Demand for hotels of all types from little guesthouses to boutique, state house and big commercial belongingss have been so strong that in many countries of the UK it far exceeded supply.

This has led to a rise in demand for hotels. Birmingham country is non excluded from this as the metropolis has seen a crisp addition in the figure of tourers and boasts a rich high-end patronage market. The metropolis is the 2nd most populated in England with a population of over two million. It is besides the 3rd largest fiscal Centre in U.

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K with over 100,000 people working in the service sector. It is besides place to Britain ‘s largest Bankss Lloyds and Midland Bank, it is besides among the best topographic points in Europe locate a concern and those grounds have led to the increasing demand for adjustment and conference suites ( Chinn, 1994 ) .The construct of a modern-day hotel is preponderantly the general map for how the hotel will run into the demands and outlooks of its awaited market.

A hotel operation ‘s theoretical account is articulated in legion ways, including its bill of fare, interior ornament, type of service, pricing, and site. Concept growing means developing a map for the achievement of the hotel concern in its market in progress of truly intriguing allow entirely constructing the hotel. It is usual for some bourgeoiss to believe about a new eating house or, in fact, to get down a new eating house devoid of cognizing what type of cordial reception venture will hold the best likeliness of wining. The possible capitalist may hold some venture money, a site, or an thought in head, and a great sum of involvement for the hotel concern, but may non really have contemplated through the entire thought of the operation. Sorry to state, involvement and great nutrient merchandises are merely half of the achievement equation. The other portion of the achievement equation is the market. Concept development semen before the definite design of the cordial reception venture because the hotel design group must cognize the demand, bill of fare, and hours of operation, and non burying the manner of service will be ( Henry & A ; Passmore, 1999 ) .

The client who most frequently comes to the nutrient constitutions design expert for aid with thought development is the single hotel proprietor. The hotel enterpriser usually organizes a steadfast consisting of a little figure of local business people and so starts to construct up a construct that will eventually go a separate hotel. The hit or failure of the concern endeavor often depends on how sound the thought was designed and how all right the program was followed.

The growing of foodservice constructs for hotels has evolved in recent old ages from the traditional position that considered the nutrient and drink section as ineluctable to the modern thought that the nutrient and drink section is an of import net income centre ( Johnson, et al. , 2008 ) . Some big hotels have nutrient and drink gross revenues of over $ 35 million per twelvemonth, an sum that exceeds room gross revenues and creates in direction a high outlook of net income from these two sections.The Green Hotel in metropolis of Birmingham will develop a construct for its first category rooftop eating house that goes beyond the thought of a foodservice installation as a net income centre. The hotel will hold luxury dining suites and will be marketed to the metropolis of Birmingham every bit good as to hotel invitees. The decor will be exquisite ; the nutrient served with genius and showmanship, and the full subject captures the imaginativeness of the metropolis ‘s occupants. The construct will be developed with such success that the hotel will be expected to hold legion invitees doing reserves. Green Hotel construct will be an first-class illustration of the executing of a hotel dining construct that complements the hotel itself every bit good as draws a important figure of invitees from the community.

Hotel directors have known for many old ages that hotels must hold certain desirable characteristics if they are to be successful. These characteristics include Availability of parking, alone subject, or decor, Strong publicity to the community, and a bill of fare and a method of service that are typical ( Yeung, 1998 ) .

Site Choice

E. M. Statler ‘s celebrated quotation mark, “ The three most of import things for the success of a hotel are location, location, and location, ” is surely true for many foodservice installations.

A ill located eating house will surely see a low degree of gross revenues, and a java store in a hotel may lose a important sum of concern unless it has easy entree both to the hotel invitees and to street traffic. On a college campus, pupils typically will choose convenience as the primary ground for eating in a peculiar nutrient installation. Avoiding high rent by choosing inconvenient location or out of the mainstream of pes or car traffic is normally a bad determination. A location on the immediate left or right of an entryway to a shopping promenade is frequently considered a hapless location for a nutrient installation, because the typical promenade client demands first to come in the promenade and so look around for interesting topographic points to shop and or eat ( Fainstein, 1994 ) .Site choice includes the computation of pes traffic, car counts, and distance to go as a portion of the feasibleness survey procedure. Other considerations for site choice are: Ocular acknowledgment.

