1. Offer: The fact is that an economy should be themost important source of life and country’s financial development. Our citizensare conducting the necessary hardware related to citizens and our vehicles tofuel fuel, processing plants and innovative units. Contrary to the upgrade in life creation,due to modern improvement and population growth, there has been a huge increasein application of life. Life supply, therefore, is not a real real application,resulting in emergency has increased. A powerful emergency can be attributed toany incredible bottle (or increase of value) in the provision of livelihood assetsin an economy.2.

Pakistan’s energy sector: The basis of unity of Pakistan does not grow too much, but it is believed to be illegally and inappropriate oversight. So far the country is facing serious geographical emergency. Despite the solid financial development and increasing demand for the past decade, no real effort has been made in the new age limit. In addition, transmission of unusual framework, impact on theft and prompt delivery of instant application due to at least due to minimum supply of electricity, has been unchanged. After that, the request is exceeded by the supply and due to this, shaving the shading is a modest example of the power shutdown.

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 2.1 Energy supply: During 2009-10, access to energy supply and energy efficiency was down from 0.64 percent and 3.09% compared to last year. Pakistan needs about 15,000 to 20000 MW every day, yet every day, around 11,500 MW can reach. As a result, it is expected to reach 4000 to 9000 MW every day. The lack of this is taking seriously the financial development of the country. 2.

2 Energy Consumption: The use of unity of Pakistan has been met with various offers offered by gas, oil, electricity, coal and LPG. Gas use was 43.7%, oiled by 29.

0%, 15.3%, coal 10.4% and LPG 1.

5%.3. Energy welding in Pakistan: 3.1 Non-durable assets (JC recruitment): Limited – expensive Non-durable assets are mainly non-renewable energy sources of radiation from the remains and soil remedies and soil presentations covered on the cover of the Earth and do not change on oil and gas. These assets can not be re-created. Three basic types of non-renewable energy sources are: coal, oil, gas oil and melted oil gas (LPG).

A). Oil-based items: In 2009-10, the overall offer of oil-based items was 29%. Part of raw petroleum lions is transferred to the internal nations to take care of demand. There is a horticultural and more after-house oil in the garden, industry and transport areas. Oil is also used as part of the power power, which has reached 64% of the total power (born from 34 hydro.

) The raw petroleum valuation of the country stores stores every 303.63 million barrels. Have been determined.

Each year and we are a separate Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum each year, it means that we are not sure that new wells are being investigated. 12-13 yearsB). Petroleum Gas: The importance of petroleum gas is rising rapidly. Generally, the fluidable gas is 4,048.76 million cubic feet per year, compared to 3,986.53 million compared to a year ago, an increase of 1.

56 percent has been shown. In order to collect drugs and generate power, static gas is used as a part of the common industry to get buyer goods ready to produce bonds. In CNG type, it is used as part of the transport division The use of biorrhoids is 43.7 percent in gas offering. Due to the difference between CNG and petrol, the vehicles are used to replace CNG and approximately 2.0 million vehicles are using CNG and now Pakistan’s largest CNG Client is Country. Gas in oil (LPP) has increased by 0.7 percent to increase the supply of life in the country and it is being made foreign to stop the destruction in Bambi zones.

C) coal: There is more than 185 billion tonnes of oil savings in Pakistan, which includes 175 billion tons of coal coffields. Coal is mainly used as part of block oven and bond plans and about 67 percent of coal is transported because local coal is not considered good quality. Guddu structure is the largest plant with a capacity of 1,650 MW, while in Pakistan two major independent power plants (IPPs) Pakistan Kot Addu (1,600 MW) and Habub River (1,300 MW). 3.2 Renewable Resources: (Unlimited – Management – Clean) The durable power source is the assets, which are usually generated from renewals and minerals, for example, water, daylight, air, rain, solid, and geothermal heat.A). Hydro Control: Use of electric generators to produce hydraulic control by separating the unity of water. Pakistan holds a rich asset in hydraulic influence in any case, with a total of 34% of the electricity generated by the hydro house.

