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The collaborative fact-finding study conducted by the New York Times and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is an eye-opener on the existent state of affairs of 1000s of employees working for elephantine industrial corporations. On the exterior. it seems that American work force is decidedly more fortunate compared to those who take employment in developing states. The general populace is made to believe that every employee in the US is treated reasonably and with regard. But with this docudrama. the truth has been exposed. For several old ages. the McWane Corporation has been actively involved in lending to the promotion of the US economic system.

However. this economic accomplishment comes with a monetary value. Unfortunately. the indirect harm in this endeavor for pecuniary net income comes in the bundle of the human resources. Ironically. this peculiar organisational constituent is deemed to be the most of import factor in the achievement of success in any company. A concern would non work without its employees and frailty versa. This natural and logical rhythm has ever been apparent in the concern universe. However. in the instance of McWane. their workers were treated as if they were indispensable.

As a consequence. workss owned by McWane holds the record for the highest figure of misdemeanors sing safety in the workplace. Looking closely on these challenging and dismaying facts about America’s workplace safety and the government’s attempts to reenforce the protection and security of the public assistance of the employees. it can non be helped to doubt the justness and labour system in the US. Based on the interviews and the histories of former employees of McWane. it can be surmised that there is a calculated effort to compromise safety for the interest of increasing productiveness which will finally take to a important encouragement in McWane’s grosss.

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Besides. the authorities is really indulgent in penalizing companies that violate safety ordinances because they are afraid that punishing a human dynamo company can direct a negative message to other corporations which could drastically impact the economic system of the state. The quandary here is whether to look after the planetary position of a state or paying attending to the common good of the bulk. Meanwhile. workers are belittled by the top direction because they think that workers can be easy replaced.

They know that people can non populate without work because common persons need to prolong their ways of life with money. Companies exploit this state of affairs wherein they make people feel they need any occupation every bit long as they will be paid so that they can be able to afford their chosen life styles. Because of this. many workers were injured. incapacitated and even died while on responsibility at their several workplaces due to the disregard of direction. lenience of the authorities and the physique up on the dependence on pecuniary compensations.