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A true hero defeats his weakness. As the Absolutely True diary of a Part Time Indian shows us that don’t matter what is in his way, Junior will defeat his problems. Junior’s strength has helped him to succeed over his limitations. The author is describing Junior as a hero because he was able to overcome problems that in the past he was not able to solve. It takes a lot of courage to do what Junior has done so far. People form the rez should follow Junior steps of having a better education, and also to make a big change in their community.

Courage is one of the strengths that Junior has developed and he is trying to keep up with it to make a big change. Grandmother said, “You are a brave little dude for going to a white school. ” Page 79 from the book, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. ” Junior is a brave man because he is going to a place where Indians don’t belong. He also does not have anybody to protect him as Rowdy did when he was back in the rez. Junior is not going to give up his dreams of having a better education because of his weakness.

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He has to fight his weakness to overcome his own problems. His grandmother’s influences on him help a lot because she tells him to keep working hard in school and have hope in himself even though Sherman Alexie is showing us in the book that Junior’s hope is immense. A true hero defeats his weakness. Junior has overcome some of his weakness but he still struggling to be accepted on the school. Junior has weaknesses to overcome. He is very sentimental and sensitive. He is afraid of being by himself in a new world.

Not having Rowdy in Reardon High School, makes it a little bit harder for Junior because people will make fun of him and could also hurt him. On page 54 Junior says, “I’m scared dad. ” Dad replied, “You can always go back to the Rez School. ” Junior does not want to go back to the Rez School because he could get hurt and he also won’t be able to get a good education. Junior already made the decision of going to a different school and he was not going to give it up just because he was scared.

Junior has conquered some of his weakness. An example in which show us that Junior has overcome one of his fears is when Roger made a racist comment about Indians. He said, “Did you know that Indians are living proof that niggers fuck buffalo? ” Junior punched Roger in the face and then challenged him to fight but instead Roger walked away from Junior. This is a big achievement for Junior because this time he didn’t have to depend on Rowdy to help him out.

Little by little, Junior is defeating his weakness. Overall, Junior is one heroic little man. The biggest loser can make a big difference in a community. Junior should be a role model for little kids on the rez who wants to succeed. Junior has been working hard all his life to keep up with his dreams and so far Junior has proved wrong to a lot of people who did no have faith in him. What does not kill you makes you stronger. A true hero defeats his weakness and so far Junior has beaten them all.