South Africa is a state where is located at the southern tip of Africa, with a 2,798 kilometres coastline on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, its neighbored states are Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia and Its official name is “ Republic of South Africa ” .

South Africa has a diverseness of civilizations and linguistic communications. South Africa has eleven official linguistic communications including Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu.South Africa has 47.9 million people. There has over 38 million Africans ; they are the major race in the South Africa that doing up 79.

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6 % of the entire population. The coloured population is estimated at 4.2 million people ( 8.9 % ) , the white population at 4.3 million people ( 9.

1 % ) , and the Indian and Asiatic population at merely short of 1.2 million ( 2.5 % ) .

Rand is the currency used in at that place.Every people know South Africa which is one of the most mystical, enrapturing and exceptional states in the universe. South Africa has a beauty environment, extended out-of-doorss, cheery clime, assorted civilizations and a nice celebrity that made it to be one of the fastest in the universe that turning leisure, concern and travel finishs.South Africa present the prefect alien brotherhood of the landscape, history, people and civilization that cause it become a popular tourer finish. Its outstanding attractive forces are the game militias, the diverse and picturesque civilization, the outdoor Parkss and the extremely regarded local vinos.

In South Africa, there has more than 70 international air hoses and some celebrated hotel ironss built the hotel in some metropolis in South Africa such as Hilton, Hyatt and Holiday Inn, they provide the luxury service and the comfy room to the tourer that make a big support to the touristry industry. The tourer can bask the closest contact with different sort of the animate beings both in the state parks or the private Parkss that besides is one of the most attractive forces in South Africa. South Africa has a particular and invariant clime that makes all activities and amusement is available all the seasons in at that place. The peak seasons are the Christmas, New Year and the Easter periods.Harmonizing to the record on March 2008, South Africa has about 860 000 reachings per month of which about 210 000 people is come from outside the African continent. The touristry industry made the gross bing between 1 % and 3 % of GDP.

By the manner, South Africa is traveling to host the FIFA 2010 World Cup that will be an chance to showcase their cordial reception industry and turning touristry sector.

Business touristry in South Africa

In South Africa, there has the excellent substructure, particular and barmy clime, comely environment and the estates of golf classs that make it to be an ideal finish for keeping international Congresss and conventions. South Africa has over 1 700 first conference and exhibition centres in the major metropoliss.In 2007, a study indicated 6-7 % of South Africa ‘s foreign visitants who were concern tourers, and compared with 2006 that the concern tourers increased about 80 000 people. The concern tourers spend the money in South Africa amounted to 2.4 billion Rand dollars in 2006, up from 2.1 billion Rand dollars in 2005.In the international Congress and Convention Associations list of taking finishs in the universe, South Africa travel up to 31st topographic point, released in May 2007.

South Africa was voted the 2nd favourite long-haul finish state in the M & A ; IT Trends & A ; Spends Survey of readers of the influential Meetings and Incentive Travel ( M & A ; IT ) magazine.

International touristry in South Africa

South Africa is to the full of mysterious and variegation, each town and district has its ain forte. Whether you ‘re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Port Elizabeth, you besides can bask South Africas festival.Cape Town hosts tonss of events and festivals in South Africa, including the Cape Town Festival, National Womens Day, the International Comedy Festival, the International Kite Festival, and the Spring Flower Show and so on.In Port Elizabeth, there has one of the interesting South Africas festival that is the Prickly Pear Festival, and it is a nutrients festival where all the nutrients are made by the bristly pears.

Local travellers

South Africa has a batch of touristry attractive force and beautiful scenery, therefore the South Africas people can bask the leisure and vacation in their ain state, they are no demand to travel to other state for basking the leisure or relaxing. There are several most interested touristry attractive forces in South Africa, such as Table Mountain, Robben Island, the Garden Route, KwaZulu – Natal Beach, Namaqualand, Cradlfe of Humankind, Kruger National Park, the Drakensberg Mountains and Soweto.

