Aspects of FilmsWe made a list of aspects o films at the beginning of the year and we thought that it would be a good idea to look at these and think about what we will do for each of the 10 thingsLightingWhen we are inside everything will be well lit with the overhead lights but when we are outside there will only be natural lighting. This way things will look more creepy and things are likely to look more real. It should have the same effect as it did in the film The Blair Witch Project.EditingWhen we are editing we want it mainly to be full of jump cuts because this is the type that is used when directors want to build paceAtmosphereDark, creepy.

Many shadows. Build suspense with music.PlotFemale student has an affair with a male teacher and then things turn nasty when she tries to end it.CostumeKate: school uniform (white shirt and black trousers)Graham: smart clothes, lab coat for in school and a dark jacket for outside.Music/soundFor the main part of the film we will extract the audio and just rely on the images and the music. There will be the two voiceovers from the main characters and one final blood curdling scream to end it.

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Camera movementsIn our film most of the footage will be either still or just panning. We think this because if we try something too ambitious then the film will turn out looking very amateur. We think that with the equipment we have got it is best to keep things simple and let the pictures tell the story.

SettingSchool. Classrooms, corridors and the main hall when we are inside and the spinney when we are outside.Camera anglesWhen we are filming Kate we will try to have many high angle shots that make her look more vulnerable. When we are filming Graham we will use many low angle shots to make him look more menacingGenreHorror