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1984 Essay, Research Paper1984 EssayThe person is doomed to a desire for power, in a universe where power is unachievable.

In 1949 Eric Arthur Blair published a novel called 1984, under his anonym George Orwell. This is a book that has many underlying subjects to it, and among the subjects is the power battle that exists between the characters and the authorities. Orwell reiterates the impression about a power battle in the secret plan, the scenes, and the characters. Absolute power corrupts perfectly ; this is the foolproof truth that is proven one time and once more in this novel.

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Near the beginning of the novel Orwell introduces Winston Smith, the chief character of his book. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth changing paperss from the yesteryear. Winston does non portion the positions of the other Outer Party members, but due to the fright instilled in him he does non portion his feelings with anyone else he works with. Alternatively he keeps his sentiments to himself, and attempts to suit in merely plenty to non elicit intuition. Near the beginning Winston besides runs into a adult female, named Julia, that he dislikes, but subsequently falls in love with. Julia besides does non hold with the Big Brother authorities, but she goes out of her manner to suit into the cast of the ideal Party member.Merely looking at these two characters shows us that power is at the root of all people, but that is besides one of the things that Big Brother is working to extinguish. By interrupting people, and demoing them that power is unachievable, Big Brother hopes to convey the party members to a point where they will no longer contend against the party s power, but will instead accept it.

Winston and Julie represent what happens to the few, who do non accept what is told them and seek to arise against the current power. They strive after power, non recognizing that it is the hate of the absolute power that set them into rebellion in the first topographic point. They rebel in every bit many things as they can, all the piece inquiring in what manner they can assist themselves, their aspiration is self functioning. For case when Winston starts volunteering at the weaponries works, he merely does so to his ain benefit, so he can hold a deeper screen as the ideal citizen.Defying the regulations about sex merely for the intent of withstanding the authorities, non for love or lecherousness, merely rebelliousness, shows us how really much Winston and Julia are power hungry. Power hungry for their ain power, how much power they can presume they merely manner they know how, rebelliousness of Big Brother. It doesn t affair to them how the rebelliousness is achieved, they merely know that they do non wish what the party does, so they want to arise. They both long to fall in the Brotherhood, a fabricated group of Rebels founded by Samuel Goldstein, which is their lone hope of endurance to enjoy power in their predicament against Big Brother.

Although in the terminal Winston loses this conflict to the party because of the Party s power, commanding the yesteryear, the present and in some grades the hereafter. Controling the heads of its members, because as O Brien tells Winston, the lone truth exists in the head. And the Party controls the head, so in truth they control the truth.It is besides stated in the book that whoever controls the present controls that yesteryear.

This is true because the lone things we have to remind us of the yesteryear are paperss that are in the present, but when the paperss are controlled so the yesteryear is controlled along with it. In the terminal Winston s frights of going an nonperson. All he can believe about is a destiny worse than decease but, obliteration. How could you do entreaty to the hereafter when non a hint of you could physically survive? ( Orwell, p.29 ) The Party eliminates anyone who dares to face them, this leads to the gaining control of Winston and Julia by the thought constabularies in their room, and they are shocked to happen how many of the Thought Police they knew and trusted as fellow Rebels.

Large Brother represents ultimate power by all the ways it controls it s citizens. It controls what they see, hear, the intelligence they are exposed to, and the past intelligence they have entree to. They had succeeded in determining their power by pass overing out most of the people that existed when they foremost came into power. The older coevals had largely been wiped out in the great purgings of the 1950ss and 1960ss, and the few who survived had long ago been terrified into complete rational surrender. & # 8221 ; ( Orwell, pg.74 ) , this shows us how power was the impulsive force for the Party as it purged great Numberss of people so it could run the state as it would, all those lives were in forfeit for their battle for power. Then after they had achieved their power they had the agencies to implement it, The Thought Police would acquire [ anyone ] merely the same ( Orwell, p.

21 ) . This shows us how Winston s head worked, he knew that the Thought Police would acquire him finally because the Government had proven itself over the past 40 or so old ages. It had proven to the people that there was no crushing the system, no affair how hard you tried you couldn t beat the system.

Every twenty-four hours more and more people became nonpersons. Big Brother had the power to do the people believe anything they wanted to. For all they knew Oceania could hold been a ego contained province, and the remainder of the universe could hold been free, but they would hold been none the wiser.

Just toys in a game being played with and discarded at will being pushed around and controlled by a maestro manus from above.The secret plan shows us how power is the driving force behind all of the characters determinations by taking us through Winston s battle against his ain head, and so into his battle with O Brien and the Ministry of Love. In the terminal we see that, He loved Big Brother ( Orwell, p 311 ) , and that his battle for power was finally lost at the custodies of the greater power, desiring more power: INGSOC, the newspeak word for English Socialism. Big Brother had won the conflict for Winston s head.

They had broken down what small humanity remained in him. He was simply a shell of what he used to be, now he was filled with merely what Big Brother wanted him to be. He had no feelings, no scruples, he simply reflected the ideal party member, in idea and in title.The scene of the society, and the totalitarian authorities shows the dangers of what may go on when the hungriness for power is satisfied. From the panic they represent in the workers heads, to the fright that they instill in the party members, Big Brother is proof that Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.

In a universe where power is unachievable, it becomes the exclusive desire for adult male. Although power is invariably used as a magnet for those who are non yet strong plenty to defy it, it is kept for those who are perfect in the eyes of the authorities. Winston and Julia are simply two illustrations of the many people seeking to queer a system of authorities that is almighty, omniscient. The control of the yesteryear besides adds to Big Brother s power. The secret plan shows the hungriness for power by go arounding every facet of the novel around power. The thought constabulary as a agency of the authorities s commanding of the general population, represents the agencies to derive power, while the mundane individual is what is sacrificed for power.

Power hungriness is so resident within each person.