Economy Environment

South Africas economic system is the continent ‘s biggest economic system because it has experienced a different history from other states in Africa, therefore it is the most economic, societal and substructure developed state within the continent.Here is a chart nowadays the tendency of South Africa economic system:The South Africa economic system is get downing in the 1652 because the Dutch colonists arrived there and developed the Dutch East India Company.

In 1870, the diamonds and gold was discovered that do the economic system transferred into the resource dominated one. The agribusiness merely has 3.4 % of GDP, while services accounted for 65.

1 % of GDP in 2005.In South Africa economic system environment, there has a particular economic system theoretical account, there has a two-tiered economic system, one can vie with other developed states and the other 1 is merely with the basic substructure, hence, it is associated with developing states, including a division of labour between formal and informal sectors, and uneven distribution of wealth and income.The formal sector is good developed that based on excavation, fabrication, services, and agribusiness.In South Africas economic system is 62.8 % free that is ranked the 72nd in the universe in 2010. and its mark is lower than last twelvemonth that the five of the 10 economic freedom in reflecting diminutions are including Business Freedom, Government Spending, Monetary Freedom, Investment Freedom, Fdm. from Corruption.

South Africa is ranked 4th in the part of Sub-Saharan Africa, the overall mark is higher than norm of universe.It is a chart shows that South Africas economic system freedom compare with universe Average:

Business freedom – 73.0 %

The freedom goes through from start, operate, and near a concern. Get downing a concern merely takes 22 yearss that is shorter than 13 yearss that is compared 35 yearss to the universe norm. In South Africa, you can obtain a concern licence and you can take less than 18 processs in the universe norm and 218 yearss. So shuting a concern in South Africa is really sample.

Trade freedom – 76.0 %

The trade freedom has 15 points were deducted from South Africa mark due to the non-tariff barriers. There have some illustration for the ground of the cost of trade that is lessening. Such as import and export limitations, onerous proficient criterions, services market barriers, export and import license demands, non-transparent authorities procurance processs and so on. The leaden mean duty rate in South Africa was 4.

5 % in 2008.

Fiscal freedom – 69.1 %

South Africa has several of import income revenue enhancement rate including a value-added revenue enhancement ( VAT ) , a belongings revenue enhancement, an heritage revenue enhancement, a securities transportation revenue enhancement and a capital additions revenue enhancement and a moderate corporate revenue enhancement rate. There are 40 per centum for top income revenue enhancement rate, and the top corporate revenue enhancement rate is 28 per centum.

In the yesteryear a few old ages, the entire revenue enhancement gross is 26.6 % of GDP.

Government disbursement -76.

8 %

In the recent twelvemonth, the authorities disbursement is 27.8 % of GDP. The authorities outgos, including ingestion and transportation payments, but those are comparatively low.

Monetary freedom -70.2 %

In South Africa, the rising prices is really high that averaging 9.8 % between 2006 and 2008. Monetary values are usually set by the market, but the crude oil merchandises, coal, paraffin and public-service corporations is controlled by the authorities, and hence 10 points were reduced from pecuniary freedom in South Africa mark to account for policies that is distort domestic monetary values.

Investing freedom – 45.0 %

Foreign investors can put in South Africas most sectors without the restricting its signifier under the jurisprudence.

The disadvantages to the investors could include stiff labour Torahs, non-transparent ordinances and offense that are obstructor for investors.

Fiscal freedom – 60.0 %

The fiscal sector is a big sector in South Africa that is occupied 20 % of GDP.The capital markets in South Africa that are developed really good, therefore the Johannesburg Securities Exchange go one of the universes 20 largest.

In 2010, the Bankss must hold 25 % black ownership because the Financial Services Charter.

Property rights – 50.0 %

In South Africa, the judiciary section is independency, so at that place has a secure monitoring for the contracts. But the disadvantage is that the tribunals do non hold efficiency, overburdened, short-handed and underfunded.

