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When you are looking for a scenic and exciting topographic point to host a meeting, A Overland Park is the topographic point you want to be. Ranked 9th on Money Magazine ‘s 2008 list of “ America ‘s Best Topographic points to Populate ” , visitants to Overland Park can bask 100s of urban attractive forces in a vivacious suburban puting full of great eating houses, all right shopping and one of the state ‘s most dynamic corporate centres, welcoming 2.3 million visitants yearly.

A alone characteristic of Overland Park is the 78 community Parkss with stat mis of exciting hike and biking trails that offer a relaxing attack to researching the metropolis. The popular Indian Creek Trail runs about 17 stat mis and makes a all-around excursion with the interplay among natural wooded countries and more extremely trafficked infinites such as ball Fieldss, tennis tribunals and nearby retail stores. The trails are designed for hike, jogging, biking and skating. Any type of non-motorized rhythm can be used on the trails and Canis familiariss are allowed on tethers.

For athleticss fans, there is no go throughing up the Overland Park Soccer Complex. As the largest association football composite of its sort in the U.S. , this site spans an impressive 96 estates with 12 lit man-made Fieldss that stay busy twelvemonth unit of ammunition. This locale offers 1,100 square pess of meeting and event infinite along with free Wi-Fi. Basketball and tennis tribunals within the complex offer an athletic option to association football and for invitees with an appetency the Complex boasts 3 ‘Corner Kick Cafes ‘ having health-conscious bill of fare. The Soccer Complex makes an ideal meeting infinite for a assortment of athletic events.

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The gorgeous 300-acre Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is one of the true high spots of this charming metropolis. Open year-round with a myriad of sites for every season, this site captivates nature lovers and art partisans likewise with placid wood-chip trails, over 75 species of trees and more than 200 species of birds, an one-year Arboretum Sculpture Exhibition, Arts in the Arboretum, vacation events and more. Additional belongings features a 16,000 square pes visitant ‘s centre, an 8,000 square pes conservatory, both circuit and installation rental adjustments, and an copiousness of run intoing infinite for groups of any size.

Headlining Overland Park ‘s large-scale installations is the state-of-the-art OP Convention Center with a sprawling 237,000 square-feet of various event infinite. Imagine hosting your event in one of the Convention Center ‘s attractively landscaped multi-level courtyards, or in the singular 60,000-sq.ft. exhibit hall. For an facile feast, invitees can bask keen service in the 25,000-sq. ft. dance hall. Extra meeting suites, pre-function countries and a climate-controlled paseo to 20,000-sq. ft. of auxiliary meeting and feast infinite at the 20-story, 412-room Overland Park Sheraton Hotel at The Convention Center country available to finish all your event adjustments.

Overland Park ‘s Historic Downtown offers urban-style life in a voguish suburban community and combines the country ‘s most alone and eclectic mix of shopping, dining, and amusement. This quintessential territory hustles with activity throughout the twelvemonth, lodging the country ‘s largest husbandman ‘s market, multiple festivals, music events, a all right humanistic disciplines theatre, and much more.

Frequently distinguished with national awards, concern and quality of life rankings, Overland Park is a convenient gateway to Kansas City, Missouri and easy accessible by air and major main roads. The Kansas International Airport is about 30 stat mis from the bosom of Overland Park and offers a host of transit options into the metropolis including birds, hacks, limousines and charter coachs. Visitors driving to Overland Park can easy turn up the metropolis utilizing Highway 69, besides known as the “ Overland Parkway ” , and going in and about town is made effortless with options among rental autos, hacks, Johnson County Transit and hotel birds. With a broad scope of attractive forces from scenic Parkss and upscale dinner theatre to chic shopping dress shops, this booming metropolis in America ‘s Heartland is an ideal location for your following meeting or event.

About Overland Park / Additional Information

Located in the Southwest quarter-circle of the Kansas City tube with an estimated 200,000 occupants, Overland Park is the 2nd most thickly settled metropolis in Kansas and a criterion among national evaluations for quality of life, instruction, low-cost lodging, entreaty to concerns, and population growing. Still considered a immature community in many ways, the metropolis takes a mature attack to life, sustainability, and lending.

