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This gracious turn-of-the century hotel is located 32 kilometer from the airdrome and proceedingss off from Mumbai ‘s commercial, shopping and banking territories. The Taj Mahal Hotel has an old-world Heritage Wing and a modern-day Tower Wing.

The hotel ‘s premium suites have been used by royalty and Heads of State.Taj believes that the their nucleus merchandise is infinite. This infinite is supplemented with the services they provide like the eating houses, wellness nine, feasts, discotheque, saloon, concern centres etc. Their other auxiliary merchandises besides include travel agreements, fining, airport pick-ups, sightseeing etc.

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The hotels assorted other sections like the house maintaining, front office, nutrient and drink, room service and care, all provide the auxiliary services to the client.Tower Wing Suites: With easy entree to the Business Centre, these modern-day suites offer guest comfortss like Internet connectivity, 2-line talker phones with international direct dial installation and voice mail. Mini saloon, personal safe, channel music and telecasting with satellite programmes. A complimentary in-room facsimile can be provided on petition.

Guests have a pick of suites that overlook the metropolis or face the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea.Heritage Flying Suites: These suites are renowned for their architecture and exude an aura of old-world elegance. Each corridor in this Wing resembles an art gallery, and the design, decor and furnishing guarantee that no two suites are likewise. Guests have a pick of suites that overlook the metropolis or pool or face the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea.Taj Club: Located on the top floors of the Heritage Wing, Taj Club is designed for the discerning concern traveller. Guest comfortss and services include complimentary airdrome limousine transportations, private check-in at the Club desk, in-room facsimile, personal safe, a complimentary bottle of vino, gentleman service and complimentary deluxe Continental breakfast. Taj Club invitees can besides bask complimentary tea/coffee throughout the twenty-four hours and cocktails during the Cocktail Hour at the Club Lounge.

Taj Club besides offers invitees sole Meeting Rooms and a Business Service Unit on the Club Floor.Suites: Choose from elegantly appointed Junior Suites, Executive Suites, tastily decorated Large Suites, freshly renovated Luxury Suites or broad, lavish Grand Luxe Suites. The finest suites at The Taj Mahal are the luxuriously appointed Presidential Suites. Each of these suites is decorated with original pictures and old-timers that transport invitees into a universe of imperial luxury and magnificence. Grand Luxe and Presidential Suite invitees can besides avail of a personal Valet Service.



Broadband radio Internet entree at choice Taj hotels

Now when you stay at choice Taj hotels in Mumbai ( including The Taj Mahal Hotel ) , New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, you no longer necessitate to be in your room or at the Business Centre to utilize the Internet. Multiple ‘hot musca volitanss ‘ located across the hotels lets you acquire onto the Internet from about any topographic point in the hotel – rapidly and without stop uping in! What ‘s more, there is a Cyber Butler on call, should you necessitate anyaid with acquiring connected.

Facilities and Servicess

A Swimming pool, fittingness Centre and watering place, beauty parlor, Barber store, travel desk, auto lease, pastry store, book store, shopping arcade, currency exchange, doctor-on-call and baby sitting.

Complimentary usage of steam, Jacuzzi and secondary school at the fittingness Centre for all invitees. Agreements for golf, badminton, squash, billiards, tennis and table tennis on petition. 24-hour room service and laundry service

Topographic point and Time

A Equally far as topographic point is concerned, all the Taj services and installations are provided at one point.

To guarantee timely bringing of their services, they have set procedures in topographic point and incase of failure or hold of service, they have built in eventualities and trained their staff to pass on the hold to the client in the right mode.One of the incidents that Mr. Vivek Sah, the Training Manager at Taj provided us with to explicate this construct further is of the execution of the eventuality program during the dislocation of the lift.

In instance of dislocation of the lift, the Room Service makes usage of the lift in the other wing to guarantee seasonably bringing to the client.They besides have complaint direction systems where they promote client feedback. Each of their feedback signifier is numbered and therefore if any feedback signifier is losing, the staff is held apt for it. This is to guarantee that the direction positions every feedback signifier.To guarantee standadization in their services, they have Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) , e.g the nutrient that is served in the eating house will be of the same quality and gustatory sensation at any given twenty-four hours and clip.


A In order to guarantee that the nucleus merchandise and the auxiliary merchandise is developed and delivered in the right mode and at the right clip, the hotel has formed certain set procedures. When the room is being prepared for client check-in, the house-keeping section do certain that all the room comfortss are provided as per the cheque list. For e.g. certain room comfortss like 3 embroidered wash bags, 2 closed slippers with logo, 2 shoe bags, etc. are provided by The Taj Mahal Hotel.

Infact the procedures are so specifically laid down that hotel staff are even advised on what to state and what words to utilize while speaking to a client. The undermentioned illustration will exemplify this better. When a client asks for something to be done alternatively of stating “ no job, the staff is taught to state ‘ most surely ‘ .


The Taj Blueprint


When the service supplier comes in contact with the client, he needs to excel the client ‘s outlooks, for which a blue print is made and followed by the service supplier, in this instance the Taj Mahal Hotel.


