researcher organized a group of study, which noted The Health Information
Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 provided incentive
payments through Medicare and Medicaid providers who implement electronic
health records (EHR’s). This type of system has helped healthcare providers,
hospitals and other ambulatory institutions extract data from a patient’s chart
to help expedite clinical diagnosis and providing necessary care. With the implementation of HER’s
clinicians many times have a difficult time adjusting to the system.  Meaningful use main purpose overall is to
improve patient care. Meeting meaningful use is through Stage 1 requirements is
intended to establish a baseline for capturing data and sharing information. It
is clear from the abstract of the article that this is no simple issue. The researcher
used evaluations across seven countries receiving captured reports from
practices. The researchers findings along with HIE staff identified major
themes towards meaningful use. Practices resulted in frustration towards the
EHRs limited capabilities for providing the necessary electronic patient data
and EHR vendor’s limited assistance. 

                        In order to meet stage 1
requirements and receive incentives under Medicaid and Medicare, understanding
and implementing meaningful use will prolong a long journey towards patient care.
The Colorado beacon study provides a comprehensive review, analysis, interviews
of stage 1 and presenting interesting findings through meaningful use. Using a
variety of data the researcher demonstrated a number of interesting findings.
The title does not necessarily lead you to the content but it is very
informative. Overall this article isn’t very straightforward in the beginning
and it’s not until the second page that you realize where the article is
headed. In order to have more people be engaged and read the whole article it
needs a new, more concise introduction. Overall it is a good, well written
article with important findings. The piece, when taken as a whole, is relevant
to meaningful use stage

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