Imagine Brenda. a adult female who will non under any fortunes trade her life in order to be conditioned.

and so live as a Beta in the Brave New World ( BNW ) . existence. If this is the instance. so Brenda could non systematically accept Hedonism.

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This is due to the definition of Hedonism. the sum and strength of bodily pleasance in Brave New World ( BNW ) . and the sum and strength of bodily pleasance here in existent life.The definition of Hedonism leads one to maximise the sum of pleasance and minimise the sum of hurting: The lone thing per se good in life is pleasure. and the lone thing per se bad in life is pain.

Other things in life have extrinsic value – they can take to either hurting or pleasance. but do non bring forth the esthesiss by themselves. However. Hedonists are merely concerned with pleasance and hurting. as these are the lone intrinsic values. The typical factor that determines a better life from a worse 1.

is the sum of net pleasance in one’s life.The net pleasance is determined by deducting the sum of hurting in one’s life from the sum of pleasance. Notice that Hedonism merely determines better lives from worse 1s. non good from bad. To do the differentiation between good and bad is an arbitrary determination and can non be measured through a comparable medium such as net pleasance. Quantitative Hedonism provinces that measure and strength are the lone standards that determine merely how good a certain pleasance is.If all pleasances differ merely in measure and continuance. so the universe in BNW is a dream for pagans.

One’s life in BNW is conditioned to be content and happy with one’s. occupation. category in life. and the day-to-day agenda of life. This agenda for one’s life ne’er alterations and so delivers a maximal sum of pleasance due to being happy and content.

High pleasance in BNW besides comes from the unfastened sexual dealingss between people. Basically. it is encouraged from childhood to hold every bit many sex spouses as possible. hence maximising the sum of pleasance from sex. The drug of pick in BNW is called Soma. and it delivers an astonishing feeling without any hangover consequence like intoxicant. This drug is distributed daily at one’s work to maximise one’s sum of organic structure pleasance.

With all of these factors heightening pleasance. it is besides of import to province that non much causes pain for one’s life in BNW. There are no personal relationships to do hurting. occupations and instruction are given specifically for people. and life is really much planned and insistent. This repeat is what maximizes the sum and continuance of pleasance in BNW lives. In existent life. at that place does non be anything like the above mentioned pleasances.

in either measure or continuance. Therefore. when comparing the net pleasance of a life in BNW to a existent earthly life. a hedonist finds that BNW lives have a higher net pleasance. and are therefore far better. This is because they in BNW have much more per se good pleasance. and much less disappointment and per se bad events.

So. if Brenda refuses to merchandise her life in order to be conditioned and live a BNW life. so she could non systematically accept hedonism because trading her life would give her a higher net pleasance. and by definition. a better life.Brenda still could accept hedonism if she accepted qualitative hedonism.

based on Mill’s differentiation between ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ pleasances. Harmonizing to Mill’s. certain pleasances have a distinguishable higher value than other pleasances. This can be due to a mere penchant for one pleasance over another.

with the preferable pleasance holding more intrinsic value because it is preferred. and therefore more net pleasance. This can besides be due preferring higher rational ‘mind’ pleasances. as opposed to personify pleasances like those in BNW. Mill’s differentiation goes manus in manus with qualitative hedonism.

which adds quality to the standards separating pleasance ( strength and continuance ) . Higher quality pleasance are by and large thought to be rational and originative pleasances as compared to beastly pleasances.Intimate relationships can besides be thought of as being a higher quality pleasance. It is non significant. nevertheless.

that these higher pleasances simply exist – for a pagan. these higher pleasance must lend to a higher net pleasance in life in order to be of value. Since there are perfectly no rational or intimate pleasances in BNW. the statement could be made that the rational and intimate pleasances in existent life give higher net pleasance.

and therefore a better life. This theory besides takes into history the hurting that may be caused by relationships or by non achieving certain rational mileposts. However. the statement can be made that the pleasance derived from these higher pleasances far surpasses any hurting caused by them and guarantees a higher net pleasance than any life in BNW. If Brenda adopts this method of thought. so she could both accept hedonism and still non desire to merchandise her life for a life in BNW.A qualitative pagan.

in order to systematically believe that existent life is better. must claim that the overall net pleasance one receives in existent life is more than the net pleasance one receives in the BNW existence. One must claim that experiences in existent life. including but non limited to rational and intimate pleasances. bring forth more net pleasance than a life of beastly pleasances in BNW. This includes all of the hurting and adversities experienced in existent life.

but non in BNW. The statement is that even with all of this hurting. the net pleasance is still higher in existent life. This is besides what Brenda must adhere to if she wishes to non merchandise her existent life for a conditioned BNW life.