Last updated: March 12, 2019
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Do you believe that your academic record accurately reflects your abilities? I think the academic record of every individual reflects the abilities and skills a student has. But yet again a student can be able to keep up the required grades in school but is he actually learning? Academic records in not always accurate but are the best statistics to show the abilities of each student as an individual. A transcript is an example of a like line for every student and the courses he or she has passed or failed and with what grad. This is a very important why of statistics that colleges look at when applying to any college.

The abilities and the students reflection all comes from there academic record which sets students apart just by a glance on their record. This proves facts such as if a student ready or passed a lesson or question as of 2+2 or if a student is able to work and find the radius and area of the Staple Center. These statistics are important because of the fact that with the academics shown on their record an example being is if that student is to be set in a advanced class they’re sent and put in that class because they have shown through there academic record that they can perform that task or specific question given.

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These records are also yet accurate because in such subjects like chemistry, algebra 2, calculus, and ect. you need to be in task and up to date with the notes given and lessons taught because it is very easy to fall behind in subjects like theses. Constant test during the school year such as ASAT, SAT, CASHEE, and benchmarks are meant for the same reason which is to show where a student stands in his academics as in is the student learning? Facts like these prove that academic records are accurate for a student’s ability.

So many records of students academic but are they all accurate is the question? A student can have A’s and B’s but is the student actually learning the standards of the class or course? Might the student getting good grades be cheating is grade? Facts like this can go against an academic record of a student not being true and accurate due to maybe these above. There is also many cases where students have bad grades but really academically they are smart but not on their record. These cases show that academic records and also have their negative point of views on plenty of students.

Point being academic record of every individual does show what the individual’s abilities are and skills. Therefore they are accurate due to the exams and test given and perfect example is such thing as the benchmarks and/or AP exams. These test are based on how good did you pay attention in class or course saying that the test reflects on your abilities in that class and in order to pass the exam with a grade to get credit you must know what was the fundamental being taught in class. In conclusion academic records have its good and bad sides but I beside to remain on the good side.