Last updated: July 20, 2019
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A robot vacuum cleaner, a lot of people known in a robot Vac is an automatic robot vacuum cleaner that has super smart programming and a vacuum cleaning system. It was created to make people comfortable but it does not clean equivalent well to humans.    Robot vacuum cleaner uses a self-drive mode which allowed the machine to auto cleaning without human control. The features of this product, it is a small circle machine and it has a sensor that will detect a dust and go to that place to clean it by vacuuming. It moves by two rollers below the body.                 Some designs of this product, they add a special option such as mopping, UV sterilization, etc. Apart from vacuuming it can make protect you from the bacteria. This product is sound good for humanity in the present because, for most people, time is very important so if you have this machine, moreover you will save a time you also can save the money to hire a maid. This product will really make you convenient but it still has limitations. It is a robotic VAC is automatically so it has to use batteries and you have to charge it. It is an intelligent programming but it also has a problem because it can’t clean a small detail.     The robot Vac has a Roomba, it is a compact and useful robotic vacuum cleaner that it will scan and move by itself. Like a normal cleaner, it will pick up dust with spinning brushes and a vacuum. A Roomba work is like There’s a side-mounted, flailing brush that pushes the dirt underneath the machine and, once there, two more counter-rotating brushes up dirt and directs it toward the power vacuum, which sucks it into a little storage bin Unlike a normal cleaner, Roomba moves itself around your room with two large tractor-style wheels, each one driven by a separate electric motor. The summary is, Roomba is a vacuum cleaning robot.   The first robot cleaner that has been created was Electrolux Trilobite. It made by Swedish company that is a professional appliances manufacturer. The Electrolux Trilobite is a robotic vacuum cleaner manufactured that has made by the  Electrolux corporation Electrolux. It takes its name from the extinct animal, which that live in the deep ocean. The prototype cleaner was first seen on the BBC television program, that call Tomorrow’s World, in May 1996, when it was show present by Philippa Forrester. It was the world’s first product autonomous vacuum cleaner that has sell and introduced in 2001. A modified was released as version 2.0, by revision was to these versions as ZA1 and ZA2 in 2004.   In the conclusion, the robotic vacuum cleaner or Robot Vac has created since many years ago and it has developed until now. A purpose of this product is to make comfort to people. It has a lot of mode and system inside. It has an intelligent programming but it has a percent chance of error. It can clean by don’t need human control but it can’t clean equal to the human. It can clean only on the floor so it can save your time for few. If you buy a brand that not has few option maybe it can’t do anything moreover than vacuuming but if you buy an expensive brand you will get a more stable and more system option. Robot Vac is good in soft cleaning and small debris but for a more thorough cleaning, you might want to consider a bigger vacuum cleaner.    Therefore, the robotic vacuum cleaner is a robotics machine that will help you to save a time and save some money. You will not clean a floor by yourself or hire a maid ever.