a. The AdvantagesIn theSunny Dhillon AI article (founding partner of Signia Venture Partners, aventure capital fund in early San Francisco), it has been claimed that applyingtechnology to virtual reality can make the most Every aspect of it becomes moreattractive and credible. “The story itself has the potential to becomesignificantly more complex thanks to the advances of AI, the neural networktrained in the VR participant’s experience with existing storylines can createVarious things suit the preferences of each player, “Sunny Dhillon wrote.Intelligentmachines can replace human beings in many areas of work. Robots can do certainlaborious tasks. Painstaking activities, which have long been carried out byhumans can be taken over by the robots.

Owing to the intelligence programmed inthem, the machines can shoulder greater responsibilities and can be programmedto manage themselves(Mike Fekety). AIhas the ability to flexibly plan and analyze predictions based on users’ usageover a given time period and provide objective observations using codes(LiveTiles, June 2017).AIwill have a low error rate compared to humans, if the data received and the AI??itself is encoded properly. They will have amazing speed and accuracy andreplace people in repetitive, tedious work in many different workplaces.Supporting people in highly demanding jobs with high accuracy, AI can increaseproductivity in terms of programmability (Katie Ruocco, February 2017).

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b. The DisavantagesThecost of creating AI is not small because they are very complex machines, not tomention the cost of maintenance on a regular basis. AI development by AI isstill very long so AIs need to be updated regularly to test programming andoperations. Of course, it needs experts in the industry. In the event of atechnical malfunction or serious malfunction, the process of recovering lostcodes and reconfiguring the system can be time consuming and costly(K. Karthik, 2017).

In addition,AI does not have the initial creativity, they need people to build every detailfor the code and think in order to work. In addition, an important concernabout the application of artificial intelligence is ethics and moral values. Isit ethical to make copies of people? Does our moral values ??allow us toreproduce intelligence? (Krishna Reddy, 2016).

People have ideas forhuman replacement machines and they sound great. It seems they help to relievepain. But is it really interesting? Ideas like hard work, dependency, andemotion in dedication do not exist in artificial intelligence. Imagine therobots are working in the hospital. Do you imagine that they care and careabout people or just follow a process that is available in every circumstance?Think an online assistant (AI) will give you all you need? Concepts such asattention, understanding, and intimacy are not represented by machines. So thereason people need to create and maintain themisbecause they always lack human-like communication.

The use of AI can lead tothe unemployment of many people in the world because of their ability to workproperly. In addition, if the control of the machine into the wrong hands, itcan cause destruction. The machine will not think before acting. So they can beprogrammed to do the wrong thing, or to sabotage the series.

(Mike Fekety,August 2015).