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To set up if Stem Cell Research Technology is affected by the ethical issues, it is of import to understand the significance of what Stem Cells are truly.

These are cells which are able to alter into separate specialized cells. It is already known that Stem cells come from:

Early on embryologic root cells

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Foetal embryologic root cells

Umbilical cord root cells

Blastocyst embryologic root cells

Adult root cells

All these different cells types are able to divide into changing cell types for illustration tegument, musculus and bone. Adult cells grow in the organic structure after embryologic develop mentis finished. They are found in the skeletal system, bone marrow, blood and blood vass, encephalon, liver and tegument and can stay at that place for a long clip until there is an hurt or disease. Adult cells are able to reconstruct themselves or split and therefore they can develop a many of different cell types.

Embryonic root cells come from four or five twenty-four hours old human embryos. The embryos are normally formed in vitro fertilization clinics where eggs are fertilised in a trial tubing and so they are set in human organic structures. This mass of cells which is formed in a trial tubing and has non been implanted after 4 – 6 yearss after it was formed is called a blastodermic vessicle. The outer cell mass becomes the placenta and the interior mass becomes what is known as the root cells. While the embryo is still in the blastodermic vessicle phase, the cells are put into a civilization dish which contains a alimentary rich stock. As these cells develop, they are able to go any type of cell.

Role of Stem Cells in Medicine Today

Stem cell research helps research workers to understand how and why cistrons play such an of import function in working out what traits and mutants can happen. Where unnatural mitotic cell division occurs such as malignant neoplastic disease and some birth defects, there are new therapies which are able to assist mend diseases but research workers have to understand how these diseases attack the human organic structure.

Research workers are working at the minute with root cells so they can develop new drugs. They could besides transport out their research on tissue which is grown from root cells instead than on healthy human existences.

Stem cells do non ever have merely one map but they can specialize if necessary into tegument, hair or nail cells. They need to be instructed to specialize. Each cell that develops in the organic structure comes from the embryologic phase, therefore root cells that are used from embryos can be grown to go any cell type. This makes root cells powerful plenty to assist regrow damaged tissue.

Tissue regeneration is the most of import portion of root cell research. Organ replacings depend on variety meats that are donated and transplanted but there are ne’er plenty organs available. It seems that root cells could be used to turn a specific tissues or variety meats and make off with the demand for donor variety meats. Stem cells that are found merely below the tegument are an illustration of how new skin tissue can be grafted onto burn victims. Healthy bosom cells which could be grown under laboratory conditions may be used in the hereafter as an option to donor grafts. In this manner people who require Black Marias need non wait for a giver to accommodate their demands. In the same manner people with type I diabetes may be given pancreatic cells to ease their diabetes. Adult root cells that are found in bone marrow and blood have already been used to handle diseases like leukaemia, reaping hook cell anemia, and other immune lacks. Red blood cells are used to transport O to white blood cells could be produced and in this manner fight disease.

Engagement of Stem Cell Research

It is believed that human fertilization may outdo take topographic point in infinite therefore Stem cells that are grown at zero gravitation in infinite will develop the best. This can assist set South Africa in the head of root cell research in today ‘s universe because of the research done at the Shuttle deserving Foundation. It is believed that human fertilization may outdo take topographic point in infinite. The Gamete-SA undertaking besides deals with the development of carnal embryos.A As the Shuttleworth Space Programmes continue, the Gamete-SA undertaking might acquire to a topographic point where human fertilization takes topographic point in infinite and if it is under zero gravitation conditions, or if construct takes topographic point on Earth, the initial development of the embryos may be than able to take topographic point in infinite. At this phase it is non known if this is will go on. It may assist with fetal and congenital abnormalcies of so many kids in South Africa today.

Scientific information that uses international criterions will be created from this work.A The research that is written up will be published in a scientific diary. This would surely put the University of Stellenbosch amongst some of the universe leaders of root cell research in the universe today.

The Availability of Stem Cell Research in South Africa Today.

