A Smart Gadget for a Smarter you

What’s the most exciting thing about
today’s world? Is it that you can reach out to people in weirdest corners of
the world in just a few seconds, or is it all about being able to witness
something unrealistic, unimaginable, just like it were real? With technology
moving at the speed of a Ferrari on a racetrack, it’s now even possible to
control every possibility around you, with just your voice. 

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Bringing together sound-breaking (not
literally) technology and marvels of artificial intelligence, Amazon has
launched Echo, a hands-free speaker that can be controlled by your voice. Yes,
you heard that right! So, what makes Echo one of the must-have tech gadgets in
your home?


Hey Alexa!

Your partner-in-crime, your soulmate,
your best friend. She’ll understand you, do as you say, and even hear you out,
all the time. Surreal, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Echo’s artificial
intelligence Alexa is all about. A smart innovation that gradually adapts to
your speech patterns and vocabulary. So, go ahead, make Alexa your constant.


Sound Check, done right

Echo comes with a 2.5″ downward woofer
that ensures you hear your favourite songs, just how they are meant to be heard.
Crystal clear and dynamic. No matter the mood or the company, just trust Alexa
to understand what you need.


Your home, at your command

It’s always a task to get out of bed or
the couch to switch on or switch the lights. But, is it a task to simply voice
your command and watch it being done, without even shifting an inch? Echo can
be synced with majority of the smart lights, lamps and plugs in the market so
that you can easily change the setting of your home lightings.


One device, many possibilities

Echo not only works best with Amazon,
but it can also be synced with all your other apps. Feel like eating something,
Alexa will order your food from Zomato. Have somewhere to be at? Book an Ola
ride with Alexa. It’s all possible, and that too so easily.

Well, there’s still a lot to discover
about Amazon’s Echo so why don’t we ask Alexa herself?

Alexa, tell me something more about yourself.