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During the Renaissance there were many influential sculptures. Artists during the Renaissance experienced a renewed interest in classical Greek and Roman civilization. Christianity played a major role in Renaissance art. David was an important figure in more than one religion. In the Christian religion David was depicted as the youngest son of Jesse, who was a descendant of Jesus Christ, that was sent o the battle lines to bring new of his brothers. While at the front of battle he heard the giant Goliath’s defiance instill fear in the men of Israel.

David unexpectedly offered to fight Goliath and actually killed him using only his sling shot and a pouch full of stones. Three artists depicted this biblical story in the Renaissance and those artists were Michael Angelo, Donatello, and Bernini. Donatello’s depiction of David best illustrates the story of David. Michael Angelo’s David was reminiscent of Greek classical sculpture. His David has a look of contemplation, almost like he was in deep though about to contemplate his near future.

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Michael Angelo’s sculpture was probably meant to depict David before he killed goliath and the fear he felt before he fought the giant. His David is Reminiscent of Greek sculpture and their practice of idealism. Idealism was the expression of what the artist thought to be perfection of human the human form. David stands in the Greek contropostal standing position in which his weight is shifted opposite of his shoulder, this makes sculpture look more naturalistic. Donatello’s David differs form Michael Angelo’s in that it is probably a more realistic depiction of what David actually looked like.David was young and inept in comparison to the soldiers who fought in the battle at Jerusalem.

That’s why his defeat of Goliath was impressive. Donatello’s sculpture of David is a bronze sculpture of a young boy, he even looks a little feminine, standing on top of Goliaths head with an assured expression on his face. Donatello’s sculptures intent is more obvious than the intention than Michael Angelo’s. Donatello’s David was sculpted to represent David as a young, almost arrogant David, after his triumphant and unlikely defeat.The last David to be compared from the Renaissance is Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bernini’s depiction of David is different from both Michael Angelo’s and Donatello’s. Bernini’s David is also reminiscent of Greek classical sculpture but, unlike Michael Angelo’s David and Donatello’s David, this David is in motion.

Bernini’s David captures a moment in time. David’s body is contorted as he swings his slingshot towards Goliath. His face looks as if he is in deep concentration.

It’s obvious by the determined look on his face that he is certain to hit his target. His body looks muscular and powerful.Donatello’s interpretation of David is the most accurate sculpture that could be used to narrate the story of David. The smug look on David’s face, his youthfulness, and his lack of muscles, are the best features that could have been used to narrate the story of David through sculpture. Michael Angelo’s David though makes one question the subject’s intent, is not an accurate depiction of what David looked like. Bernini’s depiction of David, though progressive in the sense of him sculpting David in motion, is not an accurate depiction due to the masculinity of the subject.