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Middle school will probably be the 3 hardest years I have ever had to deal with. Those years are difficult for anyone that age but with a bad combination of braces and glasses things were not that wonderful. Having bad fashion sense did not help the fact either and being in the band was a real kicker. Life in middle school was the worst and I would never want to experience it again, even if you tried to pay me. Trying to make friends in middle school was not really my cup of tea. I was the quite girl who finished her work way before everyone else just so I could read my book, which everyone thought, was weird.

Anyways, friends were hard to come by because I always seemed to be reading or running over people’s feet with my rolling backpack. I thankfully retired that on the last day of eighth grade and have not looked at one since. I remember only having five really good friends in middle school and one is my best friend today. All the way up until eighth grade, making friends was complicated until I started to do theater and that is where I discovered my passion for it, but that does not correlate into the current story I am bemoaning about.

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One thing that does tie into this is that I was an epic fail in the fashion department. I could not match, point blank. There were no if, ands, or buts about it. I was a hopeless case for even being considered a girl. Stripes with polka dot tee shirts, high-water jeans, basketball shorts and wrinkly tees, and my hair were ALWAYS in a pony tail. I did not even know what the concept of makeup was, and that is when every girl was addicted to lip gloss. Besides my demise at matching, I was not even that great at school. My time was consumed by books that’s all I wanted to do was read and that kind of set me up for failure.

I mean I didn’t fail anything but my grades weren’t nearly up to par as they could have been. I was the kid whose parents were there for random parent-teacher conferences during the year cause all I would do is pull my book out instead of doing my work. None of my language arts teachers ever seemed to have that problem with it, though just math and science (my least favorite subjects). Add all these things together in a pot, boil and you have middle school, sad I know. Another thing that was working against me was that I was in band, and almost failed that. Band was my least favorite class, I preferred P. E. way more, and I really do not enjoy doing suicides up the length of the gym. I played trumpet and I was first chair but I did not enjoy it in the least. To many grueling practices and getting yelled at for no apparent reason, my teacher had a horrible temperament. Life in band was basically the icing on the cake of torture in middle school. This is a part in my life that I wouldn’t want to revisit anytime soon, and I really hope the kids in middle school aren’t going through what I went through back then because its not something I would ever want my kids to experience.