As per demands of the assignment the whole study is divided into three parts. In the first portion ethical issue of a concern organisation has been described. I have prioritized Santander Bank for carry throughing the basic intent of this Assignment for giving the selective inquiry reply.

The ethical issue- rights, struggles, duties, Selling schemes, professionalism, information engineering, communicating, freedom of action, censoring on the involvement, computing machines and work, jurisprudence and security of Santander is described in item in this portion. In the 2nd portion of the assignment requires the legal system of a state, its forms imposts, Torahs etc. needed to depict. Spain is the selected state to give the reply. In this portion, describe the legal system, beginnings of jurisprudence, tribunal construction, different signifiers of concern allowed and the Torahs regulating them, challenge ordinance processs, Torahs associating to right of first publications, hallmarks, patents, designs and their effectivity in Spain. In the concluding portion of the study a concern organisation is needed to choose and depict that convey some effects on the organisation such as- globalisation, development of information, communicating and engineering, civilization, power, political relations, jurisprudence and pick. Santander is my selected organisation for depicting the reply.

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The aims of the study are:To cognize the ethical pattern of a transnational concern organisationTo cognize the legal patterns of a state.To cognize about the concern jurisprudence of a stateTo cognize about the effects of globalisation on a transnational organisation.To cognize the cultural, political, Torahs effects of a transnational organisation.


Study Design: Necessary information for the survey is taken out from assorted beginnings. The survey is narrative in nature with some descriptive graphs and enlightening tabular arraies. Some informations and other relevant information were gathered from secondary beginnings including several diaries, brochures and web sites.Data Collection methods: Datas have been collected from two beginnings.

These are as under:Primary beginning: Personal meeting with the Santander employees.Secondary beginnings:Assigned text editions.Class notes and other related books.Different publications about Santander and Spain.The information and information collected from primary and secondary beginnings have been analyzed in this assignment. After informations processing and analysis, the information gathered which exactly have been compiled and presented.

Ethical Issue Faces in Business Santander Bank:Overview of Santander Bank:The Santander Group is the 4th largest bank in the universe by net incomes and 8th by stock market capitalisation. In 2009, its net ordinary net incomes were over EUR 8.9 billion, 1 % more than the old twelvemonth, and it distributed more than EUR 4.9 billion in dividends to stockholders. With these figures, the Group achieved the mark set at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 19th 2009 to keep its net incomes and the dividend payout.Business theoretical accountSantander Bank has a customer-focused concern theoretical account that delivers a high degree of return in its net incomes and consequences, in malice of the hard economic and fiscal fortunes of recent old ages.

This theoretical account is supported by five pillars:1 ) Commercial focal point: Santander offers its 91 million clients a broad scope of fiscal merchandises and services through its 13,660 subdivisions, the largest subdivision web in international banking.2 ) Efficiency: Santander has one of the most edged border engineering and operations platforms in international banking, which allows it to turn cost nest eggs into greater value for the client. It is one of the most efficient Bankss in the universe, with a cost-to-income ratio of 41.7 % ( 37.6 % excepting depreciations and amortizations ) .3 ) Geographic variegation: Santander ‘s geographical variegation is equally balanced between developed and emerging markets. Its presence is concentrated in 9 major markets: Spain, Portugal, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and the US, and in most of these markets it has attained high market portions in retail banking.

4 ) Prudence in hazards: Santander ‘s degrees of bad debt and coverage are better than the sector norm in the geographical countries in which the bank operates. The whole of the administration is involved in pull offing hazard, from the day-to-day operations carried out in subdivisions up to senior direction and the board of managers. The bank ‘s hazard direction rules are: independency of the hazard map, support of the concern while keeping recognition hazard quality, committee-based determinations, the usage of cutting-edge tools and systems to mensurate and analyze hazard, and the strong engagement of all regulating organic structures in the direction of hazard, get downing with the Board of Directors.

5 ) Capital subject and fiscal strength: Santander is one of the most solid and solvent Bankss in the universe, with a nucleus capital ratio of 8.6 % in 2009. Furthermore, the bank maintains a comfy liquidness place based on support through client sedimentations and medium- to long-run debt issues.Furthermore, Santander maintains a steadfast committedness to communities in all the states in which it is present. Its chief channel for this committedness is Santander Universities, which has 833 cooperation understandings in topographic point with universities throughout the universe. Other CSR actions associating to the environment and societal action show the bank ‘s strong dedication to sustainable development. All of this places Santander as one of the most extremely valued trade names in the finance sector ( 3rd in the universe harmonizing to the adviser Brand Finance ) . The Santander trade name represents the values that make the Group unique: dynamism, strength, invention, leading, commercial focal point and professional moralss.

