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to Kucukosmanoglu and Ertah (2010) “It is considered that customers judge
products on limited set of norms and attributes.” Customers are the best
instrument that who can decide either a business flow is good or bad and by
those firms will know where to enhance or what type of the strategies they
should apply. Many firms are intrigued of knowing what are their customer’s
reflection about their purchase experience with the business because it is also
the way on how to know their capabilities. To continue the highest satisfaction
of a customer is to spoil them on what is mostly demanded. Customer
Satisfaction should be maintains so that organization will not lose its customer’s
loyalty. Consumer loyalty and spending decisions are based there emotional.
Consumers they are loyal because emotionally connected to the business.

According to (Fornell 1992) customer
satisfaction has a strong positive effect on customer loyalty intensions across
a wide range of product and service categories, including green marketing
services. Customer’s satisfaction
gives an impact great understanding to the environment in how to preserve it
because suggestions and learning would be also come to customers.

According to Pfeifer (2010), Customer’s
satisfaction is “the number of consumers or the percentage of the total
consumers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services
exceeds specified satisfaction goals”. The performance of a business is also a key if the consumer is
satisfied or not satisfied and it has become an element of a business
strategy.  Country Basket is an example
for green businesses that has an enhanced customer satisfaction for it focuses
to the health of our beloved customers.

and Yuksel’s (2002), study about tourist satisfaction with restaurant service
found that customer satisfaction is an important topic for both researchers and
managers. Because when customer satisfaction level is high it means that
costumers will come back repeatedly. Knowing the level of customer satisfaction
is very important in order to have a long lasting connection and relationship
with the customers. There is a limited research proof to precisely answer what
comparison standard customers use in many kind of situation. According to Oh
and Jeong (2000), research demands from industry are still needed even though
there is a good advancement in Customer satisfaction.  Models that are related to Customer
satisfaction are rare to be found.

Food Quality

studies have found that if customers are returning to you restaurants it is an
indicator that you are offering them an excellent food quality. (Oh, 2000; Qu,
1997; Pettijohn, Pettijohn, & Luke, 1997). Food quality is rank as one of
the highest index in determining customer’s satisfaction. This element is
suggested to be more substantial compare to the percentage of cleanliness,
value, price, and convenience, which ranked second, third, fourth, and fifth.
According to Matilla (2001) she conducted a study relating to emotional bonding
and restaurant loyalty on the casual-dining restaurants. In her study she found
out that food quality was the most important reason why respondents are
returning in the said restaurant. According to Soriano’s (2002) study he stated
that quality of food and fresh ingredients were the reason why customers are
loyal to the restaurant. He also found out that food quality was the most
important compare to the other category. Food quality is the most important
justification that customers are returning to a restaurant. This result is
coherent with the traditional concept that food quality is still the most
important rationale for the general population of the restaurant being studied.


service settings such as restaurants and hotels, the atmosphere in which the
service takes place may be extremely important to decide the customer’s insight
and satisfaction with the service encounter (Bitner, 1992). According to
Soriano (2002) he stated that the importance of a comfortable atmosphere will
continue to increase with time. Therefore, the most powerful thing is the
concept and design.

In Purdue University
according to them, they are serving 66% more customers than it expected at its
new Fred and Mary Ford Dining Court, which offers students a common restaurant
atmosphere and with an assorted menu. The ambience of the facility is
beautifully decorated with expensive furniture, colors, and finishes, the
dining facility is the reason why students are returning in the restaurant
(FoodService Director, 2005). After the repair of the dining hall in The
University of Tampa, Florida it was reported that the number of dinners
increase up to 85% (FoodService Director, 2003).

Service Quality

studies cited the importance of service quality in determining customer
satisfaction with a service encounter (Stevens, Knutson, & Patton, 1995;
Qu, 1997; Pettijohn, Pettijohn, & Luke, 1997). Service quality in a
restaurant had been discovered to be important in evaluating customer
satisfaction and return intention as well. According to Qu (1997) in his  survey of Chinese restaurant customers found
that the service and courtesy dimension was second only to the food and
environment dimension in determining customer chances of coming back to a given
restaurant. In addition, the findings of the study of ambient restaurant guest
in Hong Kong, confirmed that the service quality 15 dimension contributed
extremely to customers reason of returning in the resturant (Kivela, Inbakaran,
& Reece, 2000). In the research of customer expectation factors, According
to Soriano (2002) he found out that next to food quality is the service quality
which  ranked the second most important
reason in determining the customer’s decision to come back in a restaurant.
According to Yuksel and Yuksel (2002) service quality had the most important
effect on dining satisfaction at the customers. Based on the previous research,
service quality should be included as one of the important reasons on why
customers are returning in a restaurant.