There are short and average term undertakings being researched in “ The Bio Cell Division ” at the University of Stellenbosch. This research was hopefully traveling to be available to the race Equus caballus industry for tendon regeneration. Some members of society may reason that this kind of familial alteration is unfair and cruel to the Equus caballuss nevertheless the Equus caballus rushing industry will non halt Equus caballus rushing due to tendon jobs. Stem cell research on Equus caballuss will assist the Equus caballuss live a healthier and less painful life during and after their callings as race Equus caballuss. They were besides looking at seeking to bring forth disease free Cape American bison calves, shop familial stuff of wildlife and bring forth trial tubing babes where natural genteelness is impossible. The Shuttleworth Foundation is involved in this research.

Professor Pepper from University of Pretoria says there is a serious demand for a public root cell bank. Many South Africans need bone marrow grafts as it is hard acquiring lucifers from international root cell Bankss due to a deficiency of familial stuff available to supply for every racial in South Africa the diverseness nowadays in South Africa. A

Meetings and feasibleness surveies are being held to look at assorted ways of seeking to raise financess for this signifier of healing.A In order to get down a Stem Cell Bank R10million is required. Over 5 old ages, it will take a sum of R50 million to maintain it working. A scientist of human genetic sciences from UCT, Jacquie Greenberg said root cell research was the “ hot scientific discipline of now and the hereafter ” .A Professor Greenberg says that these are truly exciting times because it is truly of import that authorities ordinances permit this sort of research in South Africa and do non halt this work for the incorrect grounds such as people who do non understand what the utilizations and benefits potentially could be.

She warns parents to be careful before puting umbilical root cells into private installations and suggests that they should inquire informed inquiries before making so. Some of the inquiries she suggested that parents should inquire include:

1.A A A A Is the bank accredited?

Do they give an honest rating of what diseases they are successfully able to handle?

What happens if there are non plenty cells collected to do the transplant successful- will the bank see that a refund may go necessary?

Who whom does the cord blood belong and what are the rights of the person? A What happens to the cord blood if the bank happens to travel out of concern and it is closed down. If the proprietor of the cord blood is no longer able to pay for storage what happens to this blood?

Does the bank put any net income or money and/or biological resources back into root cell research? A

Fiscal Costss of Stem Cell Research and Therapy

Lazaron is a company in South Africa which is working towards doing root therapy more low-cost. The costs that are involved include:

Collection and treating fee: R9 000 excepting VAT

Annual storage fee: R148 excepting VAT

Lazaron is besides seeking to do the costs more low-cost to most people by supplying payments options. Cryoclinic and Netcells, besides offer stem-cell storage and they charge a aggregation fee of between R9 000 and R15 500 a babe. Some besides charge an one-year storage fee of R150.

The National Stem Cell Bank aimed at having 10 samples a twenty-four hours. They quote their Extraction fees to be about R6 500 and storage fees R110 a twelvemonth. Until late South African parents have had to pay between R12 000 to R25 000 for the aggregation of cord blood and with conveyance to assorted Bankss overseas together with their one-year storage fees, they have had to pay between R600 and R1 000 a twelvemonth.

Legislation in South Africa

Many people are seeking to do root cell research illegal because it is believed that it kills human life because embryo cells are used.

There is an tremendous medical and economic potency for root cell research. In South Africa, the Director of Legal Affairs, he besides heads up in a parttime capacity the research unit at the University of Pretoria where policy is studied. Dr D. Jordaan prepared a papers which highlighted the importance of root cells for South Africa and why it was necessary to go on Stem Cell research in this state. The Department was in understanding with this paper provided ethical guidelines were adhered to.

Ethical Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research involves destructing fertilized human cord blood to obtain embryologic root cells. At the fetal embryologic phase the root cells show marks of life. As the foetus now becomes a life being, ethical issues become more of a world. At the present clip, research workers are merely utilizing fetuss where there is sterility and there is no opportunity of normal development. There is no devastation of human life in big root cell research. It is for this ground that Adult root cell research is favoured over Embryonic or fetal research. There are two chief groups in this debate-the Pro-life and the Pro-choice protagonists.