Freedom from corruptness – 49.0 %

It is the 1 of the most job in South Africas economic system market system that could be the Corruption. In 2008, Transparency Internationals Corruption which is ranks 54th out of 179 states.

Labor freedom – 59.

0 %

The South Africas labour regulations are maintained in a same manner. The labour cost in South Africa is really low, but it is hard to fire an employee.

Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town City

The Mount Nelson Hotel is an urban sanctuary with romantic heritage hotel in Cape Town City. It is merely 20 proceedingss by walk to the metropolis Centre and merely 20 proceedingss by auto to the Cape Town International Airport.Mount Nelson Hotel offer six type of room and each types room has ain alone character, installations and gardens. They have two luxury suites that it is for the physically handicapped invitees. In order to fulfill the particular demand of physically handicapped invitees in the bathroom that they use a low sink and bath with bannisters. For the shower, they use a showerhead that can moveable, has been left unfastened and with a chair.

It is more convenience for the physically handicapped invitees.For the installations, they provide many installations to the clients such as tennis tribunals, swimming pools, fittingness Centre, librisa watering place and golf tribunals etc. For the librisa watering place, it is universe category beauty & A ; wellness intervention that include steam baths, esthesis showers, sweat room and heated marble slabs. The clients can utilize for anytime without assignment.In add-on, they provide marrying service and conference installations. The hotel offers six different locales for the different events. When concern people come to Mount Nelson hotel to hold a meeting they will offer all the equipments such as overhead projector, pens, screen, lectern, whiteboard, slide projector and flipchart every bit good as refreshment interruption.

SWOT analysis of Cape Town


Abundant natural resourcesGlobal trade name equity of Cape TownTourism economic systemWarm Mediterranean climeWorld-class accomplishments baseTop universe ‘s 10 best tourer finish metropoliss since 2004Well-developed substructure


Limited air conveyanceSeasonal touristry industryLeisure touristry transition and limited concernPrevious weak exchange rates inflated costs – monetary values have remained high


2010 World Cup in Cape Town metropolisDistribution mercantile establishments are additionThe domestic black market is turningLager market for local production, particularly for African linguistic communication merchandises


CrimeImpact of environmentLack of transmutation ( spread of benefits and skewed economic system )Largest figure of AIDS/HIVMarco factors – safety, currency

Market analysis of Cape Town City

As we know, Cape Town metropolis is a really popular and beautiful metropolis in South Africa and located in the south-west of state and between the Atlantic Ocean and the Table Mountain. The moniker of Cape Town is ‘The Tavern of Sea and every twelvemonth attract many tourers go to see at that place because of its good clime, well-developed substructure and dramatic natural landscape such as The Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain.The economic Centre of Western Cape in South Africa is Cape Town City and it becomes the regional fabrication Centre in the Western Cape. Besides it is the primary seaport and airdrome in this country. In June 2003, Cape Town opened an international convention Centre and at the same clip they start host many conferences.

Furthermore, in 2004, have over 1.5 million tourers go to visits therefore the other gross of economic system is come from touristry.Cape Town metropolis provide different types of market sections and it include in concern people, travellers, leisure invitees and local occupants.

Local occupant

Some of immature twosomes and households are below 50 old ages old and their kids at simple and high school. They enjoy in out-of-door activities such as shopping, metropolis amusement, and swimming etc. Some of twosomes are around 30 old ages old and they dont have kids.

They need timeshare adjustment and self-catering so they are good for the seasonality with significant growing.

Business people

In 2003 they opened an international conference Centre and authorities start to hosts many conferences hence many concern people go to Cape Town to hold meeting so it conveying tonss of benefits and it help to increase gross and give the chance for the hotel industry and authorities. In add-on, Cape Town metropolis is export seaport of South Africa every bit good.

Leisure invitees

As we know Cape Town City is a really popular international tourer finish in South Africa.