As place to a smattering of human dynamo corporations such as Sprint Nextel, Embarq, Applebee ‘s, and more, Overland Park offers visitants a assortment of popular attractive forces suited to big groups, corporate meetings and upscale events.

For an exciting and memorable dining experience, The New Theatre Restaurant serves up metropolitan dash with an impressive 600 place dinner theatre hosting Broadway manner dramas on a unrecorded phase. This arresting theater characteristics productions such as The Sound of Music and the pre-Broadway tally Last Romance, and looks frontward to a batting order of many other all right public presentations. Visitors can happen current season public presentations, box office information, a peep behind the scenes and information on particular event agreements at

Patrons of the humanistic disciplines will besides bask Overland Park ‘s Carlson Center. Home to 4 distinguishable theatrical infinites, this public presentation locale seats up to 1,341 in the Yardley Hall ‘s OrA­chestra, Tier, Balconies, and Box subdivisions. The moderate-sized Polsky Theatre, designed for the spoken voice, seats 410 on two separate degrees, while the smaller Black Box Theatre seats 100. The 4th and smallest Recital theater hosts narrations, finishing this dramatic site that offers 250 events per twelvemonth, including internationally celebrated creative persons in music, dance, theatre, comedy and opera public presentations having famous person names and diverse civilizations. The Carlson Center is unfastened from 10a.m.- 5p.m. , MondayA – Friday, and agreements can be made for group attending and rates.

For more information contact: 913-469-4445

Another favourite in Overland Park, Cinzetti ‘s Italian Restaurant exceeds dining outlooks with 450 place eating house crafted after an Italian Piazza and is a top pick for big groups. Menu choices are made from abrasion and semen with individual repast monetary values runing from $ 8.99 to $ 14.99. Tender BBQ ribs are offered Friday through Sunday and kids dine free Monday and Tuesday darks. Cinzetti ‘s besides serves a fabulous brunch at merely $ 13.99 per individual. Reservations are accepted and there are private suites for big groups.

For more information 913-642-0101

Entertain groups of all sizes at Famous Johnny ‘s Comedy Club, an ideal locale for feasts, responses, corporate joints, meetings, parties and more! The nine features a big phase, full audio/visual capableness, broadband entree, amusement and engineering staff plus catering, doing this locale more than suited for a assortment of corporate events. For those merely in for the comedy, show times are 8:00pm Wednesday, 8:00pm Thursday, 7:45pm Friday, 9:45pm Friday, 7:45pm Saturday, 9:45pm Saturday, and 8:00pm Sunday. Reservations encouraged.

For more information 913-648-5233

With Kansas farm life bit by bit going a past clip, the Deanna Rose Farmstead has become a living bequest to the saving of Kansas farming so metropolis occupants and visitants can larn firsthand the hoarded wealths of farming. From the odor of hay to milking cattles and garnering eggs, the Farmstead is a educational and recreational attractive force crossing 12 estates of farming area and welcoming 350,000 visitants a twelvemonth. Additional attractive forces within the Farmstead include gardens and a caressing menagerie, pigmy caprine animal eating and fishing, pony drives and more. Tour reserves are accepted for groups up to 40 people and pre-booking of party cow pens for big group assemblages is accepted.

The Farmstead is unfastened from April through October, from 9AM to 5PM daily. Drawn-out hours until 8PM are effectual Tuesdays and Thursdays during summer.

For more information 913-897-2360

Nestled in America ‘s Heartland with an estimated population of 180,000, this scenic satellite metropolis of Kansas City, Missouri, is best known for excellence in quality of life and most late, the scene for the Showtime series The United States of Tara. With an copiousness of things to make and see, first category adjustments and astonishing event locales, Overland Park is a winning finish for meetings, conventions and events of every assortment.

Overland Park Key Stats for Meeting Planners

Overland Park: Geography and Climate

Overland Park is located in the sub-basin of the Missouri River and is straight situated in the passage country between turn overing green hills and the eastern border of the Great Plains. Silt sedimentations from Ice Age glaciers contribute to the rich agricultural history of Kansas, and the weaving Missouri River has softened the surface of one of the more geologically stable countries in the United States. Overland Park itself is perched on a bluff above Kansas City, protecting it from periodic inundations.