Ethical Issues Relating to SantanderRights, Conflicts and DutiesRights: Santander is an employee friendly company. The bank has ever noticed about to the benefit of the employees. Keeping work-life balance constabularies is the premier slogan of the bank.

The employees are openly giving their sentiment to their line director. They can easy take portion in the scheme develop meetings. The bank provides universe category wage and preparation installations to their employees. The bank is besides supplying portion options to their employees.

The employees participate in assorted variable drama understandings. As a portion of the corporate societal duty the bank employed otherwise able people. These are the brief description of the rights of the Santander ‘s ‘ employees.Conflicts: It is the right of the employee to give his or her option openly to the meeting and in the clip of doing strategic program. So, here lies some possibility for happening interpersonal struggle between the employees in the bank. The bank employed 169,460 ( 2009 ) employees all over the universe.

So, it can be a beginning of interbank struggles. Santander has more than 209,182 stockholders all over the universe. They expect more net income from the bank. So struggle may originate between the stockholders and the bank. Santander is one of the universe taking banking corporations of the universe. So there may be some struggles with other Bankss in footings of banking service, in footings of doing net incomes, in footings of supplying net income to their stockholders and in footings of engaging best employees from the market.

Duties: The chief duty of a bank is to maintain the clients money save and secure. Invest the money in those sectors which will give it highest return. Another duty of the bank is to supply the highest return to their portion holders.

Santander performs all these duty really good. There lies no expostulation about the Santander ‘s ‘ duty in the banking industry.SellingSantander selling scheme is really strong as they use fine-looking sum of money for advertisement. They are really much aware about what should be the selling scheme in the serving country.

They take different types of selling programs of different country.The mark clients of the different state are different. They set their selling program and scheme harmonizing to their mark clients. The bank besides patrons of different societal developments plans.ProfessionalismThere is no uncertainty about the professionalism of Santander bank. If we consider their net income devising we can state that they are professional plenty. In 2009, its net ordinary net incomes were over EUR 8.9 billion, 1 % more than the old twelvemonth, and it distributed more than EUR 4.

9 billion in dividends to stockholders. With these figures, the Group achieved the mark set at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 19th 2009 to keep its net incomes and the dividend payout.Information TechnologySantander has a universe category IT construction and on-line banking service.

The bank provides on-line banking services all over the universe. One client of Santander bank can easy reassign his fund from UK to Spain in a minute. The bank besides provides ATM and recognition card installations to their clients. The clients who are utilizing cyberspace banking the bank provide particular security to them.

There histories are more secured. The clients use their history from their state ‘s bank web site. The clients have to keep the privateness policy fixed by Santander bank.CommunicationCommunication agencies connected with internal employees and external clients and stockholders.

Employees of the bank are to portion information with their co-workers. They are besides free to do contract personally and officially to their co-workers. Santander arranges different types of cultural plans for their premier clients and co-workers and their household members. In this manner Santander maintain their communicating. The bank besides sends keepsakes to their clients at different spiritual and cultural occasions.

Freedom of ActionFreedom of action means the employees freedom to take any actions. It is the right of the employees to take part in the scheme development meeting and they are free to give their sentiment in the meeting. Equally good as the employee of the bank are free to discourse any subject to their line director. They are free to supply solution to their client, which is besides a good mark of independence of their clients.Censoring on the InternetIt is really of import to the clients what sort of information bank portion with others. Santander maintains a really strong privateness policy for their clients. If a client wants a transcript of their privateness policy he or she can easy roll up the policy through the mail from the Santander.

In cyberspace it besides maintains a really strong censoring policy. Here a client can acquire merely the information of the merchandises. Merely who has the permission of entree the history from the online merely they can see the information from the cyberspace. So it can be said that Santander has a good censoring policy for the safety of the clients.Computers and WorkAll sort of banking dealing of the bank is executing through cyberspace.

The bank is keeping all databases in the computing machine and the employees of the bank execute their undertaking in it. The bank has a strong computing machine web all over the universe. So they can easy portion the information from one state to another in every minute. All sort of fiscal analysis of the clients is done through computing machines. The fiscal experts are done remainder of the undertaking.LawWhen Santander bank starts banking in a state it is incorporated as a subordinate company of Santander keeping Plc. In several stock exchange its portion are traded as Santander Holding Plc. It starts banking service as a private bank and follows the regulation and ordinance of the parent state.

