A concentration camp is a place where large numbers of people are imprisoned in a small area, and are then executed. In Auschwitz were concentration camps, they found 7,600 inmates and the worst thing in world war ll, the holocaust.

Days later the U.S. army freed another important Nazi death camp. The cruelty to many of the Jews were demonstrated through punishment, discrimination, and genocide. Punishment in concentration camp are a lot worse than regular punishments you receive today. The use of gas chambers was a popular method of killing in these which consisted of a sealed chamber into which poisonous gas is released. Some deaths were quick while others took longer because they had to stand in a room til the starved to death.

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For lunch the prisoners ate watery soup and were really lucky if they found potato peels or bread crumbs. Discrimination is the unjust or unfair treatment of a different group of people or things, usually based on race, age, or sexuality. During the first World War, Hitler’s defeat had an impact on his view and political belief. Since he was a soldier, like everyone, he did not like the idea of being conquered.

Hitler and the Nazis and the Jews were responsible for these huge losses in World War 1 and economic crisis. By making the Jews the ‘scapegoat’ and blaming them, he created an enemy. He presented the “Jews” as the source for a variety of political, social, economic, and ethical problems facing the German people. This is when the idea of Antisemitism was enacted by the Nazi’s. Anti Semitism is a hostility or discrimination against the Jewish religion and people. It can be manifested in many ways ranging from expressions of hatred to mass killings. Lastly, concentration camps were used as apart of hitler’s genocide program to execute the jews.

Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people. The concentration camps were used to commit genocide as they were the center and face of operation for mass killings. They committed to various hardships to many people and countries. In conclusion, concentration camps were a critical fragment of the holocaust.

Throughout history many people have been murdered due to mistakes in the past, but the Holocaust is a memorable occasion in history . Due to these concentration camp escapees, some survivors today will tell their tragedies that had happened today. They can then enlighten historians and future generations on the situation and experiences. These occurrences could, without a doubt, be seen as a centrifugal force as it broke up countries and death came along at the expense of one man and his power and plan over society