According to 6th point of the Teacher Standards and Associated Descriptors, an Outstanding teacher can confidently and accurately assess pupils’ attainment against national benchmarks. They use a range of assessment strategies very effectively in their day to day practice to monitor progress and to inform future planning.

Teachers systematically and effectively check learners’ understanding throughout lessons, anticipating where intervention may be needed and do so with notable impact on the quality of learning. They assess learners’ progress regularly and work with them to accurately target further improvement and secure rapid progress.1 In the UK the present assessment system is concentrated on exam tasks which can be Summative- Assessment of Learning or Formative – Assessment for Learning.

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1.1 Assessment of LearningSummative Assessment provides feedback to students so as to be familiar with their next step. Students should know the National Curriculum level descriptors to enable clearer feedback on progress. In addition, the teacher and students elaborate assessment information by reviewing and reflecting on. The teacher should be in the practice of developing class and individual’s target setting for students who should progress according to official criteria, which include examinations such as GCSE, and A-level exam.  National Curriculum Guidance for England requires that MFL teaching should enable students to understand and communicate personal and accurate information related to speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to prepare them to GCSE exam. In case a student wants to study abroad he/she needs to take international or national language exam such as Delf, Dalf in France, DELE in Spain, Cisl in Italy, Telc in Germany, e.

g Origo in Hungary and etc.Nevertheless, frequent summative assessment papers against the national standards can cause a detrimental impact on students’ motivation, particularly on low-ability students. However, it is necessary to check what a students’ achievements, which is associated with reporting, certification, and selection.