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The spread of technology has bought changes in all aspects of life. This has had much impact almost everybody including families, children, students and espeially workers. Technology now is used in the majority of workplace and workers in factories, schools and officer depend on modern technology. However technology can also have some negative effects on workers. This essay will explain the negative impacts of technology for some workers, focusing on job requirements, deskilling and worker promotion. Many job requirements have been negative affected by the spread of new technology.

Workers need new technology to have high skills because the basic skills are not enough for doing their job. Harman (2004) points out the workers who do not have high skills will find it difficult to get a job and they will need to learn new skill, especially in computer programming and other advanced technologies. According to Le (2004 cited in Herman, 2004) this puts pressure on workers to always learn new technology. Moreover, Roberts (2004) climes that factory workers nowadays need to use computers in their job. Another effect of technology on some workers is deskilling.

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This means that some jobs need lower skills than they needed in the past. For example, cashers in modern stores do not need high skills in math because they only scan the goods and the modern cash machine completes the rest of the work (Roberts, 2004). In addition, Herman (2004) states that many manual skills are not needed because of the new machines which depend on technology. Finally, technology has changed the promotion for same workers. While in the past workers who had experience could move up to high positions in their company, at present, workers can not need only in experience for promotion.

Shim (2003, cited in Roberts, 2004) found that in Australia office workers do not have good prospects for promotion to management level. In conclusion, technology can have negative impacts for some workers. They need to learn new skills especially advanced computer to get a good job. Moreover, some jobs need lower skills because technology has does skilled these jobs. Furthermore, experience in traditional jobs does not guarantee promotion nowadays. Worker need to update with new technology.