In a cultural group in the 19th and 20th the western cultures started becoming more modern with technology, communication and military(). This modernization had given the western culture more political power and economic success in other cultures(). As the western cultures gained more accomplishments, other cultures were more pessimistic about the change and progression(). Non-western cultures were already set in their own ways with their own values. They were not ready to change or modify their culture.Decentering began when these countries began to lose their identities. In the 19th and 20th century decentering of culture meant the influences from the western cultures cause decentering of other cultures.

In the 20th century more things that made a big impact economically such as fashion, media, communication, traditions, music, and technology began to change and modernize times(). Technology and communication has made a big impact growth since 19th century(). Most of cultures music and literature was passed down from generation to generation().The European had a greater impact on the African culture. African culture was very devastating families and villages began to fall as men were being sold or traded as slaves(). Before the 19th century the Non-western cultures like Africa had well established traditions. Before the Europeans intervened they lived in large villages with main families. Art, music and dance was a major part of the African culture().

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Part of Africa tradition was to dance at each stage of the human development, the seasons passing or stages of agriculture year ().In earlier years Africa use to be a prosperous nation. Ghana controlled all of trading of gold, salt, ivory iron and slavery. In the 12th century there were millions of slaves.

Ghana had military to keep peace throughout the land. Some African converted to Islam religion to avoid salvery(). The African culture was changed by the Europeans because they were very powerful, both economically and politically(). The trading in Africa had a big impact in Africa because is it was very profitable for the European trade.Europeans affected the Africans with the diseases they bought with them and the Africans were not able to fight off the diseases; millions of Africans died . The Europeans were very powerful, both economically and politically.

The industrial revolution of trading had a major impact in Africa and slave trading became their most profitable article of trade. The African people were also affected by the diseases that the Europeans brought with them, as they were unable to fight off the disease, leaving millions of Africans to die.In the 19th century there was a technological gap between the Europeans and Africans since 16th century the gap began to get bigger at a faster pace(). First successful use of gunpowder was by Ottoman forces in 1453, its use was spread to Europe and Africa().

The Europeans adapted better to the technology until firearms could fit in the mounts of ships or be carried to soldiers while on ground(). Fire arms production improved speed and the economy making guns more plentiful().In 19th century Europeans were content with trading with African merchants who brought ivory, pepper and especially slaves().

There began to more aggressive intervention in aFrican affairs and ended in a disaster for Africans in the kingdom of Kongo(). The Europeans explorers, adventures and colonist face different situation in the Americas. They discovered the region was exploitable sources of wealth, such as: silver, furs, and land capable of production profitable agriculture goods (). . The arrival of a few Europeans and Africans in the Americas had quick and devastating consequences().

Not only the devastation made it easy for the Europeans to conquer or replace the native Americans, but it also led to slavery in a new world for the Africans(). The epidemics created labor shortages, so the Europeans plantation owners in Brazil, West Indies, and North American decided to import and enslave Africans. Before the slave traded ended there were 9 million Africans sold in Slavey(). The Africans were victims of viruses and parasites carred across Atlantic to the new world in European Expanion() .In the end of the 19th century there was barley a region of the world. China, Japan, the Artic and Antarctica were the only continents the Europeans did not expand their economic and military power and their culture. There expansion results altering demographic and ecological history of the globe.

The displacement of Africans by slave trading resulted through colonization. And Transplanting social religious and judicial ideas practices through the increasing of overseas regions in Europe political history and diplomacy through the mass amounts of migrations ().This change represents decentering during late 19th century and 20th for non-western civilizations because of the change in their culture. Some of the non westerners were forced to live different lifestyles outsider their culture.

The European expansion was so powerful that that forced a lot of people to live differently because they were the leaders economically and politically. Many people rituals, religion, families, and traditions were transitioned in to the European culture involuntarily. Over years non-westerners was introduced to advanced technology, new religions, traditions, and different cultures.