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A successful organization needs a dynamic workforce that can hurdle with ease the challenges that it meets. Challenges are not easy to overcome; thus, experienced workers are needed to man every function of the organization, because with experience comes an expertise on a certain task of the organization. When one has this, he/she quickly conceptualizes solutions to a given problem or challenge.

We can safely say that experience is synonymous with maturity. When an individual is experienced on a certain job, the result is that the organization benefits eventually; work output and production increase, the work processes will be more efficient, and the human resource, as a whole, develop as one workforce in accord with the working environment.A hiring and screening process for new employees is often costly, because of trainings and seminars, and time-consuming. But as against this, retention of employees who worked for a certain organization for a long time is more beneficial than hiring new ones. The high productivity output of mature and experienced employees compensates the costs incurred by organizations in its operation. Mature workers know what is good for the organization, and will work for the organization through ethical means; thus legal issues are avoided.

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It is a fact that immature employees, or those who are inexperienced in a particular job, tend to make mistakes in their work such as errors in computing tax liabilities of the organization, damage and injury caused to a client, or doing of certain projects in an unethical manner prejudicial to the general project. These cause legal implications that will be costly to the organization if is sued in open court for these acts done.