At present we are 6555 MW against 41000 to 45000 MW capacity.Current Hydro Power Stations: Turbella Dam: 3,478 MW Ghazi Bread: 1450 MW Mangla 1,000 MW Wark 240 MW Chashma 184 MW Potential Hydro Power Station: Hummer Bhasha Dam 4500 MW Mohd Dam – Swiss Waterway 740 MW in Mohmand Agency Kalabagh Dam 2400-3600 MW Benjamin Dam 5400 MW Dasuka Dam 3800 MW3.3 Alternative sources of energy: A). Wind: The air controls the wind’s energy to run the sharp edges of the air turbines. These turbines cause the revolution of magnetism, which make power. The fact is that Pakistan has the possibility of unity of 50000 MW, up to 10000 MW, but in the early stages of Pakistan there is a wind, and so far through the 06 MW Republic, introduced in the first phase of the Republic.

Has gone 50 MW will be introduced now. More wind control plants will be worked in Jhumpri, Ghor, Katy Bunder and Bin Qasim Karachi. B). Sun-based: Sun-based power uses sun-based cells that turn on daylight to convert daylight, using that day to heat the warm hot boards into a hot water or a daylight in the air. Isused for Pakistan has a capacity of 100 million MW of solar power.

Sun-basedpower plants are being operated in Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. As it may be, private traders are brought to the boards / sun-basedwater to use in the market. Electric Development Board (AEDB) is operating20,000 solar water hot water in Gilgit-Baltistan. Portable organizations havebeen requested to move the administration to supply transmission to theirtransmission towers via sun-based biotechnology boards.C) Horticulture Biomass / biodelale: Creation of biasas involves the use of waste or other incredible assets, for example, to produce power of wheat, corn or other plants. On the occasion when denying ventinagents, methane is cast into a delent and is caught in the arrows and is later used to produce power. Vegetables and woods can be made directly singing, handled petroleum dvytytics such as, or alcoholic beverages.

Brazil is one of the largest sustainable power source programs from Bayawaswas / Biworldville on the planet, stuck in the United States. Pakistan’s Election Energy Development Board (AEDB) intends to produce 10 MW of electricity from Metropolitan waste in that 20 people should then be compared to population. D) Trial: Trolal Power Moon’s gravity control tides can flow into flow by finding water turbines in a bush. Turbine can replace a power generator, or a gas compressor, after which it will be necessary to protect its life. The length of the beach is a perfect, free, incredible and economical unity. Projects are going on to eliminate prosperity unity in Pakistan, it may be possible that no one has ever used it.

3.4 Nuclear: Atomic energy stations have been used to produce biomaterials within the uranium reaction. There is a small nuclear power program with 425 MW in Pakistan, however, to a large scale extent to this extent.Since Pakistan is out of the Nuclear Nuclear Treaty, it is prohibited from replacing nuclear nuclear plants or materials, which prevents its normal nuclear energy growth. The remaining issues arising from nuclear environments are adding uranium to U235 to U238, strengthening China’s reaction and dumping of strong waste.Pakistan Nuclear Power ReutersThe construction of the type of reactor type of MW began commercial operation KARACHI PHWR 125 1966 1972 Chashma 1 PWR 300 1993 2000 2011 expected by Chashma 2 PWR 300 2005 Add up to 425 MW * Coffee water reactors (PHWR) emphasized on Canadian based rectors ** Prediver Water Reactor (PWR) – Chinese based reactor4.