The bank follows the international banking jurisprudence and the bank maintains a strong privateness policy for their clients.SecuritySecurity of money is a premier conscious of the clients. If the clients do non make full comfy they will non lodge their money in the bank. Santander has 91 million clients all over the universe. So Santander additions the trust of the clients. The clients of the Santander believe that, their money will stay secure in the bank. The bank experts decide in which sectors they will put the depositors ‘ money that will give the highest return to them. So the stockholders of the bank are secure for their portion value.

Another significance of the security of the bank is to procure information of the clients. Santander bank has maintained a strong privateness policy for their clients so there is really low opportunity to print any sort of information from the bank. Equally good as the bank has a really strong cyberspace censoring plan. So, merely registered clients of the bank can entree their information from the web site.DecisionThese are the item description of ethical issues — rights, struggles, duties, Selling schemes, professionalism, information engineering, communicating, freedom of action, censoring on the involvement, computing machines and work, jurisprudence and security relating to Santander Bank. Form the description it can be said that they maintain their ethical issue really strongly.

It is the foundation of success in banking concern of Santander bank.Legal system of Spain

Brief Description of Spain

Kingdom of Spain is the official name of Spain. It is located in the southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the members European Union ( EU ) . Madrid is the capital metropolis of Spain.

Official linguistic communication is Spanish. Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy is the governing system of Spain. Harmonizing to the 1978 fundamental law power was centered to bicameral legislative assembly. The Cortes includes- comprising of the lower house, Congress of Deputies, and upper house and Senate. Both houses are selected for four old ages ordinance period. The 350-member Congress of Deputies uses a relative representation system and the Senate contains 208 members elected straight non merely these 49 regional representatives are besides selected in this clip. The premier curate of the dominant party is selected by the party leader. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and cabinet curate are the members of judicial commission.

They make the jurisprudence for Spain. 504,030 square kilometre is the entire country of Spain. Euro is the currency name of Spain. In 2008, 46 million people are populating in Spain. Harmonizing to World Bank it is the 9th largest economic system in the universe, fifth in the Europe. It is besides the 3rd largest universe investors. It is concern friendly state. The legal system and other legal issue are discussed intricately in below-

The Legal System

Constitutional Status:The Spanish Fundamental law of 1978 is the foundation of the Spanish passage to democracy.

It is a constitutional monarchy. Cortes Generals is the name of its bicameral parliament. Monarch appoints and put up the executive subdivision ( consists of a Council of Ministers ) presided over by the President of Government, it is confirmed by the Congress of Deputies following legislative elections. King Juan Carlos has established political usage since the confirmation of the 1978 Constitution ; the most popular parties of who nominated by the male monarch seats in the Congress.Harmonizing to this fundamental law the 350-member Congress of Deputies uses a relative representation system and the Senate contains 208 members elected straight non merely these 49 regional representatives are besides selected in this clip. The premier curate of the dominant party is selected by the party leader. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and cabinet curate are the members of judicial commission.

They make the jurisprudence for Spain.Beginning of Law:The nominative members of the authorities make the regulations and ordinance of Spain. Harmonizing to the 1978 Spain Constitution Spanish Court System is governed by the judicial council. It is free from the domination of the legislative and executive subdivisions of Government

Beginning of Law

Spanish Constitution should be the beginning of jurisprudence. But the historical grounds civil codification regulates the jurisprudence of the state.

There are three types of jurisprudence. That ‘s: jurisprudence, usage and general principal of jurisprudence. Spanish legal system is hierarchal. In below the types of jurisprudence are given. The rank is higher to take down:Organic LawOrdinary LawDecree-LawLegislative DecreeRegulationInternational TreatiesEuropean Community statute law

Court Structure

Spanish tribunal construction is hierarchal.

Structure of the Spanish tribunal is given below:

Chart 1: Court Structure of Spain

I. Supreme Court:The Supreme Court is the highest degree of justness in the Spanish system. Though it is based in Madrid but its legal power extends throughout the Spanish district and over all judicial affairs.

Supreme Court is divided into five Chambers-CivilCondemnableSocialMilitary andAdministrationtwo. National Court:National Court has its legal power all over the Spain. It is located in Madrid. It has three Chamberss. That ‘s:The Criminal Chamber: the instances involves with royal household, high functionary, major drug trafficking are trades in the condemnable chamber.The Administrative Chamber: in this chamber hires and apples against curates and secretaries determination.

The Social Chamber: it is bigger than the independent commission. It tries the particular procedure for contending corporate bargaining understandings applicable to a district.three. Regional High Court:This is the highest degree of justness within each independent commission. It is divided in to four Chamberss:CivilCondemnableAdministrativeLaborfour. Provincial Court:The provincial tribunal trades with civil and condemnable instances. It is located in the capital of state.

