Symbols are objects. characters. figures. and colourss used to stand for abstract thoughts or constructs. Throughout the book “The Great Gatsby” .

many symbols are introduced in order to exemplify the many relevant subjects within it. One of the first symbols introduced in “The Great Gatsby” is The Valley of Ashes. “a antic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens ; where ashes take signifiers of houses and chimneys and lifting fume and eventually. with a surpassing attempt.

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of work forces who move indistinctly and already crumpling through the powdery air” . Gray. the most pertinent colour within the vale. bears the feeling of unhappiness.

ennui. and boringness. This colour reflects life in the vale because about everyone and everything related to or populating in the vale is described this manner. The people. the houses. and the autos are all covered in ashes. doing them physically grey which greatly contributes to the overpowering feeling of gloom.

When Tom and Nick arrive at the Wilson’s house “a glow of hope” springs into George’s eyes and Myrtle has “an instantly perceptible verve approximately her as if the nervousnesss of her organic structure were continually smouldering” .This shows that people from outside of the vale excite the ever-dreary dwellers of the vale because they don’t carry the same grey facade. The Valley of Ashes symbolizes the moral decay and predicament of the less fortunate hidden between the beauty of West Egg and New York. It symbolizes an facet of the American Dream. the dream of happening luck. celebrity. and true love. because it illustrates tattered semblances and the disappearing of dreams.

East Egg and West Egg are brimming with people full of possible while The Valley of Ashes inhabits those with no hope in making this American Dream. In “The Great Gatsby” the colour white is really important. It symbolizes artlessness. pureness. and honestness.

Although Daisy is ever have oning white. she. along with many of the people she surrounds herself with are neither pure. guiltless. or honest.Daisy’s friend. Jordan Baker. the chronic prevaricator that cheats in her golf tourney.

is besides adorned in white on many. if non all occasions. In world. under their white camouflages.

they are really corrupt persons. The significance of Daisy’s name with respects to the colour white is that daisies are white and typify childhood artlessness. The colour white has a positive significance. pureness. A significance that is no longer demonstrated by Daisy.

Many of her actions flaunt the antonym of pureness and artlessness. and her matter with Gatsby validates this. Although she may hold take a life of artlessness during her childhood old ages. her life as described in the narrative is far from it. In “The Great Gatsby” .

the West Egg and its citizens represent the freshly rich. while the East Egg and its citizens represent the old nobility. The freshly rich are characterized by their coarseness.

ostentation. and missing in gustatory sensation demonstrated by Gatsby with his immensely flowery sign of the zodiac. while the “East Egg” maintains elegance and tastefulness demonstrated by Daisy.

Tom. and Jordan Baker. Because the comfort of money has ever been an option for dwellers of the East Egg. the residents there show deficiency of bosom and earnestness.It seems they have everything they could desire materially. but emotionally they are missing.

They are really corrupt and opinionated. Since wealth is a new construct for people in the West Egg. such as Gatsby. kindness and compassion are still really of import qualities for one to exhibit.

Nick decides to return to the West in the novel because of the chances available to him at that place. He wanted to come in the bond concern. Many people would prefer to travel East because of the elegance that it possesses and because of societal position. Peoples in the East were said to be higher ranked in societal position than people in the West. In the novel. East is symbolic of wealth and the corruptness it causes. Here. people do non take duty for their actions.

like when Daisy does non seek to halt the auto after hitting Myrtle in the vale. In contrast. citizens of the West were known for their values and difficult work ethic. It took a batch of difficult work to gain the money required to purchase a house in the West Egg. while money was merely inherited by people in the East Egg.