The hotel must be seen easy by possible clients and the visual aspect of the exterior of the installation must pass on the character and construct of the dining experience indoors. Convenience: The developers of a hotel, in which the client has antecedently made a determination to dine, must see parking, an attractive entryway, gentleman parking, and safe milieus as of import site choice standards. Code limitations: Site choice may affect local codification demands for reverse from the street, parking capacity, street entree, or the acceptableness of a nutrient installation in a peculiar vicinity. Normally these codification demands are available from the technology or metropolis planning office of the municipality where the nutrient installation will be located. Environmental issues: In suburban countries, the development of an attractive site for a foodservice installation may infringe on wetlands or adversely affect H2O overflow in nearby vicinities.

In older, urban countries, sites may hold antecedently been used for industrial and fabrication procedures that left unsafe stuffs in the land. Environmental factors such as these are progressively of import to the site choice procedure because they present extra costs ( Zeithaml, & A ; Bitner, 2003 ) .Puting all those factors into consideration, the green hotel is expected to be located in the Chamberlain square, following to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This location is really convenient and has a high traffic flow hence bring forthing clients to the hotel.

The hotel expects to acquire a big portion of the tourers sing the museum and art gallery. Its close propinquity to the Airport is besides expected to add to its competitory advantage, the Green Hotel construct is expected to be a hotel of its sort in the metropolis. The hotel will be an eco-friendly installation merely as the name suggests. The hotel will follow with the preservation criterions, its design and edifice stuffs are expected to do it easy recognizable. The installation is expected to adhere to the environmental issues both during building and in its operations. The selected site is convenient and in a safe surrounding which will play a major function in client satisfaction. An ample modern-day parking will be developed to provide for the hotels invitees, as the hotel mark market is the high patronage ( Parasuraman, et al. , 1998 ) .

The green hotel will purely adhere to the regulations and ordinances of the metropolis. This will affect local codification demands for reverse from the street, parking capacity, street entree, or the acceptableness of a nutrient installation in a peculiar vicinity. Normally these codification demands are available from the technology or metropolis planning office of the municipality where the nutrient installation will be located.

Necessary legal paperss will be obtained from the County Council and the set regulations and ordinances adhered. This will assist avoid unneeded costs that may be incurred due to failure to follow with the set regulations.

Feasibility survey

This survey is normally carried out to set up whether the hotel will return a net income to the proprietors. The hotel must be under a good direction and must hold a return on investing. The survey is categorized into two viz.

market feasibleness and fiscal feasibleness surveies. The market feasibleness study focal points on the income statement and is conducted to find whether grosss are sufficient to bring forth a net income. The fiscal feasibleness survey focuses on the balance sheet and is conducted to find whether maintained net incomes ( derived from net income ) will be sufficient to fulfill the proprietors ‘ outlooks for a return on their investing.

Market feasibleness survey

The degree of gross revenues grosss the Green hotel will be expected to bring forth. This truly can non be known until the operation has opened. The market feasibleness survey efforts to project the gross revenues degree for the operation before investors have committed their financess to buy belongings, concept a edifice, and engage a squad of employees.

The gross revenues gross for the hotel is a map of two factors over an appropriate period: the figure of clients and the monetary value they paid. Sales=PriceA- Quantity ( Bowie & A ; Buttler, 2004 ) . Market feasibleness surveies therefore have to explicate gross revenues estimations from two separate projections: How many clients will at that place be? How much will each client spend? These two estimations are interrelated through the simple economic rule that demand is more or less a map of monetary value. Market feasibleness surveies can be conducted either to prove the feasibleness of an established foodservice construct or to develop new foodservice constructs that would be appropriate for a given market. Understanding the Birmingham metropolis ‘s occupants demographic informations is really of import in foretelling the hotel ‘s guest behaviour. The Green Hotel construct will pull high-end patronage and concern professionals who have adequate disposable income. The hotel construct will include modern-day conference halls fitted with up to day of the month engineering hence pulling most of the concern travellers sing the metropolis for concern or other grounds.

The prevalent economic clime of the environing community has an of import impact on the market feasibleness of the hotel. The occupants and visitants of the metropolis have equal disposable income significance that the hotel will hold many clients. The planetary economic system is besides turning after the diminution and this means more people will go to the metropolis and will necessitate adjustment services. The green hotel construct will be designed to offer high grade of perceived value instead than high monetary values. Economic projections obtained from the chamber of commercialism clearly show that the hotel has a more than adequate clients should the construct be good implemented.

