A Bird In The House Vs. The Stone Angle Essay, Research Paper

The remark that has been purposed is that an writer has truly merely a individual

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subject and that all plants are amplification? s on earlier subjects produced by the author. Now

this can be made evident if the plants of the late William Shakesphere, or more soon

John Griffin, Steven King, or locally Allison Monroe are looked at. All of which have

written legion pieces on individual subjects. Margaret Laurence is yet another writer that

conforms to this standard. She has written a figure of books based on the fabricated town

of Manakawa and the analogues between the plants is really apparent. In The Stone Angel and

? A Bird In The House? , both written by Laurence, the similarities are obvious with

Vanessa resembling a younger version of Haggar, along with similar remarks and

state of affairss happening in both narratives, and Grandmother MacLeod and Haggar being the

same character.

The chief characters in the two narratives personalities resemble one other. This is

obvious when both revealed their desire to show their feelings but held them back

because they felt it would non be appropriate. This is seen in The Stone Angle when

Haggar is speaking with Marvin merely before he leaves for the war. She reveals to the reader

that she wished she had? beg him to look after himself, to be careful, & # 8230 ; to keep him tightly,

plead with him, against all ground and world, non to travel. But I ( Haggar ) did non desire to

embarrass both of us, nor have him believe I? vitamin D taken leave of my senses. ? ( 129 The Rock

& # 8230 ; ) . Vanessa reveals the same feelings of concern when she is walking to church with her

male parent and explains that she? would of liked to take my male parent? s manus, as I used to make? ( 100

A Bird & # 8230 ; ) . She did non take his manus because she had thought he would believe it was a

? babyish gesture? ( 101 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) . Both characters inhibition to demo their true feelings is

brought out in the last two quotation marks and on legion other occasions in the narratives. Another

similarity that the two characters have is their feelings towards faith. Haggar as a kid

did travel to church but discontinue traveling after an incident in church with Bram. In her ulterior old ages

she inquiries faith, this is seen during one of Mr.Troy? s visits to her house, when he

asked her if she has tried praying to god for aid, she replied that she had? ne’er had much

usage for supplication, Mr. Troy. Nothing I prayed for of all time came to anything? ( 119 The Stone & # 8230 ; ) .

She goes on to propose that if Gods were a? crossword mystifier, or a secret codification, it? s barely

worth the fuss, it seems? ( 119 The Stone & # 8230 ; ) . This makes it obviously clear that Haggar

does non see any usage for faith nevertheless in the terminal, she does turn around slightly when

she asks Mr. Troy to sing a anthem to her, which causes her to recognize what it is that she has

ever wanted in life, the ability to joy. In? A Bird In The House? Vanessa goes

through the same experiences with faith. She inquiries it foremost in church, when she

concludes that? If God did non believe that she ( Grandmother Connor ) was good plenty merely

as she was, than I did non hold much usage for His sentiment? ( 100 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) . She inquiries

faith once more on the walk place with her male parent when she asked him what he thought approximately

Eden and snake pit. After his attempted account her response was that? Nothing seemed

to hold been made any clearer? ( 101 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) . Approaching the terminal of the narrative, after an

statement with Noreen, about her male parents decease, she had a fleeting? senesce of composure,

about of credence? ( 105 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) , and she realized that Rest beyond the river? meant

nil. It meant merely silence, forever. ? ( 105 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) . This credence that she felt

was toward her male parents decease but because she refers to the anthem, it must besides illustrates her

credence of faith. The similarities that are prevailing between the two characters are

their inability to show feelings towards others, and the ability to accept faith after a

period of abdicating it.

Besides the characters, these narratives have a batch in common such as the secret plan. Both

narratives are about a individual? s household and the decease of

loved 1s within it. In? A Bird In

The House? the reader is informed of an uncles decease that affected the household vastly

and in the terminal it is the male parent that dies and leaves his household to morn him. Because The

Stone Angle is a novel, and non a short narrative like the other, this makes it capable to

elaborate more on the effects of a member of a household deceasing. By the terminal of The Stone

Angle, decease is everyplace, it is foremost seen when the reader is informed that Haggar? s

female parent died during her birth, and the continues in to her brother Daniel, male parent Jason,

hubby Bram, boy John, and eventually in the terminal the decease of Haggar herself. There is besides

the common prefiguration of decease that takes topographic point in the narratives. The Stone Angle and

? A Bird In The House? both use the symbol of a bird in a house, being a warning that a

decease was traveling to happen within the close hereafter. Another similarity in the two narratives is the

usage of anthem and vocals which are used throughout the narratives. These similarities in the

secret plans can besides non be assumed to be happenstance, because they merely go on on to big of

a graduated table to do this premise, so the decision must be made that it was done on


Haggar can besides be compared to Grandmother MacLeod. In fact they are the exact

same character. On legion occasions they both experience the exact same state of affairs and

react wholly likewise. To get down with they are both aged adult female populating with a boy. In

Grandmother MacLeod? s foremost visual aspect, Vanessa describes her voice to be? like hoar on

a windowpane, boundlessly cold and clearly etched? ( 89 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) , this instantly causes

the reader to see an eerie feeling towards her, doing an immediate disliking for

her. Haggar besides has this quality about her, and it is seen in her first brush with Doris.

Doris had merely came up to Haggar? s room to see if she would wish to come down for tea,

and Haggar could non assist but set up some kind of opposition towards Doris? kindness.

She does this by kicking that? Of class, I suppose it would be to much to do a

2nd pot? ( 30 The Stone & # 8230 ; ) . Both Haggar and Grandmother MacLeod had two boies,

the 1 they lived with and another that was deceased. In both instances the female parents favored

the asleep boy over the 1 that they live with. They both besides had a love for images

and decorated their room with exposures of their late boies. In both narratives we see the two

ladies have to cover with a decease in the household, in? A Bird In The House? Vanessa informs

the reader that her grandma was? ne’er seen shouting, non even on the twenty-four hours of my male parent? s

funeral? ( 104 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) , nevertheless she did look unsteady and when Vanessa reached out

to soothe her she merely asked Vanessa to assist her to her room where she was left,

? sitting in the consecutive chair beside her bed and looking at the image of my male parent that had

been taken when he graduated from medical college? ( 104 A Bird & # 8230 ; ) . This refusal to

show emotion in public is indistinguishable to the manner in which Haggar handled her emotions. This

is seen after Bram? s funeral when Haggar negotiations of traveling place and that flushing? it was

John who cried, non I? ( 184 The Stone & # 8230 ; ) . Both Haggar and Grandmother MacLeod are

besides infatuated with visual aspect Grandmother MacLeod with her sealskin coat with black

pelt and Haggar? s silk flowered frocks. There is merely to many similarities between these

two adult female non to reason that they are in fact the same individual.

The statement presented in the beginning of this essay was that an writer merely had

one subject and all the work done by the writer is merely a different attack to the same

subject. By looking at Laurence? s? A Bird In The House? and The Stone Angle, it can be

agreed that this is a true statement on her authorship, with the similarities in the chief

characters, the secret plan, and the indistinguishable character in both plants. However, it has besides been

said that everyone has a good book in side or them. With this in head, it is the really

talented writer, like Laurence, that take this one narrative and animate it into varies different

narratives, all unambiguously great, but wondrous the same.