It is because of beautiful natural characteristic, good substructure and warm clime moreover the season of Cape Town is antonyms of North America and Europe. In Cape Town metropolis, the high season is summer from October to March. Particularly the Christmas, it is high watercourse of people that in the few months because people like to observe and bask the sunlight for their Christmas besides in summer the yearss are long and it is perfect for flushing amusement. Furthermore, it possible to see several different beaches in the same twenty-four hours due to the alone geographics so many tourers like to see beaches of Cape Town City. From April to September is the low season in Cape Town but still hold some tourers choose to see Cape Town.

It is because there is really celebrated show of spring flower in West seashore and South Africa has their local air hoses ( South Africa Airlines ) that become more convenience for the tourer to reaching.

FIFA 2010 World Cup in Cape Town City

Cape Town City hosted many athletics events such as in 1995 Rugby World Cup, 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup and World Championship. As every know, in 2010 FIFA World Cup will be held in South Africa, which would be conveying a batch of benefit in tourer industry. It is because for this clip, the universe will concentrate on South Africa, that besides lead to better market advertisement in Cape Town trade name. If people want to see the FIFA World Cup, they should come to Cape Town so it can supply the local concern with the opportunity to showcase their merchandise and service.

During this clip, seeking to happen who can be long term cooperation of spouses. It besides can assist local concern entree the chances during the FIFA World Cup.

Major Economic Challenges


From March to September is low season in South Africa. In this clip, merely few tourers who come to sight-seeing, non merely see their relations.

Economy falls down cause by gross of hotel decreasing.


Excessively many offenses in there may halt the touristry turning. Harmonizing the intelligence on 20 April 2010, it interviewed 907 foreign tourers at the airdrome in Johannesburg and Cape Town. It was 51 % of tourers ‘ first visit to South Africa. 6 % people became victims of offense. 33 % people worried their safety before visit.

33 % was concerned that they will be robbed. And really few were concerned that they will be raped or murdered.


Most tourers are attracted by the environment that is major ground to do metropoliss economic system up. The probe of the University of Cape Town, air pollution becomes serious because each household has two autos or more.

And economic sciences is turning, people who are rich build tonss of house, purchase new furniture. More waste pollution are caused by people throw off the old one.

Social and Human

Cause of charge of several old ages, people who are rich and hapless go more and more different. Except the adjustment job, wellness besides is a large job in South Africa, such as AIDS. If they didnt better about their wellness cognition, that will menace their lift, economic system besides.

Transportation system

The job of air pollution become serious because many people have private autos and another Public transit is slow and uneffective. For this two grounds, that are hard to better.

Government intercession

The authorities intervene the economic system of South Arica that is similar other states. Make more efficiency and pare to betterment in the economic system that are the mission of authorities. But the existent is the authorities would wish to command the monetary values of crude oil merchandises or some might convey the benefits.

VAT, Subsidies and Environmental commanding are some schemes for utilizing.

Value-added tax

In South Africa, the authorities adds 14 % VAT for all merchandises that increase the income and besides use it developing changeless for the county. The sum of foreign visitants spends more than R250 and for place ingestion, after the users can be exempt from VAT.


Government provides subsides to the international investors, little and new companies. There are some plans which are provided to assist them: Small Medium Enterprise Development Program ( SMEDP ) , Skills Support Program, Industrial development zones ( IDZs ) , Foreign Investment Grant ( FIG ) and Strategic Investment Program ( SIP ) . It can forestall monopolies and back up the company to get down their concern.

Environment Controling

In South Africa, has a section for environmental Affairs and Tourism.

This particular section proctor about environment. If the visual aspect of environment expressions non good, that will be intervened to fancify it. For illustration: Taxs of pollutions. Its major to project the things which are public.


Some factors will impact demand of consumers. We can utilize follow points to better our hotel and give the best for consumers. Except consider the job about current, besides use those resources to see the hereafter.

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Changing the gustatory sensations or manners of consumers

South Africa concerns more about touristry industry. Find another manner and possible tendency that will increase the travellers come to at that place. As this twelvemonth FIFA World Cup clasp in South Africa that may give some motive for people come here and more opportunity for hotels to acquire the mark market.

