Last updated: August 14, 2019
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The story is about this man called Murphy and he is catholic who has emigrated form Ireland.

He got a wife who named Felicity. They are both factory workers and they are going to have a baby together. One day when Felicity is at work, Murphy got an unexpected visit from his brother and a Commanding Officer. He hasn’t seen his brother for the last 3 years and his family doesn’t know about that Murphy has got married because Felicity is an English non-catholic girl.Murphy’s brother and the Commanding Officer are at Murphy’s house because they want Murphy to stand in and become a solider for the Army.

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And they are telling him that some of their family already are dead over there in Ireland. At the same day, two policemen from the English secret police came by and they also knew that his brother and the Commanding Officer had been there. They want him to co-operate with them for the Active Service Unit and they want him to report everything he learns there.Murphy don’t want to do those things, he just want’s to be whit his wife.

So he doesn’t know what he shall do. 2. Murphy’s dilemma Murphy got in to a dilemma where he’s going to choose between; 1. His new family, with a wife and their expecting baby, he can get a normal life where he is happy and got a great future. 2. To help his brother and the Commanding Officer in the Army, see his family again in Ireland, come to his sister’s funeral and fight for a country with war.

But if he goes with them, he wouldn’t have that many money and he will be afraid and if he goes he will get firing from his job and not see his baby being born. 3. Help two policemen from the Special Branch with report all the staff he learns from Active Service Unit. If he doesn’t want to go, he will get killed, his brother will be arrested and his wife will be alone with their new born baby.