1. Introduction:The company that will be presented in this report will be in the context of the widely renowned Starbucks Company. The first store was established in Seattle, Washington on 31 March in the year 1971.

After a period of success, Singapore had its very own chain store which was opened on 14 December 1996 located at Liat Towers. There is a total of 22,519 Starbucks stores globally and counting with more than 100 stores located in Singapore. The company focuses on producing coffee beverages to food and consumer products. Over the years, the emphasis on inspiring and nurturing the needs of customers is closely followed and carried out by all employees in Starbucks. Hence, they take extra caution and effort in delivering the best quality coffee beans available to their customers. (Starbuckscomsg, 2018).                        2.

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Job Analysis:It refers to the process of gathering general information on the importance of the details about a job -requirements and the duties associated with it. (Businessdictionarycom, 2018).2.1 Job Description: Title: Store Manager of Starbucks Brief Overview: Being the manager of the store, you will be leading and modelling the Starbucks experience for our customers and partners. Most of the time, you will be supervising and be involved in interviews and training for our new employees. The guiding principles of Starbucks must also be adhered to all the time, ensuring that the progress of the store is functioning effectively and efficiently daily.   Tasks: 1) You will begin as an assistant manager working as a primary store manager enforcing the functioning procedures among the team.

After 3 months of attachment, you will be transferred to a new store and start formally as a store manager. With consistent good performance over the course of 2 years, you will be promoted to a district manager whereby you will train and develop store managers. 2) You will oversee the staffing procedures. Additionally, you will personally coach the supervisors on carrying out the proper procedures and potentially developing them to prepare them for higher positions in the future.

  Duties: 1) In this position, you will be required to schedule the employees working days weekly. Adding on, you will closely improvise and provide friendly customer service, resolving customer complains together with the other staff in the store. 2) As you become more accustomed to the job, you will be tasked to take charge of administrative work such as stocking and updating the menu boards. Moreover, ensuring that essential materials are received regarding promotional beverages and products.   Responsibilities: 1) You must demonstrate a calm positive attitude during busy periods and manage the crew members patiently through motivating them. 2) You will create short term-goals for your crew members ensuring that they achieve the company’s objective in the long run. 2.2 Job Specifications: Knowledge: 1) You will need to have the fundamental understanding of customer relations in service as well as good logistic management knowledge in previous supervisory roles.

  2)  You need to be proficient in the English and Mandarin languages. Being able to converse and transcribe well in both languages. Skills: 1) You need to have good interpersonal skills and be able to build upon teamwork and resolve any ongoing problems within the crew members.   2) You will need to be familiar and effective with the usage of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Abilities: 1) You must have the ability to manage your crew members and deliver the orders efficiently during busy periods of operation.   2) You will be working in a time-constraint environment standing frequently with no additional breaks in between the working hours.   Other Characteristics: 1) You must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in business or in any related field with 2 years of supervisory experience in the food & beverages or retail sectors.   2) You must be at the very heart of the business doing things ethically and having competence.

Constantly motivating and improving the performance of your crew members.        3. Job Design:It is defined as structuring the different types of jobs in an organisation in relation to the associated content, methods and personal requirements to carry out the tasked by individuals.

(Hrmpracticecom, 2018). 3.1.

Design for Efficiency:The job scope of the store manager will be regulated and designed to maximise output and efficiency. Through exploring the best methods to carry out supervision and maintain order in the store, the best crew members that are expertise in their respective job scope will be selected and be send for training if necessary to further improve their skills. Thus, the overall output of performing the repetitive ongoing tasks will be enhanced and improved. (Linda Naiman, 2017). 3.2. Design for MotivationIt consists of job enlargement, job enrichment, teamwork and flexibility in work schedules.

Firstly, In the context of Starbucks, the store manager will be allowed to perform different types of tasks on the job. The store manager can be rotated to take up different roles to allow exposure of the overall process of operation. secondly, based on Herzberg’s theory of motivation, employees be motivated by positive working conditions or possible career advancement. Thirdly, teamwork is essential to producing efficiency within the team. This is carried out by giving the store manager the liberty of making decisions and reward them based on their performance over the entire process. Lastly, the design of the work of a store manager can be improved by having a flexible work schedule introducing job sharing which enables employees to share the workload on a single task, for instance, the assistant can help with the stock checking when the store manager is attending to other matters. (Sharon K Parker, 2014).

  3.3. Design for safety & Health It is important for the store manager of Starbucks to identify the existing hazards in the physical work environment by assessments of the crew members.

The next stage of this approach would be to implement the possible solutions to reduce and eliminate the potential dangers in the store. Hence, after the solutions have been implemented there will need to be an evaluation of the effectiveness of the new job design to ensure that the team is in the right direction fulfilling the long-term goals of the company. (Wsh-institutesg, 2014).  3.

4. Design for mental capacityThe store manager of Starbucks will have to make wise decisions with regard to information needed for the crew members to carry out their tasks on the job. This will reduce the number of mistakes among the crew members and possible spillage of beverages during busy periods.

Subsequently, the store manager needs to have adequate knowledge and understanding of the required mental capacity for each crew member. Thus, there will be clear information and instructions relayed to crew members allowing the operation of the store to be efficient. (Nihgov, 2015). 4.