The part experiences warm, somewhat humid summers that can surround on hot, and winters are notably chilly thanks to the humidness degree, though precipitation is moderate. The warmest month of the twelvemonth is July with an mean maximal temperature of 89.40 grades Fahrenheit, while the coldest month of the twelvemonth is January with an mean minimal temperature of 19.90 grades Fahrenheit.

Temperature fluctuations between dark and twenty-four hours tend to be moderate during summer with a difference that can make 21 grades Fahrenheit, and reasonably limited during winter with an mean difference of 19 grades Fahrenheit.

The one-year mean precipitation at Overland Park is 40.17 inches. Rain in is reasonably equally distributed throughout the twelvemonth. The wettest month of the twelvemonth is May with an mean rainfall of 5.41 inches.

Late spring to early summer is considered the optimal clip to see Overland Park with temperatures in the low to mid 70s – perfect for basking out-of-door attractive forces.

Elevation: 1,000 pess above sea degree

Average Temperatures: January, 29.0A° F ; July, 79.2A° F ; one-year norm, 56.75A° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 40.17 inches of rain ; 20 inches of snow.

Overland Park Venues of Interest

Historic Downtown Overland Park

Nestled merely off Metcalf between 78th and 83rd streets in the bosom of Overland Park, Historic Downtown Overland Park is an built-in portion of our community ‘s heritage. Set on the historic Santa Fe Trail, downtown Overland originally bustled with horse-drawn traffic, the celebrated Steam Electric Interurban Railroad Line, crushed rock streets, a dance hall, eating house, dry goods shop, blacksmith store, Aviation Park and other popular attractive forces that former dwellers enjoyed daily.

Today this popular territory is still full of life, functioning as place to the Downtown Overland Park Farmers Market, Clock Tower Series Concerts, and 300 locally owned and operated stores. Guests can pass the twenty-four hours perusing including restaurants, old-timers, art and gift galleries, forte stores, and assorted concern services.

For more information 913-642-2222

Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Open year-round with a myriad of sites for every season, the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens features 300 estates filled with exuberant gardens, stat mis of wood bit boosting trails, over 75 species of trees and more than 200 species of birds. It is besides place to an one-year Arboretum Sculpture Exhibition and an copiousness of educational resources for invitees to bask.

Dedicated to maintaining the metropolis at the head of environmental and ecological issues, 85 per centum of the belongings at this metropolis attractive force is utilized for the saving and Restoration of eight natural ecosystems. Additional belongings houses the traditional botanical gardens, a 16,000-square pes visitant ‘s centre, an 8,000-square pes conservatory, and care countries.

The Arboretum hosts particular one-year events including spring and autumn works gross revenues, Humanistic disciplines in the Arboretum and the Holiday Luminary Walk. * Tours are available along with installation leases for particular events.

For more information 913-685-3604

Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical gardens are unfastened day-to-day April 10 to September 30, from 8AM to 7:30PM, and daily, October 1 to April 9, from 8AM to 5PM. Admission is free.

New Theatre Restaurant

The New Theatre Restaurant is a delicious add-on to Overland Park offering dinner and Broadway manner dramas on a unrecorded phase – and an oculus for enterprises to give back to the community. With an animating committedness to the freshness of the nutrient served at this locale, the New Theatre Restaurant donates all spoilables non served by the terminal of the dark to Harvester ‘s Community Food Network. Annually, this sums to about 105,000 lbs of nutrient or approximately 80,500 repasts for persons and households in demand in the greater Kansas City country.

For the current season batting order, box office information, a peep behind the scenes and particular event agreements, 913-649-SHOW ( 7469 )

Overland Park Soccer Complex

The Overland Park Soccer Complex is an impressive 96-acre locale and the lone one of its sort in the United States. Among its many alone characteristics, are 12 lighted, ordinance size man-made sod Fieldss, digital scoreboards, free WiFi and three grant bases. The Soccer Complex hosts local, regional and national tourneies and Fieldss can be configured to suit a assortment of events. Meeting contrivers are peculiarly pleased with this site ‘s close propinquity to hotels, eating houses, retail shopping countries and other country attractive forces.