In the terminal, this research will assist those in demands so long as it is carried out without taking life to foster its ain terminals. The quality and measure of life should be considered. It is besides suggested that merely embryos that are particularly created for root cell research may be used and that cloning is banned. Research workers believe that root cell therapy has the ability to alter the intervention of human disease. There is still a batch of contention environing root cell research due to the methods that some research workers use.

Some root cell therapies such as bone marrow grafts are used to handle leukemia. In the hereafter, research workers believe that diseases such as malignant neoplastic disease, Parkinson ‘s disease, spinal cord hurts, and musculus harm, to call merely a few. Stem cells are already used extensively in research, and some scientists do non see cell therapy as the chief ground for research, but see the probe of root cells as worthwhile in itself.


There is a certain company which is runing within South Africa which is really high rates for their Stem Cell Research interventions. They use cells that should non be used into people and by making so they put the loves of their patients at hazard. These patients are the 1s who are already vulnerable and they are those who are earnestly badly. This was revealed by BBC TWO ‘s Newsnight programme has uncovered. The hazard factors become evident as private companies try to turn Stem Cell Research into money devising ventures.

It has been recognised that two ex ACT employees from South Africa are being looked for by the FBI for running an irregular Stem Cell concern in the United States. The concern was being run in South Africa. Therefore once more it becomes evident that unqualified people are seeking to do money.


The undermentioned patients describe in their ain words how Stem Cell Research has straight affected them in a positive manner.

From: Christine Bakker [ christinex @ ]

Sent: 04 April 2010 09:54 AM

To: Christine Bakker

Capable: Stemtech Testimony – Eyesight Recovered

Hi Team

Please salvage this testimony in a booklet and forward to your loved 1s and possible clients.

Eyesight Recovered

Peggy Zumbaum, RN, BSN, who has retired and was diagnosed with degage retinas was told she would hold to hold surgery instantly in both eyes to salvage her sight. She was told that she would likely ne’er be able to read once more.

She besides suffered with arthritis in her custodies and dorsum was highly painful. Her blood force per unit area peaked at a high of 200/100. Due to an old articulatio genus hurt she besides had leg spasms at dark.

Since she started on root cell nutrition about all her wellness related issues have gone off. She says that she can read with no trouble as the “ the flashes and musca volitanss ” that she used to see hold gone and the stringency in her eyes is non there any longer. She is able to work on her computing machine as her eyes work good and her custodies and her back no longer ache from the arthritis.

She is able to kip good as her leg crapms no longer maintain her awake at dark. Her blood force per unit area remains at a changeless 120/80 which is normal and the hurting on her articulatio genus or her pess has besides gone. She ca n’t believe the energy and staying power she has now! And her hair which had gone white seems to altering coloring material once more and traveling back to its original dark coloring material. She has lost weight despite non dieting and she believes this is all due to the root cell nutrition that she was prescribed.

Deirdre Visser

William tells us that for 31 old ages she has battled with diabetes and although she believes that her variety meats and nervus terminals are get downing to deteriorate. She says that by utilizing StemEnhance she has regained esthesis in her toes and her kidneys no longer hurt. She no longer struggles with numbness in her custodies and the cramping in her pess and legs have disappeared wholly. She can now kip better and have more energy and her memory and ideas have both improved perceptibly.

Carel new wave der Merwe

says to us that his sugar count has stabilised at 7 – 11 in the forenoons and 11 – 13 in the eventide. Previously it was between 24 – 28. His large toe was black with cunt coming out of it. His toe is now pink once more and it is mending easy without antibiotics.

