39 old ages old functioning soldier, occupant of Belgaum, Karnataka, presented with the ailments of multiple painful ulcers over phallus since one month continuance. He ab initio noticed a ruddy painful lesion over his phallus, bit by bit increasing in size, with visual aspect of similar lesions on next countries and overlying tegument of phallus, associated with bare discharge.There was no history of hemorrhage or Pus discharge, fluid filled lesions, urinary symptoms or urethral discharge, local application of any drug prior to the oncoming of lesions, skin lesions, unwritten ulcers, joint strivings or ocular ailments. He denied h/o high hazard sexual behavior.He was a known instance of AIDS on immune surveillance & A ; pneumonic TB on anti- retroviral therapy ( ART ) and anti tubercular therapy ( ATT ) severally.

What is an ulcer?An ulcer is defined as interruption in the continuity of the covering epithelial tissue of tegument or mucose membrane. It involves both epidermis and corium and heals with scarring.What is eroding?Erosion constitutes a interruption in the continuity of cuticle which heals without marking

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What are the common causes of venereal ulcers?

The common causes of venereal ulcers are:Sexually transmitted causesSyphilisGenital HerpesChancroidDonovanosisCandidiasisGenital ScabiessNon sexually transmitted causesDrug eruptionsTraumaticContact dermatitisMalignancyBehcet ‘s diseaseZoon ‘s balanitisLichen planus

What are the drugs that can do venereal ulcer?

Drugs which can do venereal ulcer are:DoxycyclineSulfa drugsCarbamazepineDiphenylhydantoinFoscarnetTopical ImiquimodTopical 5 Fluorouracil

What are the ART drugs that can do venereal ulcers?

ART drugs which can do venereal ulcer are:LamivudineRitonavirSaquinavirAtazanavirDideoxycytosine

What are the differential diagnosings considered on history?

Based on history following diagnosings need consideration:Genital HerpesSyphilisChancroidDonovanosisDrug induced


Causuative Organism

Incubation Time period


Haemophilus ducreyi1 – 14 yearss.

Granuloma inguinale

Calymmatobacterium granulomatis ( Klebsiella granulomatis )3 yearss to 3 months

Lymphogranuloma venereum ( LGV )

L1, L2, L3 serovars of Chlamydia trachomatis3-12 yearss

Herpess genitalis

Herpes virus hominis type 1 and 23-7 yearss


Treponema globus pallidus9-90 yearss

What are the common beings doing venereal ulcers & A ; what are their incubation periods?


The critical parametric quantities were normal. There was no lividness, jaundice, cyanosis, clubbing. Lymphnodes: right armpit revealed multiple, nomadic, non stamp, not matted, lymph nodes in posterior & A ; cardinal group, largest- 1×2 centimeter. Bilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy- nodes were multiple, nomadic, stamp, house, not matted, largest- 2×2 centimeter on left side. Systemic Examination was everyday.

Dermatological & A ; Venereological scrutiny revealed stained unmentionables, foreskin was dropsical. Multiple, polysized, blending ulcers and erodings round to oval in form mensurating from 2-3mm to 1.5 tens 2 centimeters in size were present on glans phalluss, coronal sulcus and mucosal facet of foreskin.

In add-on, there was a polycyclic ulcer over glans ( Fig 1 ) . The borders were good to ill defined with inclining dropsical borders. The floor was covered with serous discharge & A ; pale ruddy granulation tissue. The base of ulcer was stamp and non-indurated. There was no hemorrhage on touch.

Scrotum, its contents & A ; perineum were normal. Per-rectal scrutiny did non uncover any abnormalcy.Fig 1: Polyclyclic ulcer over the glans penis

What are the clinical possibilities?

Clinical possibilities are:Genital HerpesChancroidCandidiasisDrug induced venereal ulcerPrimary Syphilis

What are the typical presentations of sexually transmitted venereal ulcers?

SyphilisLonePunched outInduratedPainlessNon stamp inguinal lymphadenopathyGenital HerpesGrouped cystErosionsSuperficial ulcersPainfulTender inguinal lymphadenopathydegree Celsius ) DonovanosisSingle / multipleInduratedBeefy red, rolled out bordersBleeds on touchPseudobubovitamin D ) ChancroidPainfulMultiplePurulentNon induratedRagged undermined bordersBubovitamin E ) Lymphogranuloma venereumPainlessTransientLoneBubo

What is important lymphadenopathy?

Significant lymphadenopathy part wise is:Cervical lymph node & gt ; 1 centimeterAxillary lymph node & gt ; 0.5 centimeterInguinal lymph node & gt ; 1.5 centimeter

What is a bubo?

A bubo ( Grecian boubon, “ inguen ” ) ( plural signifier: buboes ) is swelling of the lymph nodesIt is found in infections such as: -Bubonic PlagueChancroidLymphogranuloma venereum

What is a Pseudobubo?

Appearance of inguinal hypodermic swelling in Granuloma inguinale infection is called a pseudobubo.


Probes revealed a normal haemogram and biochemical profile.

His CD4 count was & lt ; 50 cells/Aµl and his viral burden was one hundred thousand copies/ml. Tzanck smear – revealed multinucleated elephantine cells, Anti HSV for IgG & A ; IgM were negative. Gram discoloration of vilification, 10 % KOH saddle horse from the lesion, and civilization for H. ducreyi were negative.

The swab for culture/sensitivity did non turn any beings after 48 hour. His blood VDRL was non-reactor and TPHA were negative.

