Abstract:            This paper is concentrated on the Node.

js an asynchronous, event driven JavaScript runtime it is designed to build scalable network applications. And to minimize those annoying waiting times that happens during communicating with the server. Node.js uses an event driven architecture to minimize those delays by making them into an event loop for further processing. Node.js uses Google’s open source v8 engine that is built on C++ and JavaScript that is also used in Google Chrome. As v8 is platform independent, has hidden classes, open source and memory efficient it has more power than a normal JavaScript has.

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Keywords:            Node.js, JavaScript, v8.Introduction:            V8: To understand why the v8 engine become so popular we have to look at the history of v8 first. Actually, it was not so popular back the after the introduction of the AJAX things became different, many tech giants thought that JavaScript deserve more power and started to enhance JavaScript mainly for the browser. Then Google’s v8 was born. Another important concept which is worth explaining that it has hidden classes, it sounds expensive but they allow v8 to have a representation of variables and allocations which improves in access time.            Node.

js:  Node.js is an Asynchronous JavaScript that runs on a server. It is way too popular that made developers to follow the paradigm that JavaScript should be everywhere.Existing system:            The existing system consists of Synchronous programming like the PHP which stands for Hypertext Pre-processor and the Rails, which is a server side MVC framework that is written in Ruby. The disadvantages of using the Synchronous programming on the server-side are as follows:·         Multithreading: These programming languages support multithreading but it doesn’t mean that they are reliable. If the Developer is not careful, the requests that are made by the user gets queued up in the memory and lead to performance issues.·         Lack of flexibility: Ruby on Rails is a great framework to work through. Although it supports some of the basic functionalities like routing, database migrations.

etc but if you have something very creative in your mind the same functionalities start to back stab you as when it comes to flexibility Rails is not a great framework to work with.·         Run-time and speed: The greatest problem with these frameworks are they are not fast enough. Rails takes more time to load its gems and other dependencies occupying more time and memory, making it one of the major performance issues of Synchronous scripting. Proposed system:            Here I propose Node.js Asynchronous programming instead for Synchronous programming. So that we can create single page applications easily and save time while communicating with the server.

Node.js            The following are the features of Node.js·         Asynchronous I/O·         Event loop Asynchronous I/O: Actually Node.

js is Asynchronous which makes it even better to work with unlike apache or rails they work synchronously which means that they have to wait for sometime like do a request wait for sometime then process the request. But in asynchronous processing there is no need to wait for those stuffs which we can also call it as a non-blocking model. But in apache and other they use a blocking model which makes you blocked for some time before you start the next event.

But there is one area where the Asynchronous is a bad idea where applications are heavy on the CPU use Synchronous instead.