I am Peter Hill, father of two and happily married to Lydia.

I live in the city of New York. I am an immigrant to the United States courtesy of the Green Card Lottery. I migrated to this city in 1995 after winning a green card from South Africa my country of origin. I had just completed my degree course in software engineering and the desire to further my studies saw me apply severally for the green cards which i lucky managed to scope. This was a life time opportunity that i just could not take lightly.

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My family and i were very eager to come to the US. Everything was set and without any ado,we had left for US. On arrival everything had been set for me, the place of residence and great of all a four year scholarship in the best University in NY City. The whole idea really excited me. I immediately joined the University and did my course which i completed successfully and secured a job as a Software engineer which till to date has been my profession.Unlike the normal diet I was used to eating at my home country,here things have been totally different.

I have been having bread,eggs and coffee for breakfast, lots of junk food for lunch and supper. At home our normal diet consists of traditional foods which consists of milk, traditional porridge and plenty of roasted meat and cooked mushed potatoes and bananas. I have already adopted to this kind of lifestyle though. regarding my profession which demands lots of  energy,i get hungry often and junk foods are the order of the day and are readily available in shops. There is a  wide variation between the food habits my country of origin and the U.S. Most of the food the we consume, we purchase from supermarkets and sometimes from the food malls.  My favorite shop where my family and I venture for groceries and other house hold shopping is called Lexington Food & Deli Corporation.

Typically,we visit this place on weekends for a whole weeks shopping. I like it because it is convenient and their goods  are of good quality,their services impeccable and the prices favorable compared to other places.My daily job routine is usually tight and scheduled. I have to report on duty each day at eight in the morning and leave at five in the evening something that is not different from what I was used to in my country of origin.

This therefore meant that I did not have so much difficulties in adapting to the new work conditions. Although it would have to extend sometimes if there was so much work which was urgent and had to be completed at the end of each day. Each day had to start by completion of the previous day’s work and attending to customers questions. Much of this work is done through the internet by use of the e- mail and sometimes it involves use of telephone to communicate and answer the questions asked.On entertainment, My fellow workmates and I enjoy playing cards and poker.

This is a common game to many and its rules are almost the same everywhere. I have been a huge fun even back home and it took me little time and effort to become a pro amongst my colleagues. Sometimes if time allows, i join my colleagues for a game after work. We have also successfully come up games softwares that can be played in computers and with the Internet an added advantage, people can play with opponents all around the globe. (Ross. S, 211-218).

They have become common in work places and homes and are used as entertainment tools to break from the monotony of work. A typical day at times ends as late as seven in the evening.My greatest worry however is on the issue of promotion which is very hard to come by in the company.

I am worried that someone may end up spending almost half of the career in one level before getting any promotion. However this is tied to other requirements put in place that determine how the promotions are done. One key factor considered is advanced training in software engineering and due to the nature of the working condition it is hard to attend to the advanced programs when on the job. I propose that other measures like an individuals output be considered alongside the other requirements.;;;;;;;;;;;;Works citedSabolckik, Ross. Profile of Computer Scientist. 17th October 2008                        ;http://tryengineering.

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