Due to the energy crisis: It is based on the basis of implementing the foundation of Pakistan’s immune emergency: Demanding energy demand ; It is a remarkable need for her life throughout the years. • Population increase, • Increase the way of life • Industrial and agricultural development • Maximum transport is requiredDisability of the active and included arrangements for the generation of biochemical generation: Due to the absence of any inclusion / ineffective management, there are vast possibilities for increasing the life of Pakistan, it may be because of the introduction of low energy supply plant to meet advanced applications. went. As a result, after years of end, holes between licensed application and supply are definitely ready and now against approximately 20000 MW, we have around 11500 MW.Unconnected vitality mixture The loyal mixture in Pakistan is very illegal against different countries, with more significant dependence on gas non-trusted assets (43.7 percent) and oil (29 percent – whose dominant part is foreign). Oil-based items / raw petroleum changes and current horoscope Prices of Arab political emergency, Oil prices are likely to increase the complex impact on oil costs in Pakistan. A management management of the arrangements must be prepared to provide durable (hydraulic), local (coal) and optional library assets (wind and sun-based external).

Nuclear licenseUnusual Local Voices Non-Use of Assets: O Thor Coal: § Pakistan is one of the largest coal fields in the country, which holds 175 billion tonnes of shops, which is more than Saudi Arabia, Iran and such oil oil companies. § In order to control age control, it can be used for coal use and production of substance. § In addition to this, the GDP extension and many families can be helpful in giving financial power.O hydraulic controlage: §Pakistan has the capacity of hydro assets to produce 41000 to 45000 MW, becauseit can now be generated from this unnecessary assets of 65,000 MW. §Especially the cabinets can be constructed for 3600 MW, 4500 MW, 4,000 MW andBasuji 3800 MW of hydro power. § Similarly, medium-scale hydropower plants canbe introduced to many small waterways and channels and so on.

5. Results of energy crisis: In). Financial factors: Energy is very important to run each other’s asset and its emergency affects every other part of the economy directly. Due to lack of ground profits and preventing the development of the money by stopping the operations of institutions. An integral element of lower GDP and extinction as long-term expansion is deserving the reduction in the library’s supply. ii).

Agriculture sector: Pakistan’s agriculture is less profitable due to the formation of profitable tube skins, agricultural hardware and manoras and breeding breeds. Higher biology means high agricultural profits with inlines. iii).

Modern sector: Almost all industrial units are running edge-up with energy and energy efficiency, there are significant results on mechanical development. Due to lack of life supply, mechanical units are being opened, along with existing modern units are progressively closing. iv).

Employment: As a result of innovative units and low-horticulture profits, new tasks have been opened, and so far labor workers are destroyed by increasing businesses to increase their benefit. Thus biological emergency leads to unemployment. v). Social issues: This element is informed of biologically residential use (cooking, heat and water management).

Load scheduling in the general population against the administration causes disorder and frustration. vi). Needs: Reduction in financial development brought about missing disappearances to prevent rural development, unemployment and mechanical development. At present, nearly 40 percent of our population needs a living limit and this ratio is moving towards step.

Without checking the risk of controlling the risk of biological emergency control without any doubt.6. Result: In fact,facing a crisis, is extremely rare, all the devices of Pakistan running fromthe economy to the industry, promote social life, prevent inflammation andprevent national progress from extremism. Nevertheless, by the dangerousapproach and its implementation, the risk of emergency by the government can bepowerful by the government. At the same time, this is our duty to the people ofPakistan, the general population, which utilizes our responsible position forthe country’s progress and using affordable accessories.

7. Renewal / Solution of Energy Crisis: Biological Emergency can be fixed by: In). The most powerful powerful use: o Use of power spacing gadgets o Awakening crisis to save lives o Great open transmission framework for promoting and enhancing Pakistan’s railroad decreases immersive movement o With modern use reducing the impact of work force and with the formation of viable gear / biological productivity (financially)The end of dependence on A rental power projects, which is against any great work on the basis, are increasing the prices of power. O production line eliminates the line of unfortunate using the worst transmission links ii). New library assets increase: O index asset top (third coal) o Using incredible assets (water) by building new dams and hydro-controlled plants o IPI (Iran-India India) and Tapi (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) pipelines import gas petrol O Tajikistan-Pak-Afghan imports transit through Tajikistan and through Iran (about 1000 MW in each) pipelinesUse of OverseasAsset Assets: § Windcontrol §Biodelyl / Boomass § Solarenergy § TODAYA.

Increasing nuclear weapons to non-military workers