Disposable income of consumers

See with disposable income than make up one’s mind the goods that quality is good or non. There are two sorts of good are superior good and inferior goods if disposable income up, people will purchase superior goods ; on the other opposite, people will purchase inferior good.

Substitute goods and Complimentary goods

Here have two sorts of goods that might do two state of affairss, straight or indirectly, to impact the demand. Substitute goods – an addition in monetary value for one leads to increase in demand for other. For illustration: Suites demand non follows the hotels that increase their room rates the alteration to increase. Complimentary goods that the monetary value is addition for one leads to diminish in demand for other. For illustration: If the monetary value of nutrient ingredients up, the cost of nutrient sold may impact and increase, so the demand might less than earlier.

Our Ad method

Ad is one of importance that leads demand of people, utilizing right method that may with low monetary value of entire. Then use the partnership with travel bureau or cyberspace to publicize.

Consumption chances

What does besides impact the demand from people? Thats clip for loosen uping, such as vacations.

Peoples will pass more clip for their Tourss when they get more leisure clip.

Product quality

Compare same degree hotels that will cognize quality besides affect demand. Because of most things are similar, so you may desire to utilize something better than others that cause you need more good quality which let you experience more comfy.

Elasticity of demand

There are few grounds may act upon the snap of demand: necessity of goods and service, complimentary and utility goods, usefulness and monetary value, and consumer consciousness. About South Africa is keeping the World Cup in this twelvemonth, even though the room rate rushs, travellers will still necessitate adjustment in hotels. The demand of hotel suites will be inelastic by so.


There are some factors might impact the snap of supply.


Increasing the productiveness is really of import. There are few systems to assist you more efficient. PMS ( Property Management System ) is frequently used for hotel operations. Fidelio, POS system and CRS help better the efficiency of work. POS ( point of sale ) system is used in hotel eating houses.

This system can salvage more clip between staff to pass on with the chefs. That will raise the degree of eating house.

Taxs and subsidies

For this instance, VAT which adds the operation disbursals would non impact the demand and supply. But is a straight affect every resource that increase the production cost. Amount of supply will be decreased because by production cost is high. For the tourers, VAT can be refund on going day of the month.

Costss of production

The production costs affect supply straight.

Except low labour cost can salvage money in South Africa. There are tonss of labour beginning that can supply.

Elasticity of supply

Supply of good is easy affected and available alteration.

For illustration, the invitee require a ternary room for a reserve, when they arrived, merely two invitees arrived, and they would wish to alter dual room. Hotel merely removed the excess bed for three-base hit that besides know about the supple of suites is elastic.Other factors act uponing the snap of supply are clip period, handiness of stocks, trim capacity and flexibleness of capacity.

Major Cost

There are the both variable costs and fixed costs incurred by hotels. Variable costs are the entire disbursal alterations such as volume alteration. They increase as end product additions and frailty versa. Room providers are a common variable cost.

The providers are related to the figure of suites that are filled straight. In a instance of eating house, there are 30 invitees, they will utilize 30 soups ( one would trust ) , if there are 60, so 60 soups will be utilizations. Otherwise, variable cost could be the cost of nutrient and drink gross revenues, wages and rewards, guest supplies, cleaning supplies, office supplies, publicizing disbursal and transit etc. Fixed costs that costs are identified as fixed if they do non alter as volume alterations. It is expensed no affair the hotel is in concern or non.

They could be administrative and direction fee, labour cost, land, edifices, rent and involvement disbursal etc.


Gross is income that a company receives from its normal concern activities, normally from the gross revenues of goods and service from clients. The entire gross may besides include the authorities subsidies, venture capital and revenue enhancements collectible. In a hotel, the major beginning of gross is the suites division. The 2nd largest beginning is nutrient and drink section which is include selling nutrient and drinks in hotel eating house, saloon and the events.