Its legal power extends throughout the state. It has two parts:Civil Section and Criminal Section.v. Courts:Tribunal tribunal is divided into three parts:Central Criminal CourtAdministrative CourtCondemnable Court

Different Forms of Business Allowed to Operate and the Laws Governing Them

Spain is a concern friendly state. Harmonizing to World Bank it is the 9th largest economic system in the universe, fifth in the Europe.

It is besides the 3rd largest universe investors. There are chiefly four signifiers of concern organisation can be formed in Spain which is:Sole ProprietorshipPartnership andCompanycorporationPartnership concern is two kinds-Limited PartnershipGeneral PartnershipCompany can be formed in -European Public Limited liability companyLimited liability companyNew limited liability companySpain welcomes all foreign investors to put in the state. The investor demand to run into with some legal demands to put in Spain. The legal demands are – minimal capital, minimal portion holder, and to keep some legal corporate duty.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Arbitration is the lone process which is follow to work out difference outside of the tribunal. The process is set by the parties in the absence of understandings.

The process is set by the arbiters. The exits instances are non the topic of arbitration.

Laws associating to

Copyrights:Spanish right of first publications jurisprudence is set by the Spanish authorities. Harmonizing to the right of first publication jurisprudence the writer of literacy, the scientific research paperss are protected in the jurisprudence. The jurisprudence is foremost installed in January 1879. In the clip of inception it was influenced by the Gallic Copyright Law.

In 2006 the jurisprudence was modified and it approved by the Royal Legislative. The jurisprudence covers the country of all original plants of literature, scientific discipline, art, music, and film. It is non compulsory that the Godhead must registered the work but if he registered the work than that individual will acquire some advantages.

It is supplying leading facie to the Godhead.HallmarksNew hallmarks jurisprudence enforced in 31 July 2002. Harmonizing to the jurisprudence if the applier has no 3rd parties so he will take the rights of the hallmarks. If there is any 3rd party besides applicant for the same hallmarks so none of the parties will acquire the rights of the hallmarks. On the other manus if one party apple for the hallmarks earlier than another party so the anterior party will acquire the enrollment.PatentsPatents right is preserved in Spain by the Patents Act 2002. There is besides the Patents Regulations 1953.

Royal Legislative is the major individuals of patents related issues. Following intents are served by this act:Administration PatternKeeping the patents registry.Supplying the patents signifiers and other applications and paperss signifiers.Determining the forms fees.Receiving the form fees.Print the form in the official diary.Registering patent lawyers.Any Spanish individual or any foreign impersonal individual gets the chance to patents his plants.

Royal Legislative becomes involved in proceedings when an resistance to the grant of an IP right is filed, when a annulment application is made, or when a hearing is requested. A panel of Assistant Commissioners ( Hearings Officers ) gives determinations on affairs referred to the Commissioner for hearing.DesignsThe Designs Act 2002 is the chief jurisprudence associating to plan in Spain. It is supported by the Designs Regulations 1954.Following intents are served by the Design Act 2002:Design registries should be maintained.Power and the map of the design should be defined.

Design and papers should be provided.Determining and roll uping design fees.Commissioner trade with designs issues in the hearing office and this office is the primary topographic point for judicial instances of deign.

Royal Legislative becomes involved in proceedings when a annulment application is made, or when a hearing is requested. A panel of Assistant Commissioners ( Hearings Officers ) gives determinations on affairs referred to the Commissioner for hearing.Royal Legislative publishes a figure of pattern guidelines that are used as a mention tool for testers of designs. They set out procedural and legal affairs relevant to the scrutiny of applications of Designs under the Act.


These are the brief description of the legal system of Spain.

Equally good as the tribunal construction, beginnings of concern jurisprudence, Torahs associating to right of first publications, hallmarks, patents and designs. From the analysis it can easy happen out that Spain Business Law is really suited for the local and foreign investors. Any investors of any state can easy put in Spain.

Investment friendly jurisprudence helps the state to develop rapidly. Spain is the best illustration.GlobalizationGlobalization helps the transnational fiscal establishment to spread out their concern all over the universe.

Early portion of twenty-first century more than $ 1.5 trillion are traded daily for the enlargement of the concern. The effects of the globalisation to the concern organisation are:Global ExpansionTax free rate in different statesCultural IntegrationWhole universe is a individual marketIncreasing chance to utilize different mass media for advancing the merchandises.Increases the chance to diversify the work force.Confronting planetary competitionMenaces of new entrywayMonetary value competitionDevelopment in Information, Communication and Technology:Santander has a really strong IT construction. The bank provides on-line banking services to its clients. The bank has a planetary practical web. All sort of clients ‘ information is maintained in the computing machine.