Lizzie TheronA

William tells us that she started StemEnhance medicine on 25 May 2008. She was diagnosed with varicose venas and legs that ached and cramped. Due to hapless circulation, her legs had gone black. She had a bad hurting in her articulatio genus which would travel to her hip. After taking StemEnhance for two hebdomads, her legs improved alot and the ache was reduced. The coloring material of her legs changed to a more normal coloring material and the hurting started to travel – there was no more puffiness or spasms. She can now stand on her pess aking hurting slayers and she sleeps good. She now takes merely 2 StemEnhance capsules per twenty-four hours and no hurting slayers. She says that on the 1 August 2008, her legs are 100 % better and her articulatio genus and hip are healed. She wants to go on taking StemEnhance until the coloring material of her legs is wholly normal. The chief ground why she is really thankful is because she no longer suffers any hurting.

Interview with medical or university staff/researchers or other involved parties

Stem cell research is aimed chiefly at turning variety meats and tissues to replace misfunctioning 1s in the organic structure ; nevertheless, cloning is besides possible utilizing root cells. It is envisaged that in the hereafter it will be possible to make a bosom ( or other organ ) graft utilizing a giver organ grown from the patient ‘s ain tissues or root cells. This has already occurred. Although a related scientific discipline, root cell research is distinguishable from cloning and familial technology, although frequently the three convergences and may erroneously be thought to be one and the same.

1.A A A A A A In some circles, chiefly spiritual groups, there is strong resistance to stem cell research particularly where the root cells are obtained from aborted fetuss. Stem cells obtained from cord blood and stored for the usage of that babe subsequently in its life if necessary, be given to be more acceptable. There will ever be resistance to this type of research because it involves the use of human familial stuff and the claim that research workers are “ playing God ” .

2.A A A A A A As techniques improve and computing machines do more of the work, monetary values will better. However, it will ever be an expensive process, out of the fiscal range of most people.

3.A A A A A A Stem cell research and engineering takes topographic point in vitro ( literally translated intending “ in glass ” – in the research lab ) . Hazard to the patient is minimum, other than the normal hazard of surgery. The hazard of the procedure being abused for condemnable, political or ideological grounds exists.

4.A A A A A A The chief benefits are for patients who require organ grafts. Turning a new organ from root cells would take about 6 months and guarantee that there is a perfect tissue lucifer and therefore no rejection. Availability of variety meats for graft will besides go a non-issue. Cloning will let twosomes who can non hold kids to clone one or both parents and have kids. As with atomic engineering, the benefits far outweigh the hazards. However, in the incorrect custodies, any engineering such as this can and will be abused.

5.A A A A A A Current root cell research is really broad-based, but focuses chiefly on medical research to bring forth variety meats and tissues for graft. There is, nevertheless, covert

research being done on much more baleful topics.


Alf Welgemoed

Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology CIDESCO

Recommendations for Regulating Stem Cell Research in South Africa

Whilst sing all the positives and the negatives of root cell research, it is necessary to mention to the South African recommendations for local ordinances. Donrich Jordaan, Sylvean Biotech the Director of the Legal Affairs, late submitted an academic paper which dealt with what the legal deductions of root cell research in the universe and how this research affects the Department Of Health in Pretoria. Doctor Jordaan provides recommendations for this research in South Africa.

The research that has been done on Stem-cells in South Africa has been inactive since the National Health Act of 2003. This act allowed for the proviso of root cell research in South Africa. At the clip of composing research workers are waiting for the Department of Health to set their bill of exchange ordinances in footings of the Act on the tabular array so that it is possible to continue with the research. Jordaan has written a 30 page paper in which he analyses the legalities of root cell research and offers recommendations for the Department so the whole procedure can be initiated locally. Doctor Jordaan says that the Position paper that he produced was positively received by the Department of wellness he says that root cell research will go on in South Africa when certain guidelines are met. He believes that South Africa has the right expertness for stem-cell research. In South Africa it is prohibited that human embryos may be created for research.


Stem Cell Research is still in its babyhood. There is still much work that will be needed to be done in order to to the full detect where this medical engineering will finally travel. However at this point in clip, it would look from the informations collected that although there are important ethical issues and that some companies are unscrupulous, the medical benefits far outweigh the ethical issues. Therefore if Stem Cell Research is carried out in a scientific mode by specialist research units, it would hopefully forestall many people ‘s ethical concerns.