Accordingly, in Animal Farm, pigs especially Napoleon showed their nature which is acquisitiveness and desire to be like humans after becoming leader of the farm. In, Lord of the flies, boys showed their nature which is barbaric and uncivilized think and behavior.   As we can see, their nature which they showed after living under unsystematic environment seems different but there are some similarities when we make observations of incidents.   First, common nature that we can discover is immoral. In Animal Farm pigs show their immoral conduct when they deceived animals that Boxer died in peace at the hospital but the truth was that he was sold to glue maker for whiskey. In Lord of the flies, boys killed Piggy and Simon without feeling any guilt about it.

Therefore, this shows that during unsynthesized condition human easily do immoral conduct. There is a historical evidence that during Goryeo Dynasty, king Gyeongjong (975–981) allowed people to revenge by themselves so when someone killed other person was justified if it was revenge. As there was no control over murders many innocent people were killed and king realized problem with not controlling over revenge and murder. Therefore, this is an example that if people are not getting controlled over their actions they become immoral and brutal.

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(   Second, common nature that we can find out is cruelty. In Animal Farm, leader of the farm, Napoleon, executes four pigs who are guilty for helping Snowball.

Furthermore, he kills some other animals such as hens, a goose and a sheep for causing troubles. In lord of the flies, Jack and his followers torture twin brothers to discover location of Ralph. In addition, Piggy was murdered by them as they become more violent. Reason for this nature is…   Last common nature is greediness that we can discover when there is no control. In Animal Farm, Napoleon wanted complete authority over animals.

Thus, he trains nine dogs as his own army to control Animals in the farm and banished Snowball as he had some supports and power which made Napoleon vigilant. Furthermore, he wanted more alcohol drinks and wealth. Therefore, he mistreat and delude animals by telling them that his act is for the farm.

In Lord of the flies, Jack shows greediness, he wanted power over group. Thus, he wanted to be leader but failed at the begging. However, as boys are interested in hunting and eating meat rather han being civilized, they started following Jack and he gets strong authority. Furthermore, as he wanted whole authority, he was desired to kill Ralph and became raving. Thus, he burned whole island even though most of the boys followed him.