Dinner Service Sequence


1Greet GuestsEntranceHost ( einsteinium ) / Manager2Smile utilizing appropriate salute, right position, eye-contact and guest name where possible.EntranceHost ( einsteinium ) / Manager3Smoking/Non-smoking penchant to be confirmed.EntranceHost ( einsteinium ) / Manager4Assist invitees to their seats.

RestaurantHost ( einsteinium ) / Manager5Unfold the serviettes, ladies firstRestaurantCaptain6Suggest the Dinner counter, and depict the counter high spots – specials etc.TableCaptain / Manager7Show the nutrient bill of fare along with the drink list/ vino bill of fare, if A La Carte is desired by the invitee. Suggest day-to-day specials and advice not availability`s, prior to nutrient orders.TableCaptain / Manager8Suggest bottled H2O and offer vino by glass.TableCaptain9For wine service, appropriate glasswork to be present on the tabular array.TableCaptain / Server10For all orders, function ladies foremostTableCaptain / Server11Clear home bases consequently before invitees return after 2nd assisting from counter.TableCaptain / Server12For A La Carte orders, home bases to be cleared merely after all complete their repast.TableCaptain / Server13Replenish the cuttlery consequently.

TableCaptain / Server14Napkins to be folded neatly in half and placed on the left arm-chair, when invitees leave for 2nd assisting.TableCaptain / Server15For A La Carte orders, offer sweet bill of fare and describle points.TableCaptain / Server16Offer tea / java after entree and side home bases are cleared.TableCaptain / Server17Always maintain table top clean, before resetting the tabular arrayTableCaptain / Server18Place measure booklet with check on tabular array for signature, as per invitee convinienceTableCaptain / Server19Thank all invitees utilizing their names severally.TableCaptain / Server / Host ( einsteinium ) / Manager20Bid farewell.RestaurantCaptain / Server / Host ( einsteinium ) / Manager21Upon guest going, clear tabular array instantly.TableCaptain / Server





The Taj as a hotel does non compare itself to merely Indian hotels, but even with the hotels internationally as it claims to hold “ World Class Quality ” .

In order to guarantee that its inputs are transformed into desired end products, they provide extended preparation to their employees irrespective of the field they come from.A The Taj Mahal hotel has assorted quality tools to heighten quality. This involves every section, as they have to do certain that the natural stuff every bit good as the finished merchandise is of top quality.

At The Taj, it is the duty of the purchase section to do certain that the natural stuffs are purchased at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Cost and from the Right Source, in order to avoid any hinderances in their productiveness and quality.Taj has developed tremendous credibleness in footings of trustiness being the oldest trade name of hotels, with the repute of being World category and honest service supplier. Security, Communication and understanding the client psychological science are particular assets the Taj direction has mastered with clip.




Peoples here mean the clients, employees, direction and the society. It is the concluding client who is to be satisfied and this can be done merely with the aid of the employees, who are directed and guided by the direction.

In the terminal the concluding motivation of Taj is to supply systematically and unrelentingly an Indian experience of heat and cordial reception by expecting and transcending guest outlooks. They besides provide assorted client services such as ‘The Taj Inner Circle Group ‘ , ‘Taj Advantage ‘ and ‘Taj Epicure ‘ .In order to guarantee the productiveness of their employees they provide them with assorted installations such as medical aid, audience, going installations, fringe benefits and fillips. The employers here each have their ain cabinets in which they keep their uniforms and other properties, they besides have sand traps with little beds so that the employees working in displacements can catch some slumber if need be.A In malice of the fact that human resources direction is such an built-in portion of the service industry of which hotels form a major portion, its function has begun to be acknowledged merely late. The Taj Group of Hotels is likely one of the first Indian hotel ironss to hold recognised and respected the significance of HR in the cordial reception industry.

Says K S Srinivasan, GM-corporate human resources, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, “ Functions like gross revenues, selling and HR are non hotel-specific, unlike those of chefs, housekeepers, barmans, stewards and the similar. They are, in fact, common to all concerns. ”He asserts that HR, as a map, is like a spouse in the concern in any administration and non a stand-alone map. It is the key to effectual use of the work force that the hotel industry is so dependent on. And the Indian hotel industry is among the most labour intensive since the figure of people functioning invitees is the upper limit here. It is exactly for this ground that the significance of HR requires to be appreciated.

It is non simply pecuniary wagess that employees seek today ; the challenging facet is the larning experience that the occupation promises. “ It is exactly with this really thought in head that the Taj Group of Hotels, a Tata endeavor and one of the oldest hotel ironss in the state, decided on a preparation programme for the operations trainees, ” explains Srinivasan.Synergistic Sessionss between the Taj direction and the manager of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences ( TISS ) , a Tata educational and research establishment, led to an interesting and comprehensive bespoke class course of study being chalked out. Thus was born the ‘Taj TISS HR Associate Programme ‘ , a annual class consisting four faculties that are designed to give equal importance to and leave balanced cognition of both the theoretical and the practical facets of all HR-related maps of the hotel industry.After finalizing the class inside informations, the Taj made proclamations about the class, offering interested trainees with two to three old ages of work experience an chance to use. The response was encouraging and five trainees were shortlisted for the first batch of the preparation programme.Each of the four faculties have four subdivisions.

