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MalaysianHighway Authority or Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) is actually a statutorybody that was established on 24th of October 1980 in accordance withAct 231 (Corporation 1980).

The purpose of establishment of this HighwayAuthority of Malaysia is to supervise and execute the design, construction,regulation, operation, operation and maintenance of inter-urban highways, toimpose and collect tolls, to enter into contracts and to provide for mattersconnected there-with. Besidesthat, the establishment of this authority is actually to plan, design, develop,manage as well as administer a network of the modern equipped highways withsufficient facilities for the purpose of providing a fast, safe and alsoefficient transportation system on a national scale, connecting all major townsand their surrounding with potential for economic , cultural, socialdevelopment and national unity and enabling an effective inter-urban publicroad transport system throughout the country besides enhancing skills ofemployees and expertise through having training in all of highway developmentand maintenance. According to Act 231,the Highway Authority of Malaysia (Incorporation) Act 1980, the roles of theAuthority also to supervise and execute the design, construction and also themaintenance of highways as determined by the Federal Government. On the otherhand, it also to supervise and execute the design, construction and maintenanceof rest and services area and other facilities that maybe deemed necessaryalong highways, to collect toll from the users of highways and other dues fromfacilities along highways to plan and carry out research in ensure efficientutilization of highways and other facilities along the highways. In otherwords, we can say that the purpose of establishment for this Authority is to doanything with regards the betterment and proper use of highways and other facilitiesalong the highways. Malaysian Highway Authority need to ensure that thehighways concessionaires always providing good quality, safe and comfortablehighways especially for users

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