Traffic counts obtained besides show the handiness of possible clients for the hotel. Another of import facet is the handiness of demand generators ; the Green Hotel location gives it close propinquity to several demand generators such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, airdrome, shopping promenades, and featuring installations ( Hassanien & A ; Losekoot, 2002 ) .A competitory analysis is important to the market feasibleness survey because the local market potency for a given construct must be shared among all of the rivals. The Birmingham country has many different hotels though aiming different markets. However, there is stiff competition for the high patronage market in the country but the Green construct has several competitory advantages. This ranges from offering high quality services, different monetary values and bill of fare that beat what the rivals are offering. Competitive analysis will assist the hotel in finding its portion of the market and the alone merchandising points against the rivals. Marketing feasibleness surveies gives the proprietors or investors understanding every bit good as the assurance to get down a concern ( Porter, 1980 ) .

Fiscal feasibleness survey

This involves the fiscal projections of the proposed new hotel ; different people will hold different grounds for desiring the projections. For case, the banker will be looking in portion for the ratio of invested capital to borrowed capital. The banker may besides desire to cognize the sum of operating hard currency and the hard currency flow from gross revenues that will be involved in the operation. The director needs to cognize what his or her budget is and what the outlook of the proprietors is refering net income and loss. The director and the banker likely will non be utilizing the same fiscal studies and projections, but they surely will be acquiring their information from the same original beginning, which likely will be the fiscal feasibleness survey. In the fiscal feasibleness survey, two basic paperss the jutting balance sheet and the pro forma profit-and-loss statement normally are prepared, along with other back uping studies and agendas. A good lineation of the sort of information that must be projected can be made by analyzing the line points on each of these paperss.After finishing the market and fiscal feasibleness surveies and showing them to bankers and possible investors, the proprietors can do a good judgement as to the possible success of the nutrient installation undertaking.

Further contacts with zoning boards, spirits licence bureaus, and other municipal groups will convey the undertaking to a point of determination. The accretion of the informations contained in the feasibleness surveies together with encouragement or disheartenment from loaners, investors, and municipal bureaus will take the proprietor to the first go/no-go determination. In other words, if the undertaking looks financially sound, the market is identified, a demand for the foodservice exists, and the capital is gettable, the determination to travel in front can be made ( Medlik, 2000 ) . If one or more elements of the go/no-go determination are unsure, there are three alternate classs to research. The first is to rectify the job country that has been identified. Is the installation excessively big? Are the labour costs excessively high? Is the bill of fare incorrect for the market? Is the competition excessively strong in the immediate trading country?

Green Hotel Concept Development to guarantee client satisfaction

A successful hotel construct combines several elements in the development, which include, market, financess, bill of fare, method of executing and disposal ( Atkinson, 1988 ) .

The Green Hotel will unite all these basicss in order to achieve the preferable consequences and be a leader in the cordial reception industry. MarketThis will be really important to the success of the hotel as it is in this phase that the hotel must acknowledge its mark market. The Green Hotel construct expects to aim concern travellers and other back terminal patronage. This market is justifiable in the metropolis of Birmingham as it is a concern busyness in Europe hosting Britain ‘s largest Bankss Lloyds and Midland Bank, and this fiscal Centre employs over 100,000 people. This means that there are a big figure of concern travellers and the life criterions of the occupants are high. This implies that the market is large plenty to bring forth considerable gross revenues and gain a net income. The hotel expects to pass on alone service quality to the clients ; word of oral cavity is expected to be of great importance in marketing the hotel. A quality confidence program will be developed to promote return concern and make client trueness.

The construct will be developed in conformity with the market research conducted. This will be a competitory advantage as other large hotels in the metropolis conduct the market analysis and so neglect to move based on the information obtained ( Loosemore, & A ; Hsin, 2001 ) .MenuThe importance of the bill of fare to the design of the nutrient installation can non be overemphasized. The topic of bill of fare authorship is excessively wide to be addressed adequately in a book on foodservice installations design. The proprietor or director is encouraged to seek extra beginnings of information as a portion of the procedure of developing a bill of fare for a new or renovated nutrient operation. The bill of fare has a enormous influence on the design and success of a nutrient operation. From a design and layout position, these are merely some of the factors determined by the bill of fare: Sum of infinite required: A complex bill of fare requires more infinite to fix than a limited or simple bill of fare because separate workstations and extra equipment are necessary ( Cooper, 1999 ) . Service country size and design: The greater the figure of menu points, the more country required for service.

