A physician has came across a shop of old aspirin tablets and wants to cognize if they have the right sum of the active ingredient so that he can utilize them, or donate them for usage by charity administrations.Aspirin is an anti inflammatory drug that is besides used as a febrility reducing agent.

If it frequently used for mild annoyance or hurting, giving speedy alleviation to caput achings, colds and grippe.Using an acid/base titration is a straightforward manner of finding how much ethanoyl group salicylic acid they contain by adding a solution to neutralize the acid.2 hydroxybenzoic acid now called salicylic acid is a worksendocrine, which can besides be used in cosmetics as a preventer of acne.Aspirin was foremost discovered in ancient Greece where willow tree infusions were made into a drink to handle labour strivings. The different strengths of aspirin depend on the sum of acetyl salicylic acid they have in them. It has besides been tested as it is thought that acetylsalicylic acid can diminish the opportunities of people acquiring bosom onslaught and shots etc this is because it reduces the production of the prostaglandin thromboxane which is involved in coagulating blood.

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Nowadays we do n’t acquire aspirin from willow trees but do it unnaturally by the synthesis of acetylic acid. Aspirin has been synthesised from the reaction

Salicylic acid + acetic i? acetylsalicylic acid + acetic acid

Over clip, Aspirin can “ travel off ” by responding with wet in the air and return back to salicylic acid, this procedure is called hydrolysis.The pureness of acetylsalicylic acid can be seen by making a acid/base titration.The belongingss of the compounds that may be involved in my probe are ;Acetic AcidAspirinSalicylic acidMelting point16.5A A°C140-142158-160FormulaC2H4O2C9H8O4C7H6O3Molar mass60.05 g mola?’1180.

15 g mola?’1138.12 g mola?’1Ka1.08x 10-32.72x 10-5There are one or two solutions that I will be utilizing that necessitate me to believe about safety:Hydrochloric acid hazard appraisalHydrochloric acid is a toxic and caustic acid, there for it should non come in contact with tegument or eyes. Therefore it is best to manage it with neoprene baseball mitts, safety spectacless and good airing as the exhausts can be harmful. If it does acquire into a individuals oculus so it must be flushed instantly with H2O and so medical aid will be needed. And if it is swallowed tonss of H2O should be rummy and so medical is needed.

And if it comes in contact with tegument it should be washed off instantly.Sodium hydrated oxide hazard appraisalIs a harmful and caustic base, it is a detrimental substance that can do physical harm, if it gets on the tegument it should be washed instantly and if it gets on your apparels these should be removed instantly. Therefore you should ever have on safety spectacless when managing Na hydrated oxide, if it has been swallowed so you should non seek to acquire the victim to puke.1st ExperimentWeighing boat- 25.55gAspirin- 0.62Ethanol- 10mlDistilled water- 25ml3 beads of Phenolphthalein

2.7 milliliter to turn pink

2nd ExperimentWeighing boat- 25.

55gAspirin- 0.62Ethanol- 10mlDistilled water- 25ml3 beads of Phenolphthalein

6.32 milliliter to turn pink

3rd ExperimentWeighing boat- 25.55gAspirin- 0.62Ethanol- 10mlDistilled water- 25ml3 beads of Phenolphthalein

9.1 milliliter to turn pink

I am traveling to transport out an experiment to prove this acetylsalicylic acid. I am traveling to make this by puting up a titration and doing a standard solution of acetylsalicylic acid and titrating it until I see a coloring material alteration which will find how much active ingredient is in the acetylsalicylic acid ( acetyl salicylic acid ) .