How is a Tzanck vilification performed?

Stairss involved in readying of Tzanck vilification are as follows:Gently scrape the vesicle/ulcerA base with No. 15 bladeSmear on a glass slideFix and add Giemsa discoloration for 1 minuteObserve under oil submergence microscope

What do you see in the Tzanck smear slide in Genital herpes?

Multinucleate elephantine cells ( 5-8 in figure ) arranged in ‘jig-saw ‘ mystifier visual aspect with intranuclear inclusion organic structures.

What are the other conditions where Tzanck smear can help in the diagnosing?

Pemphigus group of diseases – acantholytic cellsDarier ‘s disease – dyskeratotic cellsHerpes simplex, herpes shingles and poulet syphilis – multinucleate giant cells

What is the sensitiveness & A ; specificity of assorted diagnostic trials?





Herpess virus

Tzanck smear


Enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay

& lt ; 40 %

60-70 %

70-95 %

94-100 %

Primary pox

Secondary pox

Blood VDRL

Blood VDRL

74-87 %

100 %

98 %

98 %





75 %

10-63 %

98 %

51-99 %

99 %

What are the newer FDA approved serological trials for Genital herpes?



Herpess Select


The HSV-2 check is 96-97 % sensitive and 98 % specific


HSV-1 and HSV-2 Immunoblot

Slightly higher sensitiveness and specificity

Biokit HSV-2

Can be done from a finger asshole

93 % sensitive and 98 % specific

Captia EIA

A new gG-based ELISA available for both HSV-1 and 2

What is the concluding diagnosing?

Genital herpesAIDS in CDC class C – 3 / WHO Clinical Stage 4Pneumonic TB

What are the points in favor of Genital Herpes?

A history of multiple painful long standing ulcers in a HIV-positive person and Tzanck smear demoing multinucleated elephantine cells favor a diagnosing of venereal herpes.

What are the intervention guidelines by WHO for first clinical episode of Genital herpes?

Acyclovir 400 milligram orally 3 times a twenty-four hours for 7-10 yearss

A A A or

Famciclovir 250 milligram orally 3 times a twenty-four hours for 7-10 yearss

A A A or

Valacyclovir 1 g orally twice a twenty-four hours for 7-10 yearss

What are the intervention guidelines by WHO for episodic therapy for return?

Acyclovir 400 milligram orally three times a twenty-four hours for 5 yearss

A A A or

Famciclovir 125 milligram orally twice daily for 5 yearss

A A A or

Valacyclovir 1.0 g orally one time a twenty-four hours for 5 twenty-four hours

What are the intervention guidelines by WHO for suppressive therapy?

Acyclovir 400 milligram orally twice a twenty-four hours

A A A or

Famiciclovir 250 milligram orally twice a twenty-four hours

A A A or

Valacyclovir 500 milligram orally one time a twenty-four hours

A A A or

Valacyclovir 1.

0 g orally one time a twenty-four hoursThe patient was managed with tab Famciclovir 250 milligram TDS for 10 yearss. Since he showed hapless response the dosage was increased to 500 milligram TDS. ART and ATT were continued. Swelling over foreskin subsided, erodings healed good and the ulcers healed bit by bit.

What are the causes for continuity / immune venereal ulcer?

Acquired immune deficiency syndromeDrug oppositionArtAssorted infectionTuberculosisMalignancy

What are the complications of Genital herpes peculiarly in HIV patients?

The ulcers can be prolonged or terrible and immune to intervention. Systemic complications include sterile meningitis, transverse myelitis, phrenitis, sacral radiculopathy, urinary incontinency, irregularity.

Dissemination can besides do hepatitis, pneumonitis, Bright’s disease and monoarticular arthritis. The haematological complications include ITP, leukopenia, DIC.

How make you handle a immune instance of Genital herpes?

Oral Acyclovir 800 milligram five times a twenty-four hours upto 6 hebdomadsFamciclovir 500 mg – 750 milligram TDS for 3 to 6 hebdomadsAcyclovir IV 5 – 10 milligram / kg 8 hrlyAcyclovir IV 1.5 – 2mg/kg/hr for 6 hebdomads administered with a Hickman ‘s catheterCidofovir – IV 5 mg/kg IV one time a hebdomad for three hebdomads and every other hebdomad for two monthsFoscarnet IV 40 mg/kg 8 hourly1 % HPMPC pick


Genital herpes is a chronic, life-long viral infection. Two types of HSV have been identified, HSV-1 and HSV-2. The bulk of instances of perennial venereal herpes are caused by HSV-2.

Whether venereal herpes is caused by HSV-1 or HSV-2 influences forecast and guidance. Therefore, the clinical diagnosing of venereal herpes should be confirmed by research lab testing. Both virologic and type-specific serologic trials for HSV should be available in clinical scenes that provide attention for patients with STDs or those at hazard for STDs. Immunocompromised patients might hold prolonged or terrible episodes of genital, perianal, or unwritten herpes. Lesions caused by HSV are common among HIV-infected patients and might be terrible, painful, and untypical. HSV casting is increased in HIV-infected individuals.

Whereas antiretroviral therapy reduces the badness and frequence of diagnostic venereal herpes, frequent subclinical sloughing still occurs. Suppressive or episodic therapy with unwritten antiviral agents is effectual in diminishing the clinical manifestations of HSV among HIV-positive individuals.

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“ Genital disease is the most formidable enemy of the human race ; an enemy entrenched behind the strongest human passions and deepest societal bias ”

— – Sir William Osler