Executive Summary:

Mediequip, Inc. is a medical device development company, wholly owned by Mr.XYZ at the clip of start-up by keeping 100 % involvement in the company that intends to plan, patent, and market medical devices related to atomic medical specialty imaging niche markets. The company intends to plan Positron Emission Tomography scanners by utilizing specialized machine-controlled advanced techniques for fabricating to cut back monetary values while at the same clip upholding quality, to cut back costs in order to back up company accomplishing a competitory topographic point in market through COST LEADERSHIP scheme to Growth.

The cardinal elements in the Start-up program for Mediequip are:

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  1. The legal fee for registering patent applications for fabrication procedure
  2. The enrollment fee for rational belongings owned by company.
  3. The location and topographic point of making concern.
  4. Salary for the key directors and laminitiss.

$ 250,000 was raised from the initial investor for these intents. This support came in in early 2014 and these undertakings have either been completed successfully or are in the concluding procedure of completion. These are treated strictly as start-up disbursals by this program. $ 128,000 is treated every bit cash-on-hand as of the start of this program on January 1, 2014. The balance of the start-up capital required every bit good as capital required for the continuance of operations in the first six months will be provided by a bank loan and a bank overdraft installation. The capital obtained from these agreements is expected to number an extra $ 700,000 and the program calls for this hard currency to be infused in May and December, 2014.

Mediequip, Inc. concern offices are at 1234 Main Street, Any town, U.S.A. Telephone is… . Fax is… . These offices are leased month-to-month on a impermanent footing. This concern program calls for the constitution of corporate offices, R & A ; D installations, and paradigm and small-run fabrication installations. These installations are to be located in Puerto Rico with 10,000 sq. ft. ab initio expandible to 30,000 sq. Rental costs in Puerto Rico scope from $ 1.75 to $ 4.00 per sq. ft. presently available infinite in Puerto Rico may besides be used on a joint-venture footing to be negotiated.

Presently the chief competition faced by company is from three big rivals viz. General Electric, Siemens and Phillips Healthcare. Over the past five old ages, the PET Scanner Manufacturing industry has experienced growing, thanks to a rise in PET use among the industry ‘s downstream markets. In peculiar, PET scanner use among oncologists has been high, because PET scanners can be used to name and find the phases of many types of malignant neoplastic disease. During the five old ages to 2019, industry gross is forecast to turn at an annualized rate of 5.9 % to $ 8.8 billion. In peculiar, as PET scanner makers focus on bettering the quality and measure of information that can be gathered in a individual scan, health care suppliers will be able to supply more streamlined attention, exciting demand for industry merchandises. Market portion concentration in the industry is high as IBIS World estimates that the top three industry participants, GE, Siemens and Philips, hold a combined market portion of 84.3 % of entire industry gross in 2014. PET scanner makers incur important costs related to buying gamma cameras and input trade goods, such as chemical elements like lutecium oxyortho silicate. As a consequence, many of these companies are transnational pudding stones, which produce these points in house. The usage of radiopharmaceuticals is besides indispensable to PET scanning processs and a bulk of industry operators besides produce these drugs purposed for molecular imagination

Industry Statisticss and Market Size:



$ 7 bn


Annual Growth boulder clay 2014

2.3 %







About Company:

Vision Statement:

To be a prima company in bring forthing medical devices by reshaping and revisiting the construct of fabrication and altering this to fabrication with quality. We aim to function the humanity, by supplying people with the best possible wellness installations and revolutionise the medical equipment universe by conveying the best medical practicians and best concern decision makers and this culminating into a World –Class concern venture supplying economical quality machines. We aim to fulfill our full stakeholder’s, specially our employees and we extend the thought of interest in organisation to the society as a whole.

We assume our Corporate Social Responsibility by perpetrating a specific per centum of our net incomes to GREEN thoughts and we encourage eco-friendly fabrication of machines to continue nature.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be a Gold Standard supplier of medical equipment and our company will concentrate on the ‘Future of Radiology ‘ , showing specific ways in which it is run intoing the assorted & A ; germinating demands of health care and to take the market by

  • Supplying exceeding value, sturdy quality and uncomparable services to our clients.
  • Continuously measuring our customer’s demands and making new or enhanced services to our clients
  • Making solid and digesting relationships with our clients through our uninterrupted committedness to meeting and transcending their outlooks.


  • To Convert negative to positive hard currency flows within the 1sttwelvemonth of trading
  • To accomplish ISO criterions fabricating systems and processs within 6 months of fabrication
  • To accomplish one-year growing above the industry norm
  • To supply our employees, best workplace conditions and a promising wages system with robust calling growing
  • To supply employment to un-employed people by traveling fabrication installations to the countries with high figure of un-employment ratio
  • To spread out our concern geographically and traveling into the countries with hapless wellness installations
  • Joining custodies with UNICEF to supply medical equipment’s to those states which are in warfare or are presently economically in a flop, at below norm rates which those states could easy afford

Company Background:

The thought to setup a company like mediequip came into my head due to entrepreneurial nature of mine and me following “freewheeling opportunism” manner. The company’s thought was triggered chiefly by my nature and passion towards health care and Medical field, and the ground was supported by one of major makers of PET scanners discontinuing fabrication of these machines therefore go forthing a immense spread in market.

Company started merchandising on 30 June 2014 and successfully completed its half twelvemonth of trading under the supervising of a professional squad lead by “M.D name” .

Loss for the first six month is $ 150,000 and company expects to cover this by accomplishing economic systems of graduated table up to the twelvemonth terminal