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1984 And Today Essay, Research Paper

In George Orwell? s 1984, Winston Smith feels frustrated by the subjugation and stiff control of the governing Party of London, which prohibits free idea, sex, and any look of individualism. The people of his state, Oceania, are watched every minute of every twenty-four hours by? Big Brother? , an all-knowing leader who can merely be seen on? telescreens, ? but ne’er in existent life. Winston illicitly purchases a journal in which to compose his condemnable ideas, and becomes fixated on a powerful Party member named O? Brien, whom Winston believes is a secret member of the Brotherhood, the legendary group that works to subvert the party. He besides begins a covert matter with Julia, a colleague, which is of class, a awful offense. In the long tally, Winston commits a signifier of self-destruction through his actions. Judging by Smith? s behaviour, he would instead arise against? Large Brother? every bit long as possible and accept the effects for his actions, than autumn victim to the Party? s control over all ideas and individualism.

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Even at the beginning of the novel, Winston does non desire to give his freedom for the Party. He purchases the illegal journal and begins composing several inquiries he has about the people all of a sudden involved in his life. His head wanders off to ideas about the black-haired colleague of his, and when he looks down, he sees that he has been composing the unthinkable, thoughtcrime ( As it? s called in newspeak, Oceania? s linguistic communication ) . His page has? DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER? written over and over once more. He knows that this action will take to gaining control and penalty, but his feelings about this Party are excessively overpowering to maintain to himself. He is seeking to show his interior emotions without verbally arising against the Party.

Smith besides has positions on sex that show his idea that freedom should be granted, and it is awful to hold? Big Brother? watching vitamin E

really action. He’s divorced because his married woman couldn’t produce the babe the Party expects, and wouldn’t see sex for any other intent because desire is thoughtcrime. He is drawn to Julia because she is “corrupt, ” which means she enjoys sex and has antecedently taken several lovers. Knowing he will be punished, he falls in love with her. Winston can non halt this love he has for Julia, and even though the Party criminals such relationships, Smith feels he has nil to lose. He needs to maintain his freedom.

Finally, Winston is given a transcript of Emmanuel Goldstein? s book, which he reads aloud to Julia in a room above the shop in which he had purchased his diary. In his concluding effort to support the Brotherhood, he is seized by soldiers and it turns out he had been fooled all along. He is taken to the Ministry of Love, and tries his hardest non to give in to the brainwashing and tormenting given by O? Brien, who had fooled him all along. In the last scene, Winston is taken to the awful Room 101, where his worst incubus, the most atrocious thing that could go on to him, does. A coop full of rats is strapped to his face, when eventually, his spirit is broken, and he is released to the outside universe. He had done all he could to populate a free life even with the presence of? Big Brother, ? but his battle was eventually ended.

George Orwell claimed, & # 8220 ; Thoughtcrime was non a thing that could be concealed everlastingly. You might dodge successfully for a piece, even for old ages, but earlier or subsequently they were bound to acquire you. ? Which is precisely what happened to Winston Smith. His rebellion was non one that was foolish and excessively vocal. He mutely tried to get the better of the Party for his personal felicity, and in the terminal it cost him everything he had fought for, and his love for Julia. He had learned to love Big Brother, which was his ultimate fright when seeking to populate a life of individualism. The Party had defeated him.