My experimentI ground a aspirin tablet utilizing a stamp and howitzer, doing it into a pulverization. I so weighed the weighing boat it weighed 25.55g this was the same boat I was traveling to utilize all thought the experiments, I so candled it and weighed the land acetylsalicylic acid, it weighed 0.62g. I so put the acetylsalicylic acid into a conelike flask and added 10ml of ethyl alcohol and 25ml of distilled H2O to do a solution. This solution was so assorted until the acetylsalicylic acid dissolved into the solution, nevertheless I found that non all of the spots dissolved. I so measured 25ml of the solution utilizing a pipette and so set it into a clean conelike flask and so added 3 beads of Phenolphthalein

Into the solution this was to move as a index, I filled the pipette with Na hydrated oxide this was so to be titrated into the solution of acetylsalicylic acid, I so titrated it until the solution turned pink. I realised I had do n’t the first experiment wrong when the solution turned pink instantly ; this was because I had used a excessively strong mole of Na hydrated oxide.

So I repeated the experiment utilizing 0.30g of acetylsalicylic acid, 10ml of ethyl alcohol and 25ml of distilled H2O into a beaker so stirred it until it had dissolved I so added 3 beads of Phenolphthalein.

To do the Na hydrated oxide I used 0.20g of Na hydrated oxide pellets and 500ml of distilled H2O and assorted it until it was dissolved I so put the Na hydroxide solution into a 500ml conelike flask with a palpebra for later usage.I am traveling to utilize Phenolphthalein as an index because it goes tap if the PH is above 8.5 there for when I titrate the solution I will be able to halt every bit shortly as the solution turns pink.

How I made the standard solutionI made a standard solution because I am traveling to utilize it in my titration to see the concentration I need to turn the solution pink. I made my standard solution from 0.2g of Na hydrated oxide pellets with 500ml of distilled H2O, I used this sum of the pellets because I wanted to do 0.1 moles of NaOH ( Sodium Hydroxide ) .

After I dissolved the pellets into the solution I put it into a volumetric flask to do certain the solution was precisely 500ml and they have tops on them so if I left it would n’t vaporize.


1. 0.1 Mdm-3 NaOH2. Ethyl intoxicant C2H5OH3. Aspirin from the closet4.

150 milliliter flask5. Burette6. Mortar and pestle7. Phenolphthalein index8.

Goggless9. PipetPure aspirin = 1:1Main of aspirin = 0.62= 3.44 ten 10-3 moles0.1m NaOH = 40.2 = 40 x.2 = 8g in 1 dm34g in 500 cm3Main = 4.0g.1m pure 3.44 ten 10-3 = 0.1 ten V10003.44 ten 10-3 = 1 ten 10-2 V 34.4cm3 = V3.44 ten 10-3 ten 10-3 = 34.41 x 10-2So in theory I should necessitate 34.4 cm3 of NaOHBut mine are merely6.2 = 18 %34.4Weight of acetylsalicylic acid 6.2Number of moles of aspirin = 6.2 = 0.0344062180.2Concentration of aspirin = 0.344062 ten 1000 = 0.093mdm-335Weight if NaOH1mole of NaOH = 23+16+1 = 40No of moles of NaOH = 0.005 molesConcentration = 0.0005 ten 1000 = 0.01m NaOH500Consequences from the 3 titrations:

Titration 1

0.240 = 0.0052 ten 0.005 = 0.01 moles NaOH= 0.01 tens 2.710002.7x 10-6 acetylsalicylic acid2.7x 10-6 ten 180.2 ( molecular mass of acetylsalicylic acid ) = 0.0049g6.2g= 0.007 % pureness of acetylsalicylic acid

Titration 2

0.240 = 0.0052 ten 0.005 = 0.01 moles NaOH0.01 x 6.321000 = 6.32×10-56.32×10-5 ten 180.2 = 0.016.2g


Titration 3

0.240 = 0.0052 ten 0.005 = 0.01 moles NaOH0.01 x 9.11000 = 9.1 ten 10-59.1 x10-5 ten 180.2 = 0.016.2g



This is n’t a really good manner of happening out the pureness of acetylsalicylic acid because it is n’t really accurate and the consequences were all different and rather far off from each other.