Dishwashing country size and dish machine capacity: Complex bill of fares frequently require multiple home bases, dishes, and utensils, so the dishwashing country and machine capacity will necessitate to be greater than in the instance of simple bill of fare. Types of cooking equipment: Complex bill of fare require multiple types of equipment, particularly in the concluding readying country, where it may be necessary to steam, and Fry, bake, grilling, and sautA? e. Equipment capacity: Limited bill of fare may necessitate comparatively few pieces of equipment but with big capacities. Complex bill of fare may necessitate many different types of equipment with comparatively little capacities. Size of dry and refrigerated storage countries: Complex bill of fare may necessitate larger storage countries to keep the par stocks necessary to run into demand.

Number of employees: Simple bill of fares require fewer employees than complex bill of fare ( Cousins et al. , 2002 ) . Amount of investing required: When big or complex bill of fare require more equipment, infinite, and employees, costs rise. Harmonizing to its mark, market the Green Hotel construct will hold complex bill of fares as opposed to a simple bill of fare this will give the invitees a assortment to take from hence more opportunities of client satisfaction ( Dimitriades, 2006 ) .MoneyThis is the following of import component that is needed for successfully developing a wining hotel construct. There has to be adequate financess for ; purchasing necessary equipment, edifice costs, decor, get down up and operating costs and furniture cost. These financess should be identified and committed prior to be aftering.

The green hotel construct expects to hold a well laid out fiscal projections that will assist acquire the necessary support from investors and other loaners ( Davis et al. , 2008 ) .Management:The quality of the direction of the foodservice operation will be the most of import component in accomplishing success.

The green hotel must make up one’s mind the individual who will run it and he/she must hold equal experience and professional cognition to take such a installation. The wage of the assorted employees will be good stipulated in the construct. There will besides be motive bundles for the employees in order to accomplish quality service bringing ( Loftman & A ; Nevin, 1996 ) .

The construct will find the organisational construction and the sort of direction squad that will be used to run the nutrient installation. The successful eating house frequently is owned and operated by one person whose personality becomes a portion of the invitees ‘ dining experience. In contrast, the direction of the nutrient and drink section of a hotel may be under the control of more than one individual and normally is portion of a more complex organisational squad.

In this instance, the policies and processs of the nutrient installation should be described in an operations manual to guarantee consistent execution of direction policy ( Lockwood & A ; Medlik, 2002 ) . From the point of position of the investor or the institutional disposal, the direction of a nutrient installation must follow traditional direction rules of good communicating, strong controls, and sound forces dealingss irrespective of the figure of people runing the installation. The operational doctrine and specific direction guidelines to be used in foodservice operations must be carefully considered by the investors in a foodservice installation.Methods of executingThe last measure in construct development involves operational affairs. Although the gap day of the month might look to be in the distant hereafter to the individual be aftering a nutrient installation, determinations about operating methods must be made during the construct development stage on affairs such as production methods, control systems, and forces ( Capon, 2004 ) .

In conformity with the mark market, the construct will use modern production methods and as such, the size of the kitchen will hold to be large plenty to keep the equipments plus the employees. The hotel will hold different control systems in countries such as ; gross revenues, hard currency, nutrient production, infrigidation and storage room, quality, buying and receiving, part and labour control.Finally, blessing of the new hotel will be complicated and really affecting as it touches across several sections. Delaies are so inevitable as the developer is eager to open the hotel for the clients.

The solution to obtaining necessary blessings for a complex undertaking like the green hotel is to develop a comprehensive checklist, in which each member of the planning squad ( designer, applied scientists, foodservice adviser, fiscal advisers, attorneies, etc. ) submits a list of necessary bureaus and deadlines. After day of the months are recorded, one individual serves as the coordinator of the blessing procedure. Typical blessing bureaus involved in foodservice undertakings include districting board, Health section, Municipal applied scientists, City contriver, Fire marshal, Liquor control board, Telephone Company, State, or federal bureaus ( Lee-Ross, D.

& A ; Lashley, C. ( 2008 ) .


This paper examines the feasibleness of a modern-day hotel construct in the Birmingham country. The survey carried out clearly shows that there is a feasible hotel construct in the metropolis Centre that would aim the high-end patronage and concern travellers sing the part. The survey starts with an scrutiny of the metropolis and the environing to place the best location for the hotel.

It has been noted that the site choice has much to make with the success of the hotel. Selling and fiscal feasibleness surveies are usually requested by fiscal establishments before they make the committednesss to offer any financess. Concept development for hotels and other establishments is presently a important phase in planning.

Finally, bureau blessings may be thwarting but are really utile in avoiding architectural and safety jobs for protection of the community.