The first phase consists of theoretical lessons, supplying a sound background to the practical application of the cognition required of them in the 2nd phase. In the 3rd phase, the pupils return to the Institute and their public presentation is evaluated by professors of TISS. In the 4th and concluding phase, classs are awarded.

While practical preparation Sessionss for the first three faculties have been organised at the Taj hotels across the state, the 4th faculties practical Sessionss had pupils of the first batch working in Tata companies such as TISCO and Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ) . “ This gave them a wider range and more exposure, besides doing them gain that HR accomplishments in a service-specific industry like the hotels are much more disputing than their application in the fabrication or any other industry, ” observed Srinivasan. He said he himself had started off in the fabrication industry and merely subsequently did he travel over to the service industry. “ I have been in the industry for over a decennary now and am well-set here, ” he added.The key to retaining staff and guaranting the success of any concern administration lies with the HR section and its effectual operation.

Any administration, including hotels, incur heavy outgo on their employees, particularly between the clip of enlisting and the employees ‘ acquisition of the accomplishments imparted during their preparation. It can be inferred, hence, that a high employee turnover rate lowers the efficiency of the staff as a whole owing to their changeless on-the-job preparation and skill sweetening.“ An administration must be able to make for itself a alone topographic point and image in the heads of the employees, both present and prospective. This enables the employees to draw a bead on to be a portion of the administration, giving it their really best, ” says Srinivasan. “ Though the preparation programme has and will go on to be us money, we believe that it is genuinely worthy investing, ” he added.“ The Taj group, ” says Srinivasan, “ is an spread outing administration and we are a people-oriented company.

What we need are people who can fit our organizational criterions. We are besides looking to make and guarantee a changeless supply of good quality HR professionals, which is why we decided to leave preparation of an highly specialized nature to our direction trainees. I have observed them at the terminal of the programme and must state that they appear all charged up and raring to travel, ” he remarked.The Taj-TISS joint programme is expected to make a presentation consequence in the industry with more hotel groups puting extra accent on the HR preparation programmes.To be a successful HR professional, what is required most is the aspirers ‘ ability to dispute themselves every bit good as their co-workers. Merely so can they acquire the really best from themselves and their squad. “ Challenges in the HR field are huge and since it is so people-centric, it is merely obvious that professionals should hold strong people-management accomplishments, ” explains Srinivasan.

Besides this, a right attitude towards the occupation and life in general is highly indispensable. “ As a director myself, what I would look for in an applier would be the ability to suit into my administration absolutely and be emotionally balanced, competent and above all, be a cultural tantrum, carry throughing the basic values that the Taj is known for, ” concludes Srinivasan.



Promotion and Education


They carry out their publicities by the agencies of calendars, monthly missive to their ‘Inner Circle Customers ‘ , informing them about their approaching events and offers. Taj has telecasting advertizements on popular channels like CNBC, and print ads in magazines and newspapers. Taj takes portion in exhibitions like wherein they promote their vacation bundles. They besides have particular offers during the “ off-season ” etc. Besides The Taj is the lone hotel concatenation to body itself and in publicity runs and advertisements the Taj is frequently referred to as “ She ” A The print ads for the Taj are: –


Physical Evidence


The Taj Mahal Hotel was built in 1903.

The designer was Sitaram Vaidya. It had a really cultural expression to it, which kept up their image of supplying an Indian experience of heat and cordial reception. They realized that modernisation is the name of the game and had The Taj redesigned by Mr. Chambers, Mr.

Wilkes and Mr. Bernard from Singapore.


Some of the recent redevelopments that have been carried out at the Taj areThe outside has been given a new and modern expression while still retaining the old universe appeal of the edifice.



The entryway has excellently carved bronze and glass doors Soaring onyx columns stretch to a aglow alabaster ceiling ; while underfoot, rich hand-woven rugs set off a brilliant floor fastidiously inlaid with semi-precious rocks. The eclectic mix of western modern-day manner and traditional Indian motive creates a regular banquet for theThe metropolis ‘s most sole eating house, The Zodaic Grill provides a graceful scene for an intimate dining experience.

Under a brilliant trompe l’oeil dome, they serve the finest epicure culinary art complemented by an extended vino list, as a classically trained piano player entertains frequenters.


Monetary value and Other User Costss


Taj realizes that their monetary values are high and non low-cost by all, but this is due to assorted operating expenses that it incurs and the superior quality that it offers. For e.

g. a wayside sandwich marketer sells his sandwich for Rs.10 as he has no operating expenses and has no quality criterions to keep, like the quality of the staff of life and the veggies.

But at The Taj, they serve the best quality and besides incur overhead disbursals.Besides the mark audience that the Taj caters to are the one ‘s who come to the Taj for it ‘s atmosphere and universe category criterions, therefore they say that their monetary values are justified as they help The Taj retain the exclusivity that it stands for.