
stride by conveying a data center with two-way correspondence and a solitary
perspective of your data. The UI is moderate however simple to use for
SQL-empowered, data clever clients to integrate with outside data sources and
perform data preparing, reassuring data gives secure and versatile data
administration through our stage as-a-benefit. Fortune Data ingests more than 2
million new records each second ,the platform is ISO 27001 Certified, enlisted
with Privacy Shield. The platform advances quick on new improvements, and gives
solid help administrations, particularly for specialized inquiries. Metadata
driven data structure to store data. Multiple Analytical tools to process the
query based on execution and need. Automated cancellation of undesirable data
by utilizing a termination design. This diminishes the upkeep and checking of
tables, it permits to reuse the solutions rather re-executing.


Actian is being used as analytical tool helps activate data, Actian Zen
Iot Server and Zen Iot Core with ARM, Andriod, iOS and Raspbian support for embedded
database platform. They make use of Matrix to run aggregate query on top of
billion of rows. It accelerates SQL in Hadoop while accessing data files, it
has hybrid data management that connect operational data for insights and
business value. Aggregate query returns result within seconds from a table with
more than billion records, data compression, data integration, data management.
Actian provides with Analytic database, resources that guide you the use and
implement data warehouse. It conducts Events and Webinars, blogs and community
to exchange, explore about data analytics. Actian platform using as a back end
database greatly improves processing time.

is an ETL-less Data Integration, smart end-to-end data management framework
worked for the cloud, which integrates data from source to analysis. An
end-to-end data management provides the tools for data integration, connecting,
transformation, warehousing, and a lot more. Panoply provides Smart Data
Warehouse, speeding up the voyage of migrating data to analytics using Machine
Learning and Natural Language Processing(NLP) to learn, demonstrate and
robotize the standard data model and automate management activities. It
features Agile Modeling and Learning Algorithms, Storage Optimization Algorithms,
Default Modeling Algorithms, Smart Data Infrastructure and Server Optimization.
It provides with Data Warehouse Guide Documentation that covers concepts,
architecture and how to set up a warehouse. It allows for free trial and Demo
to schedule test drive.

Certica Connect is the one of a kind cloud-based stage which
enables sellers and accomplices to grow application
usefulness and accomplish interoperability, advance and associate learning
content, and integrate data from numerous sources. Certica Solutions conveys an
incentive to education organizations, customers offers Data Connect, a
facilitated, completely oversaw and upheld operational data store in view of
the open-source Ed-Fi innovation and data standard. Data Connect incorporates a
scope of innovation execution services, from API and ODS, to data warehouses
and dashboards which supports quick selection and maintains a strategic
distance from resource-intensive and time-consuming implementation projects.
Data Connect lets districts and application suppliers effortlessly manage
application integration by means of the one of a kind Data Connect Integration

is a real-time data warehouse for cloud and on premises for data analytics.
They principally concentrate on performance real-time query response over
hundred million rows.It permits to connect with your data  ecosystem for streaming, batch loading, and
application conditions so you can analyze and verify data in a single versatile
framework. It highlights streaming data ingest from Apache Kafka, Apache Spark,
Amazon S3 with a single command. Perform analysis with business insight
devices, run machine learning algorithms for continuous scoring, perform
geoanalytic queries progressively. Data encryption is spported at time of
ingest and when conveyed crosswise over hubs utilizing SSL. Oversees existing
record access with PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) and SAML validation
support.It furnishes with tutorial exercises about how to utilize it with
support of developer community to settle any problems.




Exasol is world’s fastest database for analytics and data warehousing.
It utilizes in – memory database to lift your Data warehouse into an elite
class, offers RDBMS that scales to several TB, a many clients and the most
complex calculating applications. It gives a detailed proof-of-concept (POC)
venture so you can see firsthand how Exasol can meet your BI, analytics
necessities utilizing your data. They have training courses like data warehouse
designer, execution expert, scripting master, powerlytics master and operation
engineer for better understanding of concepts. It assists with installation, investigate any issues, control access to database objects and
in addition analyze fault reports and execution issues. The site contains
segment of blogs which permits read content identified with data, analytics, warehouse,
exasol operations where we can share, comment or post.

Tekslate, fundamental region of focus is the efficiency
improvement training a home to numerous instructional tutorials from industry
experts as their slogan recommend watch, learn and excel. It gives corporate
training, free tutorials, work support, interview questions identified with
your interest. It offers classes about data warehouse and its implementation
various analytics tool like Hadoop, MongoDb, Apache Spark and Scala, SAS, SAP, Tableau,
and so forth in all a platform where you can learn through
video lectures practice explore about
data free of cost set yourself up for interviews. Its corporate preparing
choice effectively empowers the aptitude advancement through a task based on project-based
curriculum having real-world projects, real time feedback. The blend of entire
is an awesome site to create one as a database designer, analyzer with hands-on


Cloudera’s is a highly
efficient platform for data science algorithms. It is immensely prompt and
convenient to apply to use. Cloudera, platform where you can unlock
the power of your data. It offers implementation of Data warehouse by proving a
range of excel products like data Science workbench that allows to explore, produce
data using R, python, Spark; sdx (Shared Data Experience) helps you share data
from various sources and work on it; Enterprise Data Hub that permits to
transform data into real business value. Cloudera Data Science provides better access to Apache
Hadoop data, batch Processing. It is immaculately secure with its fail-safe
encryption standards. It is highly scalable in its performance capable of
extensively analysing and formulating models for machine learning algorithms.
Cloudera is efficient enough in visualising data in an optimum way. It provides
various businessmen, analysts and scientists with profound methodologies to get
the work going smoothly in terms of efficiency, robustness and latency