Athinking process has been made to ease chess players to think about theirmovement. They need to think out of the box to arrange their strategy in orderto bring the opponent’s king into a checkmate and achieve victory. However,these may be hard for a chess player to be able to sort what they should bethinking especially in a specific amount of time with the pressure of opponentsin front of them.  Therefore, based onthe website iChess.

Net there are four thinking process that you can do to findthe best move on the board.Thethird process is always answering your personal thoughts of ‘what is my plannow?’ There are two types of goals; short term goals and long term goals.Consequently, the player should think what their next goal is. It can be eitherto develop their pieces, defend their king, control the center or make theopponents pieces become bad. These developments no matter big or small areimportant so that you do not make any wrong steps which can jeopardize yourlong term goals. These is related to the way of life where you need tocreatively think to solve problems or manage any miseries that occur which inthe end you need to make sure that you do not lose yourself and your goals.

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         The next process is making a move ofyour pieces. After making sure that there isn’t a need for a force move, youcan finally make a few strategies and plan any specific moves that you can playin that position. The strategies and plans are much related to every individualto think about the consequences of their actions whether it may give an impactto others or even their self.Inconclusion, the thinking processes used in chess are actually the process youcan assimilate into your life, especially when you are facing a problem.

Theproblem can be broken down into few simple questions and that way you can thinkof a solution one by one just like the process of thinking in chess. Thus, youare able to nip the problem in the bud in no matter of time and think maturely.As a result, we are able to create a society that have a mind of its own whilebeing thoughtful and caring of others around them.