Mass media are said to be the transporters of the current happenings here and around the world through the help of technology and other resources. Because of them people’s awareness increases as they receive the details of there reports. In accordance with the article I’ve read, “Media Ethics and Conflict in Mindanao” by Mr. Sajed S. Ingilan, mass media practitioners play a very crucial role in a society. They can affect people’s minds on believing who’s right and wrong.

They can also entertain, convince, inform, and even scare people.As part of this group, I should speak with my thoughts and share my reaction with regards to the topic of this article. Do I agree or disagree with everything I’ve read? Well, obviously, it talks about the current situation in Mindanao and how mass media practitioners deliver it to the public. On my side, describing Mindanao as a “war zone” is disagreeable.

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I mean, not the whole Mindanao has this chaotic event, only a part of it. So it’s wrong to say that it is a dangerous place to go and live with. There should be no tourists that visit here.There should be no foreign and Asian investors. And I should not be living in here. It was also mentioned on the article that Muslims has the greatest involvement on the conflict Mindanao is suffering.

Due to that the public are given a scary thought about them which is really wrong. There are somehow Muslims that ruin Mindanao’s peacefulness but how about those who are not involved? Do they deserve to be judged? No. And there are also certain conflicts between Christians and Muslims but somehow in times of trouble both help each other.

The method mass media has been using isn’t good. The way they introduce Mindanao Muslims to the public is not right. It gives people a wrong thought about the Muslims and Mindanao. They should know there limitations. They must be aware of there powerful, influential and critical role. They can promote peace or introduce war. They must consider one’s privacy, one’s culture and one’s side.

And they must be also adequate enough on distinguishing different parties on a conflict to avoid the manifestations of chaos and disasters.