Development of communicating is a major constituent of the Bankss.Without clip to clip development of the communicating engineering Santander will non come in this phase. The bank has developed its information, communicating engineering clip to clip. Now bank delivers four basic merchandises in its all subdivisions. Internet banking is one of them. Santander is one of the innovators in cyberspace banking.

Up step of communicating engineering is a regular work of Santander.Culture:Harmonizing to John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh and Daniel P. Sullivan states that Culture refers to the learned norms based on attitudes, values, and beliefs of a group of people. In the age of globalisation civilization play an of import function for the transnational organisation like Santander. 169,660 employees work in Santander.

These people have different civilization. Santander shows respect to their civilization. They design the organisation civilization in this manner that they can follow the regulations and ordinance to their ain state. These are all about the external environment of the Santander. Internal environment of Santander is besides really flexible. The employees in the organisation are free to do contact with its other co-workers in other state.

They can easy portion their thoughts and point of positions with their foreign co-workers and their line directors. Santander is one of the Bankss who maintain their work life balance policy really strongly. Flexibility, good preparation and development plan, attractive wage and strong corporate civilization are the grounds of Santander success.


Santander combines common corporate policies and divisions with local execution in the states in which it operates, therefore taking advantage of synergisms and competitory advantages on an international graduated table.In conformity with the standards established by New International Accounting Standards, the Group structures its concern countries into two degrees: the chief or geographical degree, and the secondary degree, by type of concern.

Main degree:The chief or geographical degree is divided into the undermentioned countries:Continental Europe: This country incorporates all retail banking, plus direction, insurance and sweeping banking concern carried out in Continental Europe. The chief units are:the Santander Branch Network SpainBanestoSantander Consumer Finance, in which Germany is the unit that contributes the most to the consumer finance concernSantander TottaUnited kingdom: Concentrating chiefly on retail banking.

Santander UK is the 3rd largest bank in the state by sedimentations.Latin America: This country encompasses the subordinate Bankss in Latin America, chiefly in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.Furthermore, Santander has subordinates in Puerto Rico, Colombia and Uruguay.United states: The bank bases its concern chiefly on retail banking in this country, through Sovereign Bank.Secondary degreeThe secondary degree, broken down by type of concern, is tantamount in its amount sum to that of the three geographical countries included in the chief degree:Retail Banking, which besides encompasses Private Banking.

Global Wholesale BankingAsset Management and InsuranceIn add-on to the operational sections, the Group has a Finance Management and Holdings country.PoliticssPolitical stableness is really of import for the development of a concern organisation. It is really good advantage for the Santander that, the chief two states in Europe from where they chiefly operated its world-wide banking concern, have really strong democratic system. All of these states political system are non same.

Global political and economic crisis like- World war and universe recission besides play really of import function in instance of transnational company like -Santander. Santander provides banking services most countries over the universe. Now it is age of communicating and engineering. So any political crisis of a peculiar state is non play really of import function in the entire concern of a transnational company. On the other manus it is really good for the Santander that they did non hold to confront any major political crisis in the recent decennaries.Law:As a planetary company it besides follows the Torahs of all states where it operates. Its local operations are wholly controlled harmonizing to local banking regulations and ordinances.

Santander is ever respectful to Torahs because without demoing regard on Torahs it is impossible to be a socially responsible banking establishment. In every state where the Bankss operated its banking services follow the regulations set by its cardinal bank. The bank besides follows separate jurisprudence and footings status for its web site and cyberspace banking. Santander maintains strong privateness regulations for their clients. They do non print any information to other company without permission of the clients. In instance of cyberspace banking the bank provide selected information to the clients. It is the slogan of the Santander that they follow the regulations and ordinance and the being the societal responsible company of the state.

Choice:Peoples come to the bank chiefly for two grounds ; one is to lodge their money and other is borrowing fund from the bank. So the Bankss arrange their merchandises and services harmonizing to the clients ‘ pick. Santander provides banking services to 91 million people all over the universe. They arrange the merchandises harmonizing to the pick if the clients.Santander respects the clients ‘ pick. So, bank diversified the merchandise line harmonizing to the clients need.

There are tonss of bomber merchandises for the Santander. So, when clients come to the bank he or she gets services harmonizing to his demands.Decision:These are the factors Santander manages successfully in its planetary operation all over the universe. Santander faces the effects of globalisation, development of information, communicating, and engineering, civilization, power, political relations, jurisprudence and pick really strongly. Santander prepares really good to faces the challenges. It is the grounds of its success in the planetary market.