The Soccer Complex is a year-around all conditions locale with a multi-purpose field house complete with meeting suites. Meeting infinites, full and half Fieldss are available, all twenty-four hours or by the hr, seven yearss a hebdomad, from 7AM to 11PM.

For more information 913-685-1512

Overland Park Restaurants

Jack Stack BarbecueA

Jack Stack stands for a 50-year tradition of singular barbeque. Recognized as the state ‘s best barbeque by the esteemed Zagat study, this savory restaurant characteristics pork babe back ribs and Kansas City Strip steak along with all the ingredients, including adust beans, murphy salad and creamy coleslaw. With signature hickory-fired brick ovens and superior moist and flavourful meats, Jack Stack shatters outlooks of how good barbeque can be.

Jack Stacks welcomes big groups. Guests enjoy tiffin and dinner Monday through Thursday from 11AM-10PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM-10:30PM, and Sunday 11AM – 9PM. in a broad dining atmosphere, along with a full-service saloon. For more information 913-385-7427

NoRTH – Modern Italian Cuisine

For an upscale ambiance available for private parties, concern meetings or particular occasions, – choose NoRTH! Guests enjoy modern Italian favourites like Crisp Calamari with rocket and broiled lemons ( $ 11 ) , Grilled Chiabatta salad ( $ 12 ) , Fennel Sausage and Caramelized Onion pizza ( $ 12 ) , or a Fork N ‘ Knife Meatball & A ; Mozzarella sandwich ( $ 9 ) and more. Visitors relax in a voguish Italian trattoria forA tiffin and dinner seven yearss a hebdomad from 11AM. to 10PM, and Friday and Saturday from 11AM to 11PM.

For more information 913-232-5191aˆZA A A A A A A

Houlihan ‘s

From Tuna bathed in Mirin butter sauce with Asiatic slaw to Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas or Calamari with chipotle garlic sauce, Houlihans has it all! In 2002 the one time insouciant dining constitution broke off from the battalion with a entire transmutation through new leading, new thoughts and new inspiration. The consequence was a newfound connexion with the consumer bolstered by new bill of fares, new cutter, new architecture, and new manner – all in a modern, warm eating house design with an unfastened kitchen and outstanding saloon. Come experience the Houlihan ‘s built wholly around what the progressive consumer seeks in a eating house / saloon experience… along with the Velvet Martinis!

Serving tiffin and dinner Monday through Thursday, from 11:00AM to 10:00PM, Friday and Saturday from 11:00AM to 11:00PM, and Sun. 11:00 ante meridiem – 10:00 p.m.

For more information 913-901-2500

J Gilberts

J Gilbert ‘s is renowned for their signature fireplace and savory bill of fare that includes premier aged center-cut beef cooked over an unfastened wood-burning grill, chipotle white Cheddar mashed murphies, BBQ Atlantic salmon, seared George ‘s Bank crenations and more.

This popular eating house offers the convenience of on-line reserves and is available for private parties and ample events. Private party bundles and faultless service guarantee that every event is a memory in the devising.

J Gilberts serves dinner on Sunday from 4:30PM to 9PM, Monday through Thursday from 4PM to 10PM, Friday from 4PM to 10:30PM, and Saturday from 4PM to10:30PM..

For more information 913-642-8070

Llywelyn ‘s Pub

With menu observing the traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Wales with dishes like place made Fish and Chips, Shepherd ‘s Pie, and the favourite Bangor ‘s and Mashed along with Dragon Wings, Mini Burgers and many other great appetisers. This renowned Celtic Restaurant and Pub characteristics brass barroom pendants, the private “ Snug ” room, and lively musical public presentations by house set Flannigan ‘s Right Hook. Guests enjoy 24 different draft beers and a bottled beer choice from across the Earth.

Llywelyn ‘s accommodates feasts and particular events. Lunch and dinner are served Monday through Saturday from 11AM to- 10PM.

