A man walks into the store to buy milk.

THE END.… No, no. It’s terrible. Let’s do some events, because that’s nothing.

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Okay, let’s see:A man walks into the store to buy some milk, but there’s a crazy lady in the aisle at the milk store. He wants that milk so fights her to get it. Then he buys it. THE END.… This doesn’t make any sense… why would he fight someone for milk.

..Okay, so: A man is driving in his car and his daughter calls him and says ‘hey pick up some milk’ at the milk store there’s a crazy lady in the aisle he fights her and buys the milk so the daughter is happy. THE END.… This is awful… I am the worst writer in the world. No one learns anything from this…Okay, maybe:A man is driving, late to work in his car, his ex-wife calls him. She says “You have never been there for us, but if I’ve ever needed you it’s right now.

Your daughter is at her milk competition at school, and the milk she brought is spoiled. Please for once in your life do something and help her.”The man decides ‘okay this is my shot to prove myself to my daughter’.

He goes to the store to buy milk but there’s a crazy lady in the front of the aisle to buy milk. The man starts thinking ‘im running out of time, I have to help my daughter’. The man pushes her aside and purchases the milk. He speeds straight to his daughter’s school and hands her the milk.… But it can’t end here, anymoreHis daughter freaks out “you idiot this is the wrong milk this is SKIM milk, MY competition is ruined” the man did all he could but in the end, it was for nothing.

He had wasted time and putting in any effort at all made everyone more upset and angry with him, and maybe he should just quit trying. THE END.… Or- maybe His daughter is given the milk and she comes to the realization that this was the wrong milk; it was skim milk. She could freak out, but for once in her life, her dad is there for her.

He apologizes sincerely; he did everything wrong but he tried and regrets making this mistake. His daughter is okay with it. She goes onstage of the milk competition, she pours the milk over herself, and the judges see that she is obviously pouring skim milk and give her lower numbers than the 2% fat pouring contestants… but she is happy. And her dad is happily watching in the audience.

Because it was never really about the competition, it was about trust, being able to be there for someone when they needed it the most. The End~… This is the greatest story ever made…

and everyone will love it because everyone loves milk.