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is traffic management and why is important?                                                                            
Traffic management has
to do with the monitoration and planification of traffic.Its main objective is
to make the existing infrastructure more effective and to increase the safety
of transport operation.Furthermore, environmental goals are addressed by
traffic managers.

We all agree that  traffic management has been present for a long
time,from railway signallistic during industrial revolution, to traffic lights
in buzzy streets in world’s metropolises.Like everything else, even traffic management
has made a huge progress ,by implementing new techniques  based on technology as mentioned before (Intelligent
Transport Systems (ITS),which expanded  the functional part of transportation system.

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One of the most
important disadvantages of traffic is “traffic congestion”(environmental
concerns),which of course is a great motivation to search for solutions ,this
research has been supported a lot by computing power ,data processing ,
exchanging information, automation.Traffic management has not only been facing
this problem,unfortunately there are more challenges. The first thing that pops
into my mind is globalization.According to my opinion is a little bit contradictory
due to the fact that transport’s main goal was  to make the world “smaller”,to vanish borders
,but all this globalization,that is somehow achieved nowdays ,seeks for even more
complicated ways to reduce the problems it brings (traffic,overcrowded roads
,intensive work to provide the best 
transportation worldwide,need for high quality vehicles,energy

Secondly we will write
about demography and urbanization.The increased number of people choosing
to  live in urban areas due to the  large variety of opportunities that are
offered ,make a lot more complicated to manage all that “flow” in cities roads.Traffic
management has never been  more demanded
than today. People hurrying to go to their destinations get stuck in traffic
and a traffic engineer is blamed for that.

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We should keep in mind
that these engineers are doing their best to minimize the bad aspects mentioned
before and to make us get the desired profits from transportation,which is  be
equal to COMMUNICATION.                                                                                                                           
To understand it better it can be concepted as conflict of aims .

Transport Systems (ITS) –  Offer SOLUTIONS
– To balance the following rapport.                                                                                       
                                                  1.Comfort of individuals –Limited resources                                                                                   
2.Economic prosperity –Environmental

EU initiatives and EU
funded projects made possible to develop smart mobility systems ,considering :
(SESAR) air
traffic management system of the future,traffic  management system for  rail( ERTMS). It is predicted a growth in air
traffic ,so The planned European ATM system has its own goal to use more
efficiently the capacity of air transport.