For more information 913-402-0333

Other Overland Park Attractions and Activities


Open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. , daily, Overland Park has 78 Parkss and unfastened infinites and four little lakes where visitants can run, walk, boost, motorcycle, drama and fish. Comfortss vary by installation ; most of the Parkss have handicap accessible parking, resort area equipment, tabular arraies, public toilets, imbibing fountains, motorcycle & A ; hike trails and athletic Fieldss and tribunals. Thirteen of the Parkss have shelters by reserve ; all other shelters are free and rush during park hours.

Bike and Hike Trails

A weaving 17 mile escapade with dramatic views throughout Overland Park, The Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail is one of the metropolis ‘s outstanding attractive forces. This suburban expedition takes tramps and rockerss along a weaving brook to the scenic Forest Creek Park and beyond. Open 5AM to 10PM twelvemonth unit of ammunition, the trail welcomes tramps, rockerss and pets on tethers and is wheelchair accessible. Visitors enjoy a bulk of paved, flat terrain with the occasional incline and convenient stat mi markers for tracking distance.

The trail is ideal for cheery afternoon field daies under shadiness trees, researching wooded countries and taking in the many sights of Overland Park. The Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail hosts particular events along the trail such as charity tallies and walks and is available for event petitions.

For more information 913-895-6390

Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Course

This meticulously maintained class offers an exciting 27 ordinance golf holes, arranged into three enormous 18-hole classs having a ambitious 9-hole Par 3 class. Visitors enjoy an ample drive scope along with pattern sand traps and several seting leafy vegetables and all the comfortss of a full-service golf store and nine. Top ranked for its seamless design and scenic views, this class is perfect for a golf-lover ‘s pickup.

The Overland Park Golf Course offers on-line tee times and accepts group reserves for excursions and tourneies.

For more information 913-897-3809

St. Andrews Golf Course ( STA )

A popular 18-hole, tree-lined class, St. Andrews is designed to suit novices and experient golf players likewise. Visitors enjoy 3 seting and come offing leafy vegetables with a full-service golf nine and the added characteristic of a lit drive scope. Aiming for more than golf partisans, St. Andrews boasts nuptials and feast installations constructed to suit up to 250 invitees. St. Andrews is available for group reserves for particular events and tourneies.

For more information 913-897-3804

The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

A memorial to modern-day art with a expansive Cantilever Entrance of 60,000 white visible radiations, invitees to the Nerman peruse two degrees with nine broad galleries comprised of impermanent and lasting aggregations. Add to this the arresting 200 place Hudson Auditorium along with a cafe , a shop and a New Media Gallery and it is no admiration the Nerman ranks the largest modern-day art museum in a four-state part.

Visitors enjoy major exhibitions from national and international creative persons and a lasting aggregation of plants gifted by Marti and Tony Oppenheimer and the Johnson County Community College ‘s Permanent Collection. Groups are welcome and guided Tourss are available upon petition.

Hours of operation are from 10AM to 5PM Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays, 10Am to 9PM Fridays, and 12PM to 5PM Lord’s daies. The Cafe is unfastened from 7AM to 3PM Tuesday through Friday and 10AM to 3PM Sabbatums. Admission is free.

For more information 913-469-3000

Deanna Rose Children ‘s Farmstead

This 12-acre turn-of-the-century farm is a popular Overland Park attractive force where visitants enjoy the basicss of Kansas farm life from milking cattles to garnering eggs. Sporty options to basic farming include pool fishing and pony drives. The Farmstead is home to a complete caressing menagerie and exuberant show and butterfly gardens.

Tour reserves are accepted for groups up to 40 people and pre-booking of party cow pens for big group assemblages is accepted. The Farmstead is unfastened from April through October, from 9AM to 5PM daily. Drawn-out hours until 8PM are effectual Tuesdays and Thursdays during summer.

For more information 913-897-2360

Carlson Center for the Performing Humanistic disciplines

Groups of any size will bask this astonishing public presentation locale that seats more than 2000 people among its four separate theaters. The Carlson offers 250 events per twelvemonth having internationally celebrated creative persons in music, dance, theatre, comedy and opera public presentations. The Carlson Center is unfastened from 10AM to 5PM, MondayA through Friday.