Profitableness and net income maximization

Calculation of the net income is entire income subtraction disbursals. As the concern brand policy on profitableness. The hotel rates will be alteration because of seasonality factor. As the high season for the travellers in South Africa is from October to March, there a big figure of demands of hotels room that the suites supply is non alteration. Harmonizing the aid plans and gross direction, the hotel room rates is increase to equilibrate the demand after hotel prediction. Therefore, the profitableness in the high season is the largest that the gross and demand of the hotels are at the extremum. In a particular instance, the demand of hotel suites are affect by the FIFA Football World Cup in 2010 which is start in July that the room rate may alter from the external factors.

Except the hotel suites, the profitableness from hotel eating houses and bars are relatively high. The invitees in hotel are normally large Spenders that they do non care to utilize more money to bask the all right nutrient ; they are besides looking for the professional services and elegant environment in the eating house. As the monetary value in hotel eating houses are higher than the local eating houses and the rate of seats and screens are non depending on the seasonality factor even more the merchandising suites in hotels that hotel eating houses need to function both local and foreign clients.For the net income maximization in hotels, it is fundamentally from the room division and nutrient and drink section, the director of room division has to do a right determination in the buying procedure and set up a good agenda to avoid the extra labour cost.

Otherwise, the nutrient and drink director are besides need to choose the reputable providers that they can provide the good quality merchandises at the right clip and monetary value.As harmonizing the Tourism Highlights 2009 Edition in UNWTO, Africas growing is 4 % that there are 47 million international tourer reachings. International touristry grosss amounted to US $ 31 billion and it is meaning a lessening of 1 % in existent footings than the last twelvemonth. This diminution is followed by the series of old strong growing old ages.

South Africa, there are 6 % increased for international reachings in the prima part, boosted by the physique up to the hosting of the FIFA 2010 Football World Cup.Companies decide the monetary value and end product measure to bring forth the largest net income. It minimizes the production and labour costs. The labour and natural stuffs cost are low in South Africa. The companies can hold the benefits to make the point that fringy cost is equal to fringy gross.


For the economic dimension, sustainability economic is through the ecological effects and societal of economic activity.

The construct of sustainability is widely than the constructs of sustained production of net income borders or resources. Presents, the norm of people capita ingestion is still increasing in the underdeveloped universe. The sustainability challenge is to stamp down and pull off high ingestion while raising the unrecorded criterion in the development states without the environmental impact and increasing to utilize the resource.

Nowadays, most of organisations consider utilizing the sustainability elements in hotels and other event providers. They include the sustainability elements into their concern theoretical accounts that their demand is recycling the goods. Hotels may hold a committedness to prosecute their employees, the steps of energy and H2O, waste decrease and recycling.As the sustainability elements in hotels that is including the followers:Recycle the glass, plastic, paper and palettes in invitee suites and public country.Reuse the towel and linenDo non replace comfortss until emptyGreen cleansing merchandisesLocal nutrient and sustainability seafoodEducate the housework staffs to close off the air conditioning, visible radiations and shut drapes when the hotel suites emptySupply a recycling programmed in hotels

The national scheme for sustainable development in South Africa

South Africa is similar like the developing states ; the challenge of sustainable development is cut down the poorness which is harmonizing natural resources, economic, administration and societal tendencies for the sustainable development scheme in South Africa. There are five precedence countries that are identified by South Africa are:Prolonging to utilize the resources and ecosystemsInvesting in sustainable substructureMake the communities for sustainabilityBuilding capacity for sustainable developmentUnified program and execution system must be strengthen


Although South Africa still has a batch of jobs such as environment pollution, deficiency of efficient judiciary section and substructure and high offense rate, but it besides is likely have the benefit to put in the cordial reception industry which is base on the touristry booming in South Africa.

Due to the touristry industry is turning in South Africa, so the cordial reception industry can do a respectable net income or benefit that base on the hotels net income or benefit that depend on the touristry industry.Finally, the FIFA World Cup 2010 will be hosted by South Africa that will pull incalculable tourer from around the universe and it will force the economic and touristry industry in South Africa.