Last updated: April 13, 2019
Topic: Family
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This story is based on the character Emily. Emily was said to be a strange, mysterious, and frightening women of the town of Jefferson. The story begins at her funeral. In this first section, you discover that her home that was once well kept had turned into a despair looking home. Following the death of her father, Emily visits the local druggist and wishes to purchase arsenic.

When asked for her purpose of purchase, Emily replies with the need to get rid of rats.The people of the town inferred that she was going to use the arsenic to commit suicide since her boyfriend had not yet proposed to her. Homer, her boyfriend, is last seen entering Emily’s home and is never seen again. After the disappearance of Homer, Emily changes physically.

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The troubled woman beings to gain weight, age, and is rarely seen outside of her home. It was only a matter of time before Emily passes away. Immediately following the death of Emily, the townspeople want to go through her home and discover what mysteries lie within it.They come to discover Homer’s corpse along with some of his belongings. It is implied that Emily would lie down with his corpse until her own death when they discover a gray hair found on the pillow beside her dead lover. The major character in this story is the strange woman named Emily Grierson and the minor characters are Homer Barron, Judge Stevens, Colonel Sartoris, and the townspeople.

The theme of this fantastically written story is isolation.In this story, it is talking about Emily being isolated from everyone she knew, including her father due to his death. I believe that Emily felt so isolated that she killed Homer to always keep him “with” her. In her mind, I think she thought if she killed him she could keep his body with her up until her own death and kills her loneliness. Isolation drove Emily to extremes and I believe keeping Homer’s body only gave her a bigger sense of isolation. My reaction to this story is nothing but positive.This story irked me, fascinated me, and captivated me.

I enjoy creepy stories and I had not read a truly interesting one in quite some time. I even shared this story with my family and they enjoyed it as well. This story interested me so much that I decided to do research on the story. I came to find that my all time favorite band, My Chemical Romance, based one of their songs entitled “To the End” off of this story. I feel sympathy for Emily because I believe that during her life she often felt isolated and alone.

This was a wonderful story indeed.