For more information contact: 913-469-4445

Overland Park Shopping

Shopping is abundant in Overland Park with everything from sole forte shops to dismiss retail merchants ~ there is decidedly something for everyone. Overland Park offers two enclosed shopping promenades and 100s of shops and alone stores. Oak Park Mall offers Nordstrom, Macy ‘s, Dillard ‘s and JC Penney. Hawthorne Plaza includes a assortment of forte shops and dress shops. In add-on, Overland Park is merely proceedingss from the Great Olathe Center and upscale shopping on the Country Club Plaza and Town Center Plaza. Additionally, Corbin Park offers a one-million square-foot alfresco retail small town with some of the country ‘s most alone retail and dining constitutions. Visitors besides enjoy the Hawthorne Plaza

that features boutique shopping centre in an historic scene with convenient entree to the part ‘s most challenging forte shops, one-of-a-kind dress shops and cutting-edge eating houses.

Overland Park Convention Center Information

The OPCC is a full service convention centre with 60,000-sqare pess of Exhibit Space. A broad 25,000-sqare pes Ballroom hosts top notch feasts while another 15,000-square pess of run intoing infinite accommodates a assortment of events. The Convention Center offers in-house nutrient and drink including a kosher homework country, high-velocity Internet entree with WiFi in public countries, and eight broad lading docks for easy event set-up. The OPCC is handily connected to the 412-room Sheraton Hotel and within walking distance of 1000 extra hotel suites.

Overland Park Additional Event Facilities

Matt Ross Community Center

The Matt Ross Community Center offers both flexibleness and assortment – everything you need for a great experience when hosting an event in one of select suites.

For more information 913-895-6350

Overland Park Soccer Complex

Boasting “ perfect Fieldss for perfect squads ” , twelve full size or half Fieldss are available.

For more information 913-327-6630

Deana Ross Children ‘s Farmstead

Host a star party in one of the Farmstead ‘s 10 party cow pens.

For more information 913-897-2360

Tomahawk Ridge Community Center

The Tomahawk Ridge Community Center staff is capable of run intoing all your demands with excellent client service.

For more information 913-327-6645

St. Andrews Golf Club

The chief room of St Andrews opens onto a broad patio, leting invitees to bask the out-of-doorss with a bird’s-eye position of the golf class.

For more information 913-897-3804

Overland Park Recreational Park Shelters

Thirteen of the metropolis ‘s 78 Parkss have bookable shelters with grills ; all other shelters are free and first-come first-serve.

For more information 913-312-8833

Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

The Overland Park Arboretum & A ; Botanical Gardens is a lovely topographic point for an out-of-door nuptials or a household picnic/reunion.

For more information 913-685-3604

Overland Park Airport Access

One of the largest airdromes in the United States, Kansas City International ( MCI ) , is about 40 stat mis from the Overland Park Convention Center and good practiced in supplying a pick of fast conveyance links to Overland Park. Visitors benefit from MCI ‘s convenient terminal entree and deficiency of overcrowding.

For more information 816.243.5237

Overland Park Excursion Train

Powered by a voluntary staff, the Midland Railway runs scenic jaunt trains on a 20-plus stat mi unit of ammunition trip from Baldwin City to Ottawa Junction, Kansas. Visitors can bask the view of Eastern Kansas farming area from the comfort of a vintage railway car on this educational bearer railway.

For more information 800.651.0388

Overland Park Public Transportation

Johnson County, Kansas operates “ The JO ” , a convenient coach line, within Overland Park. Routes consist of primary roadways throughout the metropolis with entree to all convention, concern and rubber-necking locales. The JO and The JO-Special Edition operate Monday through Friday excepting legal vacations with varied path agendas, offering designated clip points and park and ride locations. Riders can besides catch the coach along any path by utilizing the flag system – a simple moving ridge of the manus when you see the driver.

For more information 913-782-2640

Rental Cars and Taxicabs

Rental autos companies functioning Kansas City International include a choice of familiar, dependable names including Avis Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent A Car, Hertz Local Edition and Alamo Rent A Car, National Rent A Car, Payless Car Rental and Thrifty Rent A Car.

Several taxis service Kansas City International including Yellow Cab, Royal, Crown Cab, and assorted birds. Taxis can be contacted from airport terminal luggage claim countries and located outside terminal issues. Shared rates are available when arranged among riders.