Abstract-Automaticfloor cleaner is an automated machine that facilitates the user to keep theirplace clean and hygienic. Many industries are working in the automation fieldautonomous cleaners.   This paper deals with the development ofautomatic floor cleaner. Now a day’s major emphasis is given on the field ofrobotics for decreasing human efforts.

Our aim is to construct a floor cleanerwhich will be fully automatic providing dry and wet cleaning as well as UV sterilization.The current market is occupied by cleaners with only one or two functionality.For its cost reduction and simplicity, we are using Arduino.

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The cleaner willbe a step for providing comfortable life by resolving problems in traditionalfloor cleaning methods which includes orthopedic issues.                  INTRODUCTION For cleaning the houses, offices, streets,industries we mostly use the broom. But by using broom some health issue canoccur like skin disease, back pain etc. It also requires more mankind power andtime. Hence now in present days as technology is growing in every field, wealso use robots for cleaning purpose. But cleaning robots are very costly andonly some of them give facility of dry cleaning as well as wet cleaning.

In Indiafor houses cleaning robots are not used because a normal person cannot affordit due to high cost. In India, robots are used for street cleaning, railwaystation and airport cleaning which are controlled manually. In this paper, weare designing a fully automatic floor cleaner. which is capable of wet cleaningas well as dry cleaning. In this, we also use UV lamp for germ sterilization bywhich we can avoid acid or other hazardous liquid. For mapping of room, we usedifferent technology. But here we use IR sensor for edge detection and obstacledetection.

In this project we also use Arduino UNO microcontroller. By thisproject, we tried to reduce the cost of mopping robot as compare with othermopping robots.                              LITERATURE REVIEW Initially, floor cleaning is done by usinghands or different handmade instruments. Such kind of cleaning requires a lotof humans affords. As the dependency of human on technology increases more andmore products are launched for making human life easy. When electricity cameinto a role the concept of vacuum cleaner is introduced.

Vacuum cleaners areconstructed to clean any dry surface, this type of cleaning required very less applicationof muscle power. Then the concept of mobile robots is introduced. They areprogrammed in such a manner that they can move around in their environment.

Currently, the market is occupied by various companies which are manufacturingsuch variety of robots. These floor cleaners are distinguished on the bases oftheir cleaning action such as dry cleaning or wet cleaning. Some of the majorcompanies working in the field of automatic floor cleaners are Dyson, iRobot, NeatoRobotics.       The problem occurring with the currentfloor cleaners is that they are used in households for wet or dry cleaning butthey are not suitable for infection remover.

                      DEVELOPMENTComponents:Arduino  UNO fig. Arduino-UNO board The Arduino Uno is amicrocontroller board which has ATmega328 from the AVR family. There are 14digital input/output pins, 6 Analog pins, a 16 MHz ceramic resonator, USBconnection, power jack, and also has a reset button. Its software supported bya number of libraries that makes the programming easier.  UltrasonicSensor: This sensor is used to measure thedistance.

It transmits ultrasonic waves and receives the reflected waves andmeasures the distance to the target by computing the time between the emissionand reception. It has 4 pins TRIG, ECHO, GND & VCC. It emits the ultrasonicwaves through the trig pin and receives the waves through echo pin when thewaves get reflected back from the target.For measuring the distance :Distance= ½(speed of sound * time taken) fig. ULTRASONIC SENSOR  IRSensor: IR sensorsare used for object detection, edge detection etc. It has IR emitter LED foremission and an IR Photodiode for detection.

It works on the principle thatwhen there is any object then the waves reflects back and hence the object isdetected by it.  fig. IR SENSOR  DCMOTOR:A simple DC motor is used for the motionof the machine. It converts the electrical energy to the mechanical energy andis connected with the wheels of the cleaner to move it in all directions. Othermotors are stepper motor, servo etc. DC motors are available as brushed as wellas brushless.               fig .

DC MOTOR  MOTORDRIVER:L293D is a Motor Driver IC which is usedto connect the motor with the microcontroller and provide them sufficientvoltage supply. L293D has 16-pins in which 4 are input pins, 4 are output pins,2 are enable pin, 4 GND pins and 2 pins for power supply. It is used to controltwo DC motors simultaneously to rotate in any direction. It works according tothe concept of H-bridge. The voltage has to change its direction to rotate themotor in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. We can’t connect the motorsdirectly to the microcontroller as it will only provide 5V which is notsufficient to run the motors, so we have to use motor driver IC L293D.          fig.

MOTOR DRIVER L293D  UVLAMP:It is the invisible light that is presenton the outer side of violet rays in the spectrum. Thus called ultravioletlight. It has wavelength between 100nm and 400nm. UV rays are efficient inkilling the germs and thus this UV lamp can be used for the sterilizationaction.                                                           fig: UV LAMP       Design:                             fig: Block Diagram Working:               Automatic floor cleaner is anautonomous robotic machine that helps the user in cleaning their places.

Arduinomicrocontroller is used for the processing and connection of differentcomponents like sensors, motors, another IC (L293D) etc. It uses IR sensor andultrasonic sensors for the detection of objects and distance and the Arduinogives the signals to the motors to take turn according to the position. Forsweeping, it makes the use of brushes and vacuum pump and provides wet cleaningvia the combination of water sprinkler and roller.

At last, it also kills thegerms of the floor via UV lamp present at the tail end of the machine.                                      fig: Flow Chart                    CONCLUSIONThis paperfacilitates efficient and economical floor cleaning. The cleaner can performthree actions that are dry cleaning, wet cleaning, & UV sterilization.  This research shows a better & simpleconstruction.

With the help of UV Lamp, it is possible to kill more than 90% ofgermicides. This feature increases its application area in hospitals as well asindustries.