Recruiting:Recruiting is defined as the process of carrying out activities by an organisation to attract and hire potential suitable employees. (Businessdictionarycom, 2018).  4.1. Personnel Policy:Personnel policies are crucial in making decisions on how to proceed with the procedure of recruiting and managing human resources within the company. In the viewpoint of Starbucks, lead-the-market pay strategies can be implemented to attract the best store managers.

Starbucks can pay their employees higher than the norm market rates and this can attract more applicants. On top of that, there will be a host of benefits given to employees such as free beverages and gym membership discounts on a weekly basis. (Laura Grace Tarpley, 2017).

 4.2. Internal Recruitment Source:This process consists of sourcing workers within an organisation. One method that Starbucks can carry out internal recruiting is through corporate intranets.

Using the private network of Starbucks, the evaluation and performance assessments of supervisors who have been performing consistently well over their service term will be considered for available appointments. Hence, this can be useful for Starbucks as they would save administrative time and financial resources to hire externally from the labour market. (Becki Hall, 2017).  4.3.

External Recruitment Source: It consists of sourcing employees from platforms beyond the organisation. Starbucks can use advertisements in well-known and leading newspapers and magazines through agencies to spread the recruitment information to more people. Moreover, the use of social media can also be implemented by Starbucks to advertise and source for the best candidate. This can be done through advertising vacancies by putting up the job description on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The overwhelming number of people having social media accounts will help spread the information and in time the interested candidates with the required skills and experience will apply. From there, the company will then carry out a selection process to choose the best applicant to be the store manager. (Smriti Chand, 2014).

  4.4. Evaluating Source:For the position of a store manager, Starbucks will use the yield ratio analysis to evaluate the quality of the recruiting sources. This process is carried through expressing the number of applicants who move from the starting stage of recruitment to the next as a percentage of the total. The different available recruitment sources are then compared through their yield ratio and the best suitable candidate will be selected for the vacancy.

(Blackwellreferencecom, 2017).  4.5. Recruiter Trait & Behaviour:The characteristic of the recruiter of Starbucks is vital in getting the candidates to be honest and comfortable regarding their communication. When the recruiter is warm and portrays a positive mindset during interviews, the candidate will be motivated to contribute to the organisation. Additionally, realistic and precise amount of information about the job should be passed to the candidates. The recruiter should also allow sufficient time and be active in receiving responses from the candidates.

 (Allen Oakley, 2015).  5.1 Personnel Selection:It is defined as the process of reducing the initial number of applicants to the individuals that have the best qualities for the right job available. (Mhhecom, 2018). 5.1.

1 Step 1:The first step of the selection process will require the HR personnel from Starbucks to screen the application form filled by the applicants. In this process, the company can come up with customized forms with specific questions and enquires about an individual to gather the required information for the position and inform the chosen candidates for further selection procedures. (Louise Balle, 2017).  5.

1.2. Step 2:Starbucks will focus on attaining the required aptitude information through the cognitive ability test and job performance testing. The candidates that are shortlisted will be required attempt a language test which is structured to test the cognitive ability and intelligence of candidates. Through the emphasis of quality of work performance, the selected candidates will be assigned to a local Starbucks as a crew member for a day to being assessed by a store manager onsite to rate their work ethic and productivity.

(Michelle Silverstein, 2018). 5.1.3. Step 3:The HR personnel and district store manager of Starbucks will carry out the interview process mainly through a structured interview followed by a situational interview. A set of job-related questions will be asked to the candidates to acquire valid skills and related knowledge regarding the job position. Moving on, the second interview will be based on questions with regards to possible scenarios and situations a person can encounter. The interviewers will then evaluate the possible validity in the prediction of their job performance.

(Ucredu, 2015).    5.1.4.

Step 4:In this stage of selection, Starbucks will conduct a check on the references and background. To avoid possible defamation and false information that tarnishes the candidate’s reputation, the company will keep in touch with the former employers to validate the stated qualities and past job experiences. Furthermore, there will be checks on their criminal history and credit reports to ensure that the candidate displays integrity and is stable financially. Hence, through this process, the best candidate that is honest and capable will be considered further. (Alison Doyle, 2017).  5.

1.5. Step 5:During the last stage of selection, the HR personnel from Starbucks will come to a decision to employ the best candidate using the compensatory method which is more accurate. Through the various assessment, the compilation of the respective scores is taken into consideration. Therefore, based on the rubrics and required criteria of being a store manager, the senior store manager or the HR personnel will decide the best candidate available. The results of the selection course will then be relayed to the candidate with specific details on the work schedules and salaries established.

(Anonymous, 2017).  6. Conclusion:In conclusion, Starbucks will benefit from this recruiting and selection process from appointing the best candidate as store manager. By having a customized application form at the start of the selection, the required skills and experiences needed will be met by qualified candidates.

With store managers that is passionate and positive about serving the customers, the productivity of making beverages will increase. This will lead to a future profit increase when the store manager is able to work in a fast-paced environment meeting the demand for orders daily. Moreover, with a better store manager, there will be better management of the crew members and in turn, they will be more motivated and efficient in their respective task. Therefore